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Robert Downey Jr.

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

5/9/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Downey Jr. is a super hero.

Here's the 22-year-old "Less Than Zero" star back in 1987 (left) -- and 23 years later, the 45-year-old version at an event in Beverly Hills last month (right).

Iron man, indeed.


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Though Downey's drug use has no doubt taken a toll physically, we can only hope he stays clean; he is a brilliant actor and a very intelligent guy. It's possible he's had some work done but if so, it was done well.

1613 days ago


Who cares ... He's HOTTTT!!

1606 days ago


Ok, first of all I do not care of his drug addiction (That's in the past, he's been clean and sober for some years now). Drop the drug past of his. Second, the man looks AWESOME!!! He's handsome as heck, he's 200% appealing and attractive and yes If I was allowed to take him home, I would do it in a heart beat, but this is my opinon and my taste versus everyone else. By far, he is my favorite "Robert", if you know what I mean LOL. I liked him before, now during etc. Lots of good luck to RDJ. I am estactic that he's cleaned up his act and he is very successful. Keep up the good Work Robert Downey JR., I look forward to seeing plenty more of his work.

1602 days ago


Definitely Good Drugs! haha

1599 days ago

Fiona Tse    

sexy beast,I like iron man,I like Downey

1596 days ago


1. It's 23 years between these pictures. The nose is different because everyone's noses and ears grow constantly. That's why old people have such large honkers.

2. In that 20+ year span, he's had drugs, alcohol, prison, wife, child, divorce, 2nd wife. That can take a toll on a man, and make him look different. Especially from having a son.

3. How many movies has he been in in that time? Tons! A certain role can make an actor beef up, gain weight, lose weight, whatever. He's obviously become more muscular. And he does the martial arts thing with a private instructor to keep him in shape. Did you not see him in "Sherlock Holmes"? That's probably the best shape he's been in for a very long time.

4. The way his hair is kept in both pictures affects the way his face looks. In the left, from 1987, it's taken from an angle while the more recent photo is taken from a straight stare. Plus, his hair isn't styled at all in the 80's, while his hair in the 21st century is styled to go to the right. Plus, he's become tanner from living in Los Angeles as opposed to New York. And he's facial hair is well-trimmed in the 2010 photo. And he was in his 20s when the picture on the left was taken. Age has affected his looks, for certain, however for the better.

You can't take these two photos and say Good Docs or Good Traits. That's just dumb. Look at the angles! And the time frame is just too drastic. Maybe if you were taking a photo from last month to this, yeah, you could ask that question. Mr. Downey has been through so much in his life, not to mention those twenty years, that of course his facial features will look different.

The real way to see if anything's been surgically changed is to look at the eyes. From the straight view, you can tell the eyes are not symmetrical. If he were to have anything done to him - which is SO not necessary - he would have made his eyes look symmetrical because symmetrical faces are the "most attractive". That's why everyone thought Brad Pitt was so hot. In BOTH pictures, the eyes are the same!

Mr. Robert Downey, Jr., has NOT had any surgery to alter his appearances, and does not need to.

1582 days ago


Who cares, he's hot!

1521 days ago


Oh, knock it off! What docs?
He's 22 years older! I agree, he DOES look different, but he was changing gradually and it can easily be seen if you try to. And all those drugs certainly haven't pass unnoticed.
But, i think, even now if he gains a couple of pounds he'll look very much like himself 20 years ago.
Don't be jealous.

1412 days ago


whether good genes or "thanks doc", RDJ is still one of the most charming person ive ever seen. i've seen his old films, he is so CUTE back then and still find him HOT until now. and by the way, the changes in his nose could be because it was fixed when he broke it during a fight back in jail.

1369 days ago


It's definitely his good genes, you guys are idiots. 23 years, of course he's going to look a ton different than when he was younger.

1187 days ago

Paul Lynde    


1181 days ago


u guys r stupid to not think he got a nose job. someones nose does not just change like that even if they do quit drugs

967 days ago
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