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Joel Osteen and Murray -- Joined in Prayer

5/9/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was a guest at Joel Osteen's church in Houston, TX this morning -- and we're told the two shared a prayer together.

Sources at the Lakewood Church tell TMZ Murray met with Joel and his wife Victoria before Osteen in between the 8:30 and 11:00 AM sermons. We're told they met in a private room for about 10 minutes. Joel's brother Paul was also there, as was Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, and friend Jeffrey.

Our source said it was very apparent Murray was "a man of faith."

Osteen has acknowledged that Murray is going through a "hard time" -- which is one of the reasons he was invited to the service.


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Religion was created, because man fear's his own death. I wonder what happens when people die and realize they're just fertilizer for the grass.

1628 days ago


Dear Mr. Joel Osteen and fallowing crowd.. It’s about overcoming.. not evading, or wishing it be others to face the devil. When you have Jesus Christ, the devil will find no effect on you and nothing to cling on.

1628 days ago


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1628 days ago


If the kids are taken away from Katherine, will the rest of the family
go away & become fertilizer too?
MJ's comfortable in his 'lil grass mansion. It's more peaceful than the kid festival Neverland.

1628 days ago


Why weren’t Michael’s kids invited? They’re the ones who got their father murdered. Why does this Joel just invite Murray and not all criminals to pray? Publicity or what?

1628 days ago


If Murray was remorseful he'd work on a tribute to Michael instead of making his own do***entary for profit.

1628 days ago


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1628 days ago


A Little background on Joel Osteen:

1628 days ago


I think Murray didnt murder MJ. He made a bad mistake yes but I dont think he murdered him. Murray needs forgiveness like the rest of us. And with God on his side he has a better chance at court. The people mj had close in his circle usually had some spirtual side. Im sure MJ wouldnt want murray to go to jail he must of liked murray to let this man in his secret part of his life and to have this man set by his bed everynight. Its a tradegy what happened but MJ wanted this drug and its to bad it killed him. MJ must of know he was taking chances . maybe he was ready to go to a better place.

1628 days ago


in other words he's going to make money from a reality show that has only come about because he killed someone. If MJ is really dead, this whole thing is so messed up.

Why isn't the family speaking up more??????? They just smile and smirk and say that the truth will come out casual about the whole thing.

No one from the This Is It crew cares about justice for MJ either (I'm not counting Karen Faye)..the dancers aren't outraged..Kenny is not outraged..Travis isn't...they just spread MJ's message of love, which is fine, but they seem to offer no opinions on whether there was foul play.

IF this is not a hoax then this is all seriously, seriously disturbing that no one close to MJ seems to care.

1628 days ago

Just sayn    

Pray often times will pull a man or woman through the eye of the needle.

1628 days ago


I feel that Murray can only ask for forgiveness once he shows remorse. He never once said he was even sad MJ died. All he does is blame MJ that MJ killed himself in those two minutes Murray went to the bathroom. Murray never even said he feels bad for the family. In fact, he doesn't even act like he had a friend who died. He could easily say that he had nothing to do with the death and he feels sad that MJ is no longer with us. But he doesn't do that at's all about HIM..HIS supporters..HIS life being affected.. his COLDNESS is a turnoff. If he cried and said that he made a mistake people would warm up to him more.

1628 days ago


Oh yeah, "hard time". He's not the only one having hard times. The Jacksons, especially those 3 kids are as well. Osteen should invite them for prayer too, as mentioned above.

And what was Ed Chernoff doing at the prayer meeting? He also needs a prayer does he? It seems to me these people are panicking in a way. They really seem so desperate. And why is that? Because they know he did something wrong. From what i've read, Murray is a man of great faith,so with his faith, why don't he just pray in private, God will always come to those who call for him. That doesn't mean you can always escape your punishment, but it can come a little lesser.

And i say this again, what was Ed Chernoff doing there? This was only a prayer, why are lawyers showing up for private prayers?

1628 days ago


Had Osteen started his work when Dr Kervokian was facing jail? If he had, did he invite him for a prayer, since he was facing hard times as well? Am sure it's just about the same, since Kervokian was ONLY helping his victims fulfill their wishes, so he says.

Was just wondering........

1628 days ago
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