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Joel Osteen and Murray -- Joined in Prayer

5/9/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was a guest at Joel Osteen's church in Houston, TX this morning -- and we're told the two shared a prayer together.

Sources at the Lakewood Church tell TMZ Murray met with Joel and his wife Victoria before Osteen in between the 8:30 and 11:00 AM sermons. We're told they met in a private room for about 10 minutes. Joel's brother Paul was also there, as was Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, and friend Jeffrey.

Our source said it was very apparent Murray was "a man of faith."

Osteen has acknowledged that Murray is going through a "hard time" -- which is one of the reasons he was invited to the service.


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How come nobody ever questions (zones in on) the motives of those 2 infamous Jackson mouthpieces for years....Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton....& the Jackson/Sharpton/Jackson clan what is being said of the Joel Osteen/Murray relationship?
Oh...I's the Jacksons.

1538 days ago


MJ is the "king of drug addicts". He chose DRUGS over his kids, family, friends and fans. He shall always be remembered as freaky pervert, that preyed on young boys. Dr. Murray will probably just get community service. It looks good that Joel Osteen is on his side.

1538 days ago

Just Sayin    

Houston, Tx suckssssss

Texas in general sucksssss

Texans suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

1538 days ago


Mrs. Jackson and Michael Children are going through a hard time, why not have prayer for them?

I feel so much for Michael's children, losing their only parent, living with family members who you did not see often, not having someone to give you the love like your parent did, very rough.

1538 days ago


MJ's haters you are so ****ing ingnorants!You don't know nothing about him,you ARE crucifying a man without any ****ing proof about his sexuality,or the horribles acussations that he was victim for the ****ing and dirty MONEY!You have to STOP TO READ AND EAT THE LIES AND THE SLANDER THAT THE ****ING MEDIA SPREAD.LEAVE MICHAEL JACKSON ALONE!OH and by the way I guess the ones who are supporting Murray are the ones with killer thoughts,'cause he's a murderer and that is a REAL FACT!!!The last thing to all the MJ's haters,READ WELL:People can say what they wanna say about MJ,but we gonna remember the miracles that he showed us,through his music,through his dance,through his philanthropy,HE WAS THE ONE THAT MADE US ALL REALICE,THAT WE ARE THE WORLD,he was the one who showed us we can moonwalk,he gave us the beat,he gave us the rhythm,he gave us the soul,through us his legacy lives on,we can't stop now,we won't stop now!!!

1538 days ago


You are either on crack or brain dead.

1538 days ago


Religion and crooked Doctors is a match made in heaven.

1538 days ago



1538 days ago


I have never met this pastor. When my brother was very, very ill in Houston, I called Mr. Osteen. He took time out from all of his thousands of flock and spoke and prayed with my brother. I think the world of him. The large numbers don't seem to have changed Mr. Osteen.

1538 days ago


LOL Tellit it's about time we found something you feel strongly about.

So lets see for us looking up to MJ we are wacko sicko's but you can adore Joel Osteen and expect all of us to agree with your opinion?

Every single post I have seen from you is dripping with hate and sarcasim towards both MJ and the fans. Perhaps instead of just watching your hero Joel maybe you should open your mind a little to his sermons and learn live and let live? I am sure you did not learn all the hate you harbour from him nor did you learn it from MJ's fans.

You see Tellit it's easy to push someones buttons but most of us adults learn at a young age if you can't take it don't dish it out.

I am not a bible thumper and don't follow it much so just like you being unfamilar with MJ let me formulate an opinion based on my limited knowledge just like you do. Is it not true that a lot of preachers have touched little boys??? Maybe I should google Joel find something and blow it out of proportion?

I really hope you aren't the type to call people stupid in real life for having opinions that don't agree with yours. If you are please for everyones sake do not reproduce.

Thanks and Happy Mothers Day.

1538 days ago


Murray is just playing pretend innocent game to get Jury sympathy, BUT WE ARE KNOW HE MURDERED MJ and there was others involved also.

1538 days ago


91. Houston, Tx suckssssss
Texas in general sucksssss
Texans suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Posted at 4:08 PM on May 9, 2010 by Just Sayin

LOL...come on down and try sayin that face to face with a Texan!'d no longer be Just'd be "And you were sayin?"

1538 days ago


To some of you people who post some very cold comments on here, you really need help. No matter how much you don't beleive in God or any higher powers, your conscience should just tell you, what to and what not to say/do. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion i know, but to go as far as say "rot in pieces" (r.i.p), to somebody who is dead, just doesn't seem right. I've seen some ignorant comments before in my life, but this is the worst i've ever come across. No matter how much you might've hated somebody, let alone somebody you knew from a distance, i think whatever judgement, is left for whoever judges, to me it's God. And if you don't beleive in any higher powers, then i think, you should just let that person go, it'll be the end of him/her. Why post such hateful comments on somebody you didn't even know. Moreover the person is dead.

You surely need just tells you a lot about your yourself. I really feel sorry for all people like that.

1538 days ago


98. Posted at 4:18 PM on May 9, 2010 by Scott

WOW,....I've never called MJfans wacko sickos...just MJfanatic fans ....morons, idiots.
You must have me confused with Tell it...he's the MJhater...not me.
And I don't have a problem with other's opinions either.
I just state my intentions or even desire of changing anyone elses opinion.
You could have left out the "touching" business also. I've NEVER said that Michael Jackson molested little boys. NEVER....because I never have believed that about him.
Go rag on somebody who deserves being ragged on.

1538 days ago



1538 days ago
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