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Joel Osteen and Murray -- Joined in Prayer

5/9/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was a guest at Joel Osteen's church in Houston, TX this morning -- and we're told the two shared a prayer together.

Sources at the Lakewood Church tell TMZ Murray met with Joel and his wife Victoria before Osteen in between the 8:30 and 11:00 AM sermons. We're told they met in a private room for about 10 minutes. Joel's brother Paul was also there, as was Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, and friend Jeffrey.

Our source said it was very apparent Murray was "a man of faith."

Osteen has acknowledged that Murray is going through a "hard time" -- which is one of the reasons he was invited to the service.


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lol...yeah I know MiMi. still happens. I don't mind when he keeps it at Tell it...but then he goes overboard and starts cloning me. I don't let it bother me much anymore...I'm not going to be posting here much longer anyway.
Too many are just too hateful,defensive & delusional.
Take care MiMi

Posted at 5:35 PM on May 9, 2010 by Tellit


Oh H*ll to the no! You are not abandoning ship now. Cmon woman your way tuffer than to just go and throw in the towell.

Not after all these months....

1636 days ago


lol at conrad perspiring...he should keep the faith and thank god hes not wearing a uniform.

1636 days ago

who farted    


1636 days ago


Yes, wow look at the haters ...for crying out loud...heartless
people couldn't afford MJ posters. They are asexual, then.
La Toya has convenient praise
for her dazed, confused, recently departed neglected brother.

1636 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Shrewd move by Joel Osteen to take advantage of Murray's hopeless situation, God sure loves a hard luck story.

1636 days ago


Murray is "a man of faith" in strippers, bars, adultry, out of wedlock children, and cell phone usage (especially when attending to patients while administering powerful anesthetics).

1636 days ago


judging by the comments on here, I think it's safe to say that the majority of tmz readers are under the age of 12.

LOL@you clowns defending and praising this loser. If you honestly have "love" and "sympathy" for reckless quacks like him, then why don't you hire Jack Kevorkian as your personal physician?

1636 days ago


It's always interesting to see that people find Jesus in their darkest days. As if he is really going to help a murderer like Conrad Murray. Or should I say an alleged murderer/manslaughterer like Conrad Murray.

1636 days ago


101. To some of you people who post some very cold comments on here, you really need help. No matter how much you don't beleive in God or any higher powers, your conscience should just tell you, what to and what not to say/do. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion i know, but to go as far as say "rot in pieces" (r.i.p), to somebody who is dead, just doesn't seem right. I've seen some ignorant comments before in my life, but this is the worst i've ever come across. No matter how much you might've hated somebody, let alone somebody you knew from a distance, i think whatever judgement, is left for whoever judges, to me it's God. And if you don't beleive in any higher powers, then i think, you should just let that person go, it'll be the end of him/her. Why post such hateful comments on somebody you didn't even know. Moreover the person is dead

I agree. Some of the people on here seriously need help. It's not even funny. They act like MJ was Hitler or something. Why do you have such strong feelings towards a man you've never seen or met a day in your life? Before you make your cold and disgusting comments, keep in mind that that's someone's father and brother you're talking about. Hell, as much as don't like Murray and believe he is guilty, I could never lower myself to say some of the things some of the people on here say.

1636 days ago


Conrad is my hero
God bless him

1636 days ago


Ilove Michael Jackson because he a kind gentle spirit and Joel Osteen is also a kind gentle spirit.and I think this Dr. should not have given MJ these drugs.every man,s judgment comes down from God and he needs his day in court.that what Joel Osteen does prays with and for people and point them to God. Love meets people at their needs Joel Osteen is a man of love the same as Michael is a man love.Love reaches out , I don,t know honestly what kind of man the Dr. is . but that doesn,t excuse from extending love mercy and grace to are fellow man. and God loves all 3 of these man unconditionally and God knows their hearts and if they are in the wrong he.ll punish and correct them because he loves them. Michael understood this L.o.v.e

1636 days ago


My king couldnt understand
he was just a freak
of nature

1636 days ago


Murray is a man of lies, stupidity and bloody murder. If he had any decency, he would have come forward and confessed his sins. He knows he killed The King of Pop but just wants to shift the blame all on Mike. A truly horrible creature Murray is.

1636 days ago


Go to hell all you haters.

1636 days ago


Ha Ha Ha...two of the biggest FAKES in Houston. Murray should be praying, but I don't think Osteen is going to help him out of this... he's nothing but a feel good doctor himself! Don't bend over to pick up any soap sucker!

1636 days ago
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