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Murray's Visit to Osteen Church Not for PR

5/10/2010 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joel Osteen's right-hand man tells TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray was indeed invited to come to Osteen's church yesterday "to pray and worship," and met with Osteen privately before the service.

Dr. Conrad Murray
TMZ first reported Osteen invited Murray to the service.  Someone from Osteen's media relations department told us it was a PR stunt, but the guy who runs the PR department says that's not true.

Donald Iloff, Jr., the Chief of Strategic Operations for Osteen (and Osteen's brother-in-law), tells TMZ, "Dr. Murray did call the church to speak with Osteen a while back but Osteen was not available.  Osteen's rep then invited Dr. Murray to yesterday's service."  So, Dr. Murray truly was invited.
Iloff says Murray met privately with Joel and Victoria before the service.  We do not know what they talked about.

After the meeting, Iloff says Dr. Murray attended the service.  "He was really engaged in the worship service," Iloff says.


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LOL moni,
took the words right out of my mouth!!! And to think I thought I was the only one feeling like that!!!

1590 days ago


Oh Cathy, although your prophecy about Whitney gives me goosebumps I have to agree. It's such a mean, mean tragedy. What a shining, brilliant, talented person she had been! Each annihilating, ridiculing critic I read about her tour makes me so endlessly sad. Sad, and thinking about Michael and his O2-concerts. Even if he had been perfect (what Whitney obviously is not) the media would just have waited to tear him apart. Nothing new, still the old songs, and OMG, his look – I can see the tabloids in front of my inner eyes. He wouldn't have had a chance, and this was what he had been so much afraid of.

1590 days ago


You know, I am also a recovering addict who recently celebrated 14 years clean. I don't recall dry mouth as a symptom of the disease of addiction. What I do know is that him chewing gum and eating candy if he was an addict would have been to substitute one drug for another. Addiction is a disease and drugs are sympton of that disease.
Whether you choose to use alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, gamble, sex, shopping, all of these are symptoms of the disease of addiction. If this was his problem drugs, then he substited SUGAR in place of drugs or simply had dry mouth from his medication. I think you are reading more into that than there is.

you are right that addicts don't choose to be addicts no matter what their addiction is to (even food addicts) they have a disease no matter what their addiction is to.
I chose alcohol and cocaine. I CHOOSE not to actively use today. One day at a time. It doesn't make me not an addict, it means I am not actively using.

It is a disease, that has been arrested for me.

But I don't think that MJ chewed gum because he actively using or that was why he had a dry mouth, it is possible it was from his medication. My medication I take for an auto immune disease causes this side effect. This disease is similar to lupus and it causes dry mouth really bad. I chew gum to create saliva.

1590 days ago


And to think I thought I was the only one feeling like that!!!

Posted at 3:42 PM on May 10, 2010 by allforlove

LOL! No, we are not alone, solidarity between displeased mums in Las Vegas condos, Zulu tents and Eskimo igloos!

1590 days ago


Righttt. A dozen Jacksons couldn't
get out of their spoiled, lazy fat-ass lives to ****ter his windows
down. It would've bruised the egos of MJ & the clown family.
Nice to imagine nurses tying him to a gurney Britney Spears-style,
with cameras revealing it all for the pious Jacksons.
Maybe a sick boy could've lured MJ into a hospital.
Kids were his helpful godly toys.

1590 days ago


michael jackson said and correctly so..the press waits for him with knives..they must have been salivating for those concerts to begin.imagine the pressure to put on a show at fifty and be compared to your younger performances.
its a shame the media could not treat him like a human being

1590 days ago


With reference to the gumchewing and lollipops in TII, yes I noticed that, also the few times MJ rushed to get a water bottle after a couple numbers. But that could have been edited out of the movie if the producers thought it would be indicative of anything. I remember reading MJ was a big candyman from childhood. Will we ever know more than we do now, who knows, but what we do know is Murray had it in his power to help MJ and did not. He did just the opposite. And I do think MJ could turn it on and off; if he were so impaired where was social services as respects his children? They were sure anxious enough to investigate the "stun gun" incident a few months back, but there was never any publicized effort to remove MJ's kids from his care. And you know the media would have loved to get ahold of that were it true. I do believe that his children were his life and he never would have wanted to leave them.

1590 days ago


Murray needs to go to church to ask God to help him accept the blame for what he did to Michael. Right now, all he says is I didn't do anything wrong.

1590 days ago


Okay, I have to leave you guys but I have to go cook some dinner. Everybody's p!ssing & moaning in my house. Can certainly tell 'Mother's Day' is over here where I live:(

Later guys:)

Posted at 3:12 PM on May 10, 2010 by janalal4


Happy Mother's Day janala4

1590 days ago


i actually heard a nurse talking awhile ago on a ustream thing and she said that mjwas more like 110 pounds .the reason he seemed to weigh more before autopsy according to her was the amount of fluids the paramedics pumped him with to get whatever medication throughout his body.dont want to remember all the gruesome details but that is why he weighed more before autopsy and at eh funeral home or whatever, he weighed in around 110 i think..due to the release of the fluid ..
cant believe murray didnt notice how much weight he dropped

1590 days ago


THE FALL GUY needs to pray the jury=LET'S HIM WALK

1590 days ago


I am so sick and tired of people calling Michael J Jackson names. Who the heck are you! Did you even know the guy or is it b/c you are following the bandwagon of stupidity? If you took even a minute out of your busy life you would know that he did more good then any other celebrity out there! He was a great humanitarian, a wonderful father that did everything for his kids. He was a wonderful musician that broke racial barriers. So what have you done in your life? What have you accomplished? ummm.. I am guessing not much?Stop calling him Wacko or any crazy name!! The man has died in the hands of a crappy no good doctor. I am not saying that Conrad Murray is a bad guy but what I am saying is that he made a big mistake that cost a life. He deserves to be punished. And that Church he went to is as for PR just like when he visited Michaels grave. R.I P MJ I love you

1590 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Haha, you can't tell me the shadows don't move a little differently around this "guy". I bet you this dude walks HAUNTED ("you know it, you know"). He's like OJ, whether he gets found guilty or not (guilty muther%^&@$) he'll ALWAYS be known as "The man who killed Michael Jackson". Dam..

1590 days ago


Joel Osteen and all his followers and all the other Preachers ,are a bunch of liars ,getting rich and taking the money from the loosers who give they their money ,how come you go and listen to a sinner and pay for him to pray.... I pray a lot in my own home and I don't have to pay anything ,God or Jesus or wahtever religion you have, He will hear you not matter.......They should ban this thiefs they are taking the poor people money who trust in them ....

1590 days ago


I am not saying that Conrad Murray is a bad guy but what I am saying is that he made a big mistake that cost a life. He deserves to be punished. And that Church he went to is as for PR just like when he visited Michaels grave.

Posted at 5:56 PM on May 10, 2010 by JLa


I have to agree with JLa. I do think that Murray has genuine remorse for what happened, but that doesn't mean (imo) that he should not be punished for his stupidity -- I mean ignorance -- I mean greed -- I mean negligence. I agree that his visit to this church and his visit to Michael's grave several months ago were clearly publicity stunts. I think it was obvious. You won't see him doing these types of things after the trial is over.

1590 days ago
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