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'Dad of the Year' -- Blame Disney for Miley Lap Dance

5/15/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A highly decorated "Father of the Year" has a serious problem with the Miley Cyrus lap dance video -- but he's not blaming the parents ... he's blaming Disney!

TMZ spoke with acclaimed parenting expert Joe Kelly -- who strongly believes, "Miley Cyrus is the latest in a distressingly long line of girl celebrities launched on a trajectory where they are marketed as hypersexualized objects."

Kelly adds, "It's easy to blame the parents" but believes "corporate marketers" should be held accountable for things like "marketing precocious sexuality to young boys and girls."

And since Disney is the corporate giant behind "Hannah Montana" ... Kelly believes the Mouse House facilitated Miley's premature sexual behavior.



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kenny williams     

The man she’s dancing with is film director (Hairspray)
And Dance innovator Adam Shankman who is also an out gay man
So I think the only people thinking this was actually a sexual dance were people watching the video they don't who Adam is
I’m sure Adam and Miley were just playing.

1622 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Lucky for the world she'll be forgotten in a couple of years.

1622 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

Disney marketers? As a blogger, I have discovered Disney marketers are SO lame, they couldn't find a paper bag if they were inside it. Don't blame Cyrus' behavior - or success - on them. She created both all by herself.

1622 days ago


HAHA it says ''the question is'' and than ''who's your daddy?''

1622 days ago


Miley is making her own decisions and her parents are LETTING her. Billy Ray has said her lap dance was ' what kids her age do' and he approves. Since her parent doesn't think there is anything wrong with her behavior , why blame Disney? The truth is that Billy Ray was a forgotten never to return to celebrity has been; it was only his exploitation of his daughter that has put him in the public eye again. It's bad enough when parents don't take responsibility for their children, we don't need other people shifting the blame and making excuses for them. Miley didn't just start this since she's approaching 18 years old ( she's not 18 yet), this has been her habit for the last 2 years at least. Your children never stop being your children and parents DO give advice to their adult children, the point is in this case is that Billy Ray has ALWAYS approved of her inappropriate behavior. Then again, isn't he the man that got 2 women pregnant at the same time? His son Christopher was born the SAME year as Miley. Wow, what a role model he is. He was married in 1987 and had an affair with a waitress in 1991. His first wife probably divorced him because of the affair.

1622 days ago


LOL ever hear of Annette Funicello? lol

1622 days ago


I agree with him, but I also think these parents are to blame as they are the PARENT. Who pimps out their kid for the almighty dollar? Um, Billy Ray Cyrus. You should be ashamed!! You are her DAD, not her pimp. Or are you?? Sheesh. Sick sick sick

1622 days ago


For fun I have always called Christina Aguleria and Britney Spears "Disney sluts" because of their Mouseketeer ties, however the High School Musical gang seems more well adjusted as far as young celebs go so I don't think you can blame Disney for a teenagers poor behavior. Disney creates the star but the parents have raised the child and hopefully instilled some moral values in them way before Disney gets ahold of them.

1622 days ago


He might be correct if this were a child with parents who knew nothing about the entertainment industry. But, they do know something about it don't they?

1622 days ago


Every article I have read says her dad is OK with this! Remember, he is the one who posed sexually for pictures with his daughter. This is not the fault of Disney, it's the fault of her parents who let her do whatever she wants. She was 16 when she did this....this is NOT what 16 year olds do!

1622 days ago


I agree 100% with Joe Kelly...Disney has become a Whore-Monger...just look what they are doing with Lindsay Lohan! I give Miley about two more years, and she'll be following in Lindsay's and/or Britney Spear's, Christina Aguilara's footsteps, and which are also controlled by Disney! The parents are not to blame...MONEY is the root of all evil...

1622 days ago


For Heaven's sake leave the poor girl alone! She's a normal teenage girl in a not very normal world - cut her some slack please! All you self-righteous do-gooders are just jealous I think.

1622 days ago


I repeat...MILEY CYRUS,LINDSAY LOHAN,CHRISTINA AGUILARA, AND BRITNEY SPEARS ARE ALL UNDER CONTRACT TO THE DISNEY CORPORATION, while it my have been bad judgement by their parents, to initially agree to those contracts, and sign them, this is in no way their fault. It is The Disney Corp. who are to blame!

1622 days ago


Everything begins at home. Disney to blame is just stupid. I can care less what happens to Miley we all have our on life to live . But just by looking I see another lindsey Lohan here. Just a question were are the police . You have a room filled with petafiles grinding on a teenage girl. I guess we can blame the catholic priest for that right or maybe because there is not enough money here to sue.

1622 days ago


Dear jsd80,
Saying, "Disney to blame is just stupid", is an ignorant comment. But, apparently that is the case, since you also obviously have great difficulty spelling correctly. -Ever heard of "spellcheck"?

1622 days ago
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