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Lindsay Lohan -- Everything's Ducky

5/16/2010 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you hear Lindsay Lohan tell it, everything couldn't be going better -- she says she's making up traffic school like crazy ...  even though she's been in New York and now she's on her way to Cannes.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has completed nine traffic school classes out of the required 13. Her DUI progress report hearing is Thursday and she's in France.

Lohan, who is clearly living in the world of denial,  says she needs a few more weeks to fully complete her traffic school obligations.

The judge has made it clear -- Thursday is D-day, and if she is in violation of probation LiLo is going to jail.  And, if Lindsay is shy of 13 on Thursday, the judge will almost certainly issue a warrant for her arrest if she doesn't show up for court.


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This stupid bitch has lost her purchase on reality.

1592 days ago


From the New York Post THIS MORNING:
Lindsay Lohan started another fight in a club -- this time with New York Ranger skaters Aaron Voros and Sean Avery at 1Oak. The troubled starlet threw a drink over Voros' model girlfriend, Jessica Stam, and then tried to get all three thrown out of the Wildfox fall-collection party the other night. A spy relates, "Lindsay threw a fit because she wanted to be at their table near the DJ. But she claimed she didn't want to sit with Aaron and said, 'He's my ex-boyfriend. I don't want him anywhere near me.' Voros denied knowing her. A drink then flew in Jessica's face, and Lindsay demanded their table be moved out. Club bosses refused and tried to calm her down. Stam, Voros and Avery were shocked but didn't retaliate, and Lindsay left shortly afterward." We await Lohan's inevitable denial, but we have multiple witnesses. A different source said "Lindsay threw a fit. There was total drama for absolutely no reason."

1592 days ago




...b*tch's got quite the double chin alcohol bloat goin' on. That, or she's just gettin' uglier as she grows in adulthood.

She was kinda cute when she was a kid. Now? Not even.

I hope she f**ks it all up and can't make up those last few classes and the judge declares, "throw the b*tch behind bars!"

Celeb mugshots an' perp walks're so cool.


1592 days ago


If that judge doesn't send her to jail, then all hope is lost for the justice system.

I am a celebrity and It's ok if I break the law.

1592 days ago


The person to really blame is Dina Lohan. I don't care how old Lindsay is, her mother should take damn charge NOW and get her daughter the help she needs and deserves. Why this woman won't get her daughter out of the damn spotlight is beyond me, but instead she fuels it.
The only thing I can think is that maybe Dina is just salivating at the thought that when Lindsay dies, she can profit off of it with tearful interviews and a book of some sort. That woman always has some money motive when it comes to her little meal tickets.
Someone should take Dina out in a back alley and beat the holy crap out of her and take every blonde hair out of her head, one by one.

1592 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

This could get really funny.

1592 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Man, I hope the Judge reads TMZ! I know he cannot use the court of public opinion but he needs to know what the little princess is up to.

1592 days ago


L.Lohan is spoiled ,and she not worried about going to jail...

1592 days ago


I hope her plane crashes and she dies a horrible, long death!!!

1592 days ago


Playing Linda Lovelace , yep one more step towards her new career doing porn.. Lets see if see can swallow this ,,, you're through , a has been actress. On the plus side i think she'll be go at doing porn. I can see her doing some girl on girl strap on action.. I'd buy that for a dollar !!!!!!!!!

1592 days ago


I love Lindsay, I hope she can pull her life together. She is such a great talent.

1592 days ago

me not you    

Oh please. Going to jail in LA means 90 minutes out of your life. She ain't goin' nowhere.

1592 days ago


GAWD she is not even a celebrity ... why waste time posting this junk? like who cares if she drives off a cliff, she hates her health enough to do all the drugs daily anyways. . she wants to die like an idiot.. no one cares about this loser killing herself daily with drug runs at 3am.. let her kill herself.. geeez. enough tmz.

1592 days ago


the nerves and muscles in her face and her forehead do not stop tweaking with movement. she is too young to have the tweak face.

1592 days ago


When she see’s the judge on Thursday if her probation is vacated she faces sentencing and the judge has a lot of possible options. There are enough charges to give her 2 years in Prison, not jail. The jail is super crowded and offers not rehabilitation at all. Putting her in jail almost guarantees immediate release thus no punishment.

My solution: two years in prison suspended for 9 months probation with the following probationary limitations: no drivers license for another 9 months, surrender your passport and accept confinement to the city limits, 3 months curfew from 9PM to 6AM with no more than 3 other people in your house during those hours, and 100 hours of real community service.

Spell it out and make her read it aloud in court and sign it. She can clean up her act or go to prison.

1592 days ago
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