Lindsay Lohan -- The Mathematics of Freedom

5/12/2010 5:00 PM PDT

Linday Lohan Alcohol Education Classes -- Four More to Go

TMZ now has the specific facts and figures on Lindsay Lohan's alcohol education record, and when you do the math ... it's clear she has a problem.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay must come to court on May 20 and prove to the judge she has attended 13 classes.  But we're told to date Lindsay has only completed 9.

So Lindsay now has 8 days to complete 4 additional classes. 

Even if Lindsay completes the 13 classes by May 20, she still would have violated Judge Marsha Revel's specific order to attend at least one class every 7 days -- sources say Lindsay has repeatedly violated this condition.

Will Lindsay graduate Summa Cum Laude?  Will she graduate?

Stay tuned...