Lindsay's Dad to Judge: Rehab, No Jail

5/10/2010 12:00 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan's Dad to Judge: Rehab, No Jail

TMZ has obtained a letter Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has sent to the judge in Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case ... asking for inpatient rehab or alternatively, random drug testing.

The letter -- which appears to be an attempt to keep Lindsay out of jail -- acknowledges "... Lindsay may have violated the terms of her probation by missing multiple court-ordered alcohol education classes."

Bloom says Michael is "gravely concerned" about Lindsay's "deterioration" and is urging the judge to put LiLo in a private drug rehab facility in New York. Michael also wants family counseling.

But if the judge won't go for rehab, Bloom and Michael are asking the judge to extend her probation and subject her to "frequent, random, court-ordered drug testing."

The letter ends with Bloom saying Michael does not want his daughter to become "the next Hollywood statistic."