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Lindsay Lohan -- Everything's Ducky

5/16/2010 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you hear Lindsay Lohan tell it, everything couldn't be going better -- she says she's making up traffic school like crazy ...  even though she's been in New York and now she's on her way to Cannes.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has completed nine traffic school classes out of the required 13. Her DUI progress report hearing is Thursday and she's in France.

Lohan, who is clearly living in the world of denial,  says she needs a few more weeks to fully complete her traffic school obligations.

The judge has made it clear -- Thursday is D-day, and if she is in violation of probation LiLo is going to jail.  And, if Lindsay is shy of 13 on Thursday, the judge will almost certainly issue a warrant for her arrest if she doesn't show up for court.


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Are you sure?    

Wikipedia says"On August 23, 2007, Lohan pleaded guilty to cocaine use and driving under the influence and was sentenced to one day imprisonment and 10 days community service".

Look at her original sentence and ask yourself if being a celebrity she will go to jail? The prison system in Los Angeles is over crowded. She might go in for a few minutes. She should be put under house arrest with drug and alcohol testing!

1589 days ago


who really cares about her anymore? can't the entertainment shows focus on a real celebrity, rather than a washed up nobody?

1589 days ago


People think she will die this year, but she will be like Cory Haim. Be a 'professional former-child-star' going on talk shows asking for pity, trying to make a 'comeback'. Then OD in her mid 30's.

1589 days ago


I can just see it now, judge says (hopefully) go to jail. now all the crying starts, the i didn't knows, the its their faults!!! what a piece of s*** she is!!

1589 days ago


Maybe she knows something we don't. It's doubtful she's outright lying about it - perhaps tmz doesn't know everything that goes on in the courtroom.
Also, though it's hard to tell with glasses, she sounds sober.

1589 days ago


Why be worried about jail? The judge sent her once before and she was out in what- 87 minutes? It's not like she would actually serve any significant time.

1589 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Good Luck.
But I think you may have a rude awakening when you get back.
BTW, wanna hang out? Ride bikes?

1589 days ago


Playing Linda Lovelace??? What a career move!! Yep... everybody in Hollwood was just begging for that role. Yes-sir-ree. What's with the sunglasses? Does this woman ever take those ugly things off? Is she afraid to let us see her eyes?? What goes around comes around, young Lindsay. Your father was your only hope and you diss him. He is really the only one who cares about you. Your mother can not say a word to help you. That is why you get along with her. She just lets you do whatever the hell you want and gives you a nod hoping you know what you are doing. I am sure she is just thrilled you are playing Linda Lovelace... while your father is digusted. We all reap what we sow. So, have fun while it lasts cause the payoff ain't gonna be pretty. Many others have gone does this road, Lindsay. You are doing nothing new under the sun. So, enjoy your denial while you can and look out for the falling shoe.

1589 days ago


Damn, that girl is high! What a loser! It's so obvious that she is high on something and she is in extreme denial! PEOPLE WHO CAN'T SEE THIS ARE REAL NAIVE!

1588 days ago


If she walks or doesn't, no one in Hollywood will ever get her into a legit movie ever again.

1588 days ago


who lies more this chick or Obama?

1588 days ago


STFU, TMZ!! It seems like you guys want her in jail more than ANYBODY!! And though I'm not a fan of LiLo, I am also not a fan of self righteous a-hles either!! Every friggin article about her you guys have some bs comment like, "The judge has made it clear -- Thursday is D-day, and if she is in violation of probation LiLo is going to jail." EVERY FRIGGIN' ARTICLE!! STFU once and for all!

1588 days ago


well, I thought she did well in this interview. It doesn't matter if peope don't buy it, as long as she believes in herself. She does have to put up with a lot and she is flying to Cannes because they obviously invited her.

1588 days ago


I just love her I hope she can turn things around. Good Luck Girl.

1588 days ago


Did she just say, " be an entertainer..and..umm..on many different accounts." WTF? What does that even mean? Next she'll be blathering about how people need maps and such.

1588 days ago
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