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George Clooney's Dog Day Afternoon

5/17/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Hawaii this weekend, George Clooney posed for pics with two of his biggest fans ... Duane "Dog" Chapman and his lovely wife Beth.


Someone's definitely going to update their main Facebook pic.


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tracy silva    

Great photo~lucky George!!! Dog is an amazing man has done so much with his life for him his lovely wife Beth and their family!! Good Job DOG!!! Lots of people in the world LOVE you disregard the rest!! I Love YOu Chapman Family!

1618 days ago


TO lastrawberry----you are making some serious accusations. You are entitled to your opinion but I see the guys chatting with everyone. Maybe they just realized that you are a trouble maker and blocked you

1618 days ago


i wass goin by what i havee heard its calledd hear sayy, dont care iff they like me or not they have enough sheep to baa baa 4 them

1618 days ago


TO lastrawberry--- So in other words you admit to being so small minded that you would believe rumors and hearsay?!?!?! You best check your facts because one day someone is going to call you them and then you will be the one crying.

1618 days ago


they chat with whoever kisses there butt! You think people who follow them that some have not noticed. They play favorites I guess you are hoping to be added to that list of favorites for coming over here and arguing for them. You go on about facts and how great the Chapmans are..but how do you know? Have you met them? Been around them if you have without the cameras?? NOPE I bet you have not. They have a reputation for treating their fans badly..I can tell you a little about the ones they crapped on in FL too.

Found out today that Dog would be having a book signing in the local area, as he was on Good Morning Texas this A.M.

Bought Dogs new book at Legacy Book Store today. Spent an hour before his 12:00 book signing to stand in line. He ended up being 40 minutes late and then sat an additional 20 minutes in his touring bus "getting ready".

Waited an additional 30 minutes or so once the signing started. Didn't mind the wait. A little critical of his lack of promptness though.

We made some friends while we waited in line. A mother with her two kids and then another family (older and grown) who had shown up together to meet him. They all asked my husband, since he had no real interest in meeting Dog and such, if he'd take their pictures for them. He obliged. There was a barrier that the fans were allowed to stand and take pics at of them. So that is where my husband waited as we were all fast approaching the book signing.

My husband grabs pics of the older family. Then, I go to approach and we brought our video camera because we weren't quite sure whether pics were even allowed and I have a nice Cannon Rebel set up, which is bulky. We figured the video camera is portable and could easily fit in his coat pocket.

So I approach for my book signing, my husband whips out the video camera. In which, just as I was trying to hand the book to Dog, Dog told him he couldn't film, A&E won't allow it. Hey..thats cool. Understandable. HOWEVER... we were NOT filming. My husband responded with, "I am just taking pics" to which Dog replied "No you aren't, I'm dinging" to which he grabbed his mic or something. At this time, my husband is showing security that its in picture mode, not camera mode. Security and all of them were telling the crowds no more know cuz hey, they were an hour late even getting started!

I was a bit upset about what transpired. We didn't have any wrong intentions. My husband said "I've got everybody else's pic and can't even get a pic for my wife?" and one lady sneered and said he had stood behind the rope long enough.

Instead of meeting Duane and Leland, I passed them up. My husband said, just go back and ask them for a picture or stand in front of the rope, I'll get you one. I told him I couldn't do a pic now... I was too upset. I didn't want to be teary eyed in pics.

We were treated pretty rudely. We're all about following rules but false accusations and a lost photo op? I didn't even care if I posed or not, I know that takes time but would like to have had the opportunity to be standing near when you signed my book. Dear Dog, I am no longer a fan. I'm heartbroken. I feel rejected.

No way to treat your fans. If you don't want photo ops, thats truly a reasonable request. But you humiliated me.

We were going to buy passes tonight to see you at a special meet and greet that we could purchase after the signing. You lost 4 of us! I am a fool for even spending the $30 on the book. I won't be reading it.

1617 days ago

Mimi Wilms    

I agree!!Haters,you need to just step back and think before you act.People make mistakes it is part of growing up.Learn from it and don't keep making the same mistakes over and over.Dog and his family tell that to everyone they capture.They find them and fix'em.That is why he and his family are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!Love the Chapman family.And you do have a fan here that cares and will stand behind you guys no mater what these haters write.Like i said before they don't know what they are talking about and they have no clue about 2nd chances in life!!Be safe and God speed.Go get'em and do what you do best Chapman's.Lol.ALOHA from one of your biggest fan in North Carolina

1617 days ago

Mimi Wilms    

To all haters.If you don't like the Chapman family for whatever reason that is your choice.But don't write a bunch of bull****if you don't know what your talking about.I have Dog's book and have finished reading it and LOVED it.They have not done anything to any one of you for you to be so mean and hateful to them!!They have helped allot of people put their lives back on the right path and are still going strong!!So back off from the Chapman family and leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!No matter what you think keep it to your self.The Chapman family has allot of fans that will stand by them no matter what and will defend them.So anymore negative comments will be replied with positive comments by the fans that love them!!Love the Chapman family.Lol Aloha

1617 days ago


Great picture....Beth is looking awesome these days! Love DTBH and George Clooney:O)

1615 days ago


Clooney's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overrated. Go Dog!

1467 days ago
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