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'Survivor' Producer -- Custody Fight Brewing

5/24/2010 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0511-survivor-exThe sister of Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman tells TMZ she will fight Bruce Beresford-Redman for custody.

Carla Ferreira-Burgos tells TMZ, "I don't think someone suspected of killing their mother should be in charge of the kids."

As we first reported, the former "Survivor" producer is back in L.A. and will seek to regain custody of his two kids, even though he's still considered a "person of interest" in the murder of his wife.



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Some Faustkateer    

Seems like Nicole Brown's sister thought the same thing about OJ raising the kids.... That turned out well! Heck, I thought Simpson would have murdered the older girl by now... Brings all new meaning to, "Wait until your father gets home!"

1612 days ago


The Gravy train is over for the Burgos family...

1612 days ago


He will get the kids back. He hasn't done convicted of anything and is fully capable of
taking care of them. I think it'll take more than "suspicion" to have his parental rights taken.
Remember, in this country we are innocent until proven guilty. The biggest problem he will
have is undoing the brain washing and prejudice Aunt's grief has sprayed about these kid's

1612 days ago


Well according to the show Lost..she isnt dead..she can raise her own a sideways sort of way..Just watch out for the smoke monster

1612 days ago


PS I'm not saying he didn't do it, and I'm not saying the situation doesn't seem fishy. I'm just saying he hasn't been convicted and he is still innocent.

1612 days ago


Wow it is pretty clear that he murdered there mother.. He was having an affair and that is why she went to Cancun with him in the first place to get her marriage back. He knew it would be easier to kill her in Mexico, because so many things have been going on in that country with deaths that they wouldn't suspect him...Crazy how this system works pretty sad actually.. Hope everytime he looks in his children's eyes he has nightmares of what he did to there mother..There is something that is called Divorce why did he have to kill her.. Sick Sick Sick....

1612 days ago


I'm afraid the sister is wasting her time. The guy is American. Of course he'll get to keep the kids. The well being of the children doesn't matter. Not to the courts.

1612 days ago


He'll get them until he goes to prison for life for murdering his wife.

1612 days ago


I thought it was reported yesterday that he was wanted in mexico? That he wasn't supposed to leave because they had seized his passport

1612 days ago


WOW! Here, you have this guy who takes his wife to Mexico. He kills her, gets arrested and then gets turned loose, after being told not to leave the country. They even take his passport. He agrees not to leave. Then, he slips out of Mexico, comes back to the U.S., and promptly tries to get his kids. If this jerk was any other color he would have been tried by now and the only thing left would be for his next of kin to go to Mexico to retrieve the body after he was killed for murder. It must be good to be White.

1612 days ago


Carla, Carla, Carla - step back & take ten deep breaths:

#1 - He has not been convicted, in fact not even charged with the death of you sister. He returned to the U.S. to take care of his children.

#2 - Mexican authorities are in charge? Need I point out ncompetience? After two months of investigation?

#3 - I charge the Mexican Authorities with racial profiling the only white U.S. National as their suspect.

1612 days ago

moe l.    

I thought mexico had his passport??

1612 days ago


He left their Mother dead in a sewer in Mexico. These kids need help fast.

1612 days ago


Oh please of course he is guilty, does he look or act like a man who's wife had just been murdered. He was smart, commit the crime in Mexico and then hide behind American rights. He never uttered a word of help, sadness or outrage at finding her killer because he knows he is the murderer. Witnesses heard fighting where they were staying, she was found strangled where they were staying and he skips the country without a passport. He should have been begging the US authorities to help find his wife's killer, but he doesn't want that now does he. I hope the sister's keep fighting and this piece of trash loses everything, like he would have had he murdered his wife in this country. It may take a bit longer but he will eventually be convicted.

1612 days ago


Since when do your rights get taken away when your suspected of a crime...innocent until proven guilty. Just imagine if this guy didn't do it & the relationship with his kids is destroyed because of this woman's anger.

1612 days ago
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