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Michael Jackson Estate

MJ Belts Are Bogus!

5/27/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An extremely fancy belt commemorating Michael Jackson -- and allegedly "sanctioned" by Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson -- can be yours for the bargain basement price of $1,500 -- problem is ... the whole thing may be illegal.

Michael Jackson Estate
Check out this picture we got -- showing Joe and Katherine Jackson signing one of the belts ... and according to the official website promoting the belts, MJ's three kids -- Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- also signed their names.

Here's the problem.  The belts feature several images trademarked by Michael Jackson -- including dancing feet, MJ's silhouette and the MJ crest -- and MJ's estate must authorize any commercial use of those trademarks, as well as MJ's name or image.

So of course we called MJ estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, who said the belts were news to him and that the executors never authorized the sale. Weitzman says, "The Trustees of the Estate of Michael Jackson did not authorize the making or the sale of the Michael Jackson Tribute Belts."  Weitzman continues, "We would never condone the use of Michael's children's signatures to promote the sale of merchandise."

We haven't found out who's behind the website ...  but Jerry Olivarez, a PR guy and friend of the Jackson family, has been touting the sale of the belts.  We're told the site goes live today and 7,000 belts will go up for sale.  And, there will be an auction for the belt signed by Joe, Katherine, and the kids -- opening bid is $5 grand.

Attempts to speak with Olivarez were unsuccessful.


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Bernice Madoff    

Michael was the worker the rest of them are garden tools; Imus.
No good free-loaders nothing else.

1579 days ago

mj fan forever    

Be ashamed! Katherine gets along a lot with Joe when it comes with making money. I am very sorry that Miachael's children, grew up by him with the whole love of the world, must suffer in the hands of these dirty profiteers. The children should be removed from Katherine that, it is clear, is not able to grow up them (and she doesn't want) like Michael wanted. SHAME ON YOU!

1579 days ago


Wow. I did not think his mother would turn into a money grubbing skank like her husband.

1579 days ago


Katherine and Joseph've only PROVEN exactly what I'll always thought THE BOTH of you to be...nothing but....
Low life con artists racketeering in the exploitation of your own children.....
AND you've had almost a year to brainwash, and manipulate them. I've thought from day 1 that you would.
$86,000.00+ a month...STILL WASN'T ENOUGH FOR YOU.
It is ALWAYS about money....and MORE money!
you make me SICK SICK SICK....
you always have.
You may have fooled some people...most people.
But you NEVER had me fooled.
You're lower than low.
don't hold your breath waiting to speak
with Olivarez, Katherine or Joe.

1579 days ago


I saw the story break on CNN this morning and had my reservations.
BUT after thinking about it...
MICHAEL would have NEVER AGREED to his children being involved
in this money making exploitative scheme ..JOE is totally behind
this and it makes me sad to see Kat, Michael's mother
supporting Joe as she always has ,No matter what the cost
past and present.
Let's not forget that MJ'S children wanted to participate in the rerecording of "WE OUR THE WORLD". That I found more honorable and sincere, Then this belt CRAP ..
But, the Family insisted it was not permissible because of this reason and that.
JOE JACKSON is using MICHAEL'S children for his own personal Profit and Legacy...

1579 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

WOW! All I can say is.. I knew it would happen sooner or later... Soon the beatings will begin and those 3 kids will suffer!! They like their father will not be able to have a normal life much less even know what love really is.... Michael must be turning over in his grave!! SAD!!

1579 days ago


Who tipped off TMZ?
Was it a certain Nanny?
If she did she has even more of my respect.
She'll have my FULL respect when she decides to swallow her loyalty and blow the whistle on this entire pack of Jackson low-lifes.
They are "show" people to their very bone marrow.
Everything is an act to them.
The world is their con.
They are fakes.

1579 days ago


Who tipped off TMZ?
A certain Nanny? If you did have even more of my respect.
You'll have my FULL respect when you finally decide to swallow your loyalty and BLOW THE WHISTLE....
on this entire pack of
Jackson low-lifes.

1579 days ago

Janet Stafford    

WOW, really? Somehow this doesn't surprise me! I know he loved his mom dearly, but I have never felt that she was always looking out for his best interests as her son, but just as happy with the money and the success as her husband. I think their bottom line has always been what he brought to the table! One thing in particular was how she so quickly signed a contract with SONY to sell unreleased songs of his, when we all knew how much he hated SONY! Is was the most lucrative offer! Poor Michael! He still just stands for money in his family!

1579 days ago


Look at that sorry-assed Devil Joe Jackson. Gold hanging off his f'in ears, neck, wrists.
Look at that f'n ROCK on his left hand finger. And he's going to court in 2 weeks about his MJFT monthly allowance request.
Sorry DEVIL..and that DEVILS advocate sits primly and vigilantly beside him. Just like she always has.
She has ALWAYS not only been his babymill BUT....
his business partner also.
Always has been...even way way back when she used to leave the younger kids at home with Rebbie to raise, and hit the highway with Joe ...promoting the Jackson5.
Watch them turn around now and say they were doing it for some charitable cause.
It's going to take some REAL PR damage control to fix this one...
Mr/Mrs. Jackson.

1579 days ago


So then it must be Branca or McClain that leak to TMZ? I'd say Michael, but would he let his kids do this in the first place? Or is there more to the story?

1579 days ago


Hmmmm.....7,000. belts at 15,000. a pop. Thats 10.5 mil. That wouldn't have last the Jackson 2 damn weeks.
Plus the expense that has already gone into the manufacture of the belts, etc. It they don't sell the belts now, the manufacturer will sue the hell out of Joe and Kate.....roflmao...
JUST another of their hair-brained scams...He/& Kate....
All the other lawsuits they mortgaged Hayvenhurst upteen times...all the while MICHAEL JACKSON probably shelling out anywhere from 10/20 million+ up a year in their pockets, in addition to payments and upkeep on Hayvenhurst, etc. etc etc.....
Enough has never been enough with these two.
And I don't want to hear no crap about her working at Sears (for all of what? 6 months) way back...or how she sewed their Jackson5 costumes in the what SHE WAS DOING IT ALL FOR MONEY.
And I don't want to hear about how that DEVIL drove some f'n forklift or whatever and put food on the table and kept his kids off the streets.
AND they don't beat their kids and exploit the crap out of them.
I'm done.

1579 days ago


Something that makes you wanna go hmmmmmm.. Cnn reporting it was approved by the estate and tmz reporting it was not. Even if it was this is crazy. Michael would have never wanted his kids to do this. Michael was just a atm to everyone and now they r using his kids for the same purpose. Joe and Katherine just leave the kids out of it. I am sure we will find out in the next day or 2 if this is bogus or not.

rip mj

1579 days ago
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