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Bruce Beresford-Redman Makes Custody Move

5/28/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman's lawyer, his parents, and the sister of his slain wife Monica, are all in court arguing over who should have custody of Bruce's two kids.

Bruce's parents have asked the judge to remove them as guardians of the kids ... which then clears the way for Bruce to regain custody. But the sisters are objecting because they don't think "someone suspected of killing their mother should be in charge of the kids."

UPDATE: Bruce's mother tells TMZ she wasn't invited to the memorial on Sunday and that she only knows of the memorial "because of the media."

UPDATE: The judge has ordered that the children are to not attend the memorial service for Monica that is being thrown by the sisters on Sunday -- or any other memorial service.

UPDATE:  Now here's a twist.  The lawyer for Bruce's parents is concerned ... if his clients withdraw their guardianship petition Bruce might not get custody.  So the lawyer just said Bruce's parents would not withdraw their guardianship over the kids.  The judge, slyly, said "I don't think they get to hedge their bets."

UPDATE: The judge just said he's willing to remove Bruce's parents as guardian and will hear arguments from the sisters about appointing a new guardian.

UPDATE: The lawyer for Bruce's parents told the judge the guardianship papers were filed because there was "no parent available" to take care of the kids -- Bruce was detained in Mexico. Now Bruce is back.


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This is gossip news. Survivor TV producer, also of Pimp My Ride , murders wife in a Cancun resort. I have personally been to the wife's club many times in the 90s. It is a hot spot for sure. Sad to see her choked out by a jerk husband.

1610 days ago


They let OJ see his kids why not another killer see his and raise his own.
American justice
How the hell can an American attorney represent him on a international murder case when he is charged?

1610 days ago


I wonder if Bruce illegally entered via Coyote, no passport, no entrada at the border I know I tried.

1610 days ago


Hey TMZ. How about you cover the Hayley Williams twitter hack, someone hacked her twitter and posted a topless picture of the singer. Nobody cares about this Bruce Beresford-Redman guy

1610 days ago


#35: A s***bag producer of a pretty s***bag show killed his wife and ran away from police while being investigated. His kids have no (good) parents left and if there is any justice in this world they will have no (period) parents left. That is probably more interesting than seeing topless pics. Oh wait. You are American. Sorry, my bad. Topless pics go first - always.

1610 days ago


This guy should absolutely not get the kids. He is a murderer for God's sake. Yeah Yeah Yeah - innocent until proven guilty but the prosecutors in Mexico have decided to charge him with first degree murder. The facts/evidence certainly point to him as the murderer and his actions since the murder look guilty as hell.

1610 days ago


How concerned has Bruce been about his late wife being murdered? He sure doesn't act like an innocent man. His parents sure don't act like their son is innocent. They act like they are (covering their asses). The sister should have had been dignified how she explained the mother's death, but put yourself in her shoes. We might not know all the details of Bruce's behavior either over the years.
Perhaps the children should only be given temporary custody until this is resolved, but the way Bruce jumps country to country...can he be trusted or can we be sure someone won't end up dead while with him? His GFs seem to come first.

1610 days ago


I second what another commenter just said----how can the judge not allow the kids to go to "this or any" memorial service?!! Why isn't the mother going?

My Mom died when I was little and people acting like nothing was wrong, and keeping the truth from us, and refusing to talk about her created years of misery which only years of therapy has begun to undo. DON'T KEEP THESE KIDS FROM RECOGNIZING THEIR MOTHER'S PASSING, AND GRIEVING, AND TALKING ABOUT IT like responsible adults should. Regardless of whether or not he did it, and I have no opinion because I don't know enough of the facts, these kids should not be treated like pawns. They are human beings.

1610 days ago


He will get his kids, at least until he is proven guilty and convicted. Google the Lisa Stebic case in Illinois. Lisa Stebic's husband Craig Stebic is the only POI in her disappearance but the court gave the kids to him, even though most folks in the know believe he is guilty of her murder.

1610 days ago

E Dubs    

I heard O.J. Simpson will be his Chief legal adviser.

1610 days ago



1610 days ago

Jay Singer    

It's obvious that few of the people who make these comments understand that something in the U.S. called the Constitution. Innocent until proven guilty. This guy hasn't even been charged. You rely on the system of justice in Mexico? Think of the kids.

1610 days ago


Custody of the kids is the least of Bruce's worries. He knows
he is going to prison for a long time..second degree murder?
The kids will be fine with any of the people who want them. If
i were bruce Redman i would worry how i was going to survive in
prison so one day I can see my kids again. If he is convicted,
will he be sent to a Mexican prison? Or USA prison?

1610 days ago


He knew what he was going to do when he planned that "vacation" for his family. Why do you think he picked Mexico? He just thought it would have been easier to get away with it. He didn't dare try this at home.......The mother's family should get the kids. period. You can't blame the sister for being upset. Who wouldn't? He should be in jail until his prove he's guilty....

1610 days ago


At this time, we are reminded of our buddy O.J. Simpson. We all know he was guilty as hell, but he got off, and got custody of hims children. It was a travesty. This man was told by Mexican authorities to stay in the country, that he was under suspicion. In spite of that order, he fled the country, entering the U.S. illegally, without a U.S. Passport. If his behavior isn't at the very least, suspicious, I don't know what is. He is dangerous and a threat. He has motive (fighting with wife, insurance policies on her life, cheating with another woman) and opportunity - he was apparently the last known person to see his wife (before she was murdered). I don't believe that race has anything to do with this, but if the wife was white, and the husband was of Brazilian origin, do you think the result here would be the same?

1610 days ago
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