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Lindsay Lohan -- You Stay Classy!

6/2/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan seems to be following orders well lately -- and today she even showed up to another alcohol education class in Glendale, CA ... on time!

Don't judge.


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GIRL:The media will destroy you if you let them.Ignore all of the insults complete your alcohol rehab and continue to make great movies! Some of us still love you

1582 days ago


But most of us don't.
Ole Linds has been down this very same prim rose I'll fool you path before...
how easy you forget.
This gal is a born liar and manipulator.

1582 days ago


I do not "hate" Lindsay, but I am tired of her poor me I am a victim and blaming everyone else for her self induced problems.

1582 days ago


Much respect Lindsay! Nobody in history of life has had to put up with such scrutiny in the public eye. You have handled it as well as anyone could. I respect you for being true to yourself remaining strong through so much bull****. It'll be over in no time. Stay cool girl!

1582 days ago


Are you sure this is an updated picture? didn't she colored her hair dark after coming back from Cannes?

1582 days ago


What a waste of pixels!

1582 days ago


Attn: Lindsay Lohan
You are an absolute mess. Get off the drugs before it's too late.

1582 days ago


Poor girl can't win with the gossip sites (TMZ) your trying your best to wear her down she is stronger than you give her credit for.

1582 days ago


I can't wait until she gets past this alcohol classes and SCRAM phase and back to snorting lines off toilet seats and terrorizing citizens!

1582 days ago


This skank couldnt "GET classy" if she bought a school. She is still trying to screw the system, and herself in the long run.

1582 days ago


For the moment these new restrictions are keeping Lindsay alive. What's sad is she is one day going to be free to do as she pleases and that is when the true test of her honesty will come shining through. No matter how cooperative she appears to be right now she still violated her probation previously on several occassions, so this new behavior should not in any way reflect her past violations.

I hope the judge does send her to jail for 180 days for the violations. She still needs to hit that bottom that most addicts and alcoholic's have to have in order to get clean. I don't hate her or like her, I have no personal feelings invested in Lindsay Lohan, I just have concern for a person who is dying to snap out of it and who wants to live.

I hope she chooses LIFE !

1582 days ago


She is not a "poor girl" and she is not a "talented actress".

No one is out to get her, she is doing it to herself with her constant lying and f-ckups.

The Lohans must be out in force again posting supportive messages when everyone can see what a mess Lindsay is.

1582 days ago


Is it that hard to believe Lindsay still has fans and supporters ?
Check her twitter 645k followers on the account she uses and 300k on her previous
What more can she do now then follow her bail conditions until July 6th ? What's done is done and she is suffering the consequences of it.

1581 days ago


xd: Yes, it'll be over with soon - when she's dead! She looks and acts like a woman 3 times her age. Her mind is so clouded that she doesn't even notice that she looks like a clown most of the time! Can't think of a single positive thing to say about this woman.

1580 days ago

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