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Lindsay Lohan -- Most Painful Movie Night Ever

6/2/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Still hurtin' from having her wisdom teeth removed earlier in the day -- Lindsay Lohan put herself through even more agony in L.A. last night ... by going to see "Sex and the City 2."

On the way out of the ArcLight theater, Lindsay didn't want anyone to see her face .... and after watching that flick ... can you really blame her?


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Sorry, I don't KNOW of ANYONE who was up to going out to a movie on the night of getting wisdom teeth out. WTF is going on here?

1612 days ago


She should have been home keeping ice on her jaw for the first 24 hours. Not a good move on her part to go out.

1612 days ago


Lindsay, sweety, . . . I have a special cream that will make that pain in your mouth feel better, right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1612 days ago

Patricia Dunlop    

Obviously everyone at TMZ hated Sex & the City when it was on T.V. as well. The ones that loved it will love the movie. You don't always know what you are talking about. Hopefully, you are wrong about Lindsay too. Many people are pulling for her.

1612 days ago


What??? Come, on people!!! I was talking about benzocaine/orajel, . . . not something else. Where are your minds at????? LOL . . .

1612 days ago


I agree with number 37, Patricia, . . . and, I am definitely pulling for Lindsay. Hopefully, someday, with a little convincing, . . . she will pull for me, too!!!!!!!!!!!

1612 days ago


Ok, let's see now, since she got the smackdown from the judge, she has been seen drinking a tea (or juice??) that has small amounts of alcohol in it, and now she has her wisdom teeth removed and is on narcotics for the pain..... All of this within just over a week from seeing the judge. One thing's for sure, if I were that judge, she would be standing in front of me real soon and I would personally want to view the sockets in her gums to be sure she just had those teeth removed. In fact, I would have my personal dentist check her out, cuz you know this girl would pay some dentist off, in a heartbeat, to say he removed her teeth and give her some meds.

1612 days ago


Is amazing how everybody has it figured out what kind of meds she got. Its been said here codiene,vicodin and even oxy. Come on enough is enough already. I feel bad how the media circus is taking over her life. If I were her when this court thing is over I would move out of LA to a small town somewhere that know one knows where she is for a couple of years.

1612 days ago


Michael Jackson sought unnecessary medical and dental procedures in order to access prescription medications, especially anesthesia. LiLo's not your run-of-the-mill 'seeker', so I wouldn't be suprised at all if she did do this to get a fix. She might be able to go a few days without drugs, but doubtful she can make it 6 weeks. I almost wonder if that's why the judge scheduled the review so far out - to give her a chance to either save herself or hang herself ... figuratively speaking.

1612 days ago


P.S. @Linda/42 - Nice idea, but you have not been infected by the narcissistic fame-bug that has bitten Lindsay and many others... More often than not celebs like Lindsay (or their assistants) call the paps themselves to let them know where they are going, because life outside the spotlight - sober or otherwise - is not worth living to them.

1612 days ago


All the haters out there look at your own lives. From all the many pics/ videos lately in years she isnt driving so give me a break. I've been there done that nothing I'm proud of but having a dui, and the alcohol "school" sux, it doesn't make you better or being ordered to AA. She seems to be dealing with this okay. God bless her. She is talented, she just needs help. But she is an adult and I hope she does okay. I should be so lucky to be followed around with paps, joking, I can't imagine the stress. Look at Brit, and how her life turned around. Judge not less be judged...

1611 days ago
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