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Gary C's Ex: 'He Would've Been Like Muhammad Ali'

6/3/2010 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is defending her decision to pull the plug on life support because she says she didn't want Gary to be like Muhammad Ali or Terri Schiavo.  The comment is so offensive and wrong, it raises questions ... whether her decision to terminate Gary's life was appropriate.


TMZ obtained an interview with Price ... shot the day after Gary died.  Among other things, Price blurted out that she's heard speculation that she pushed Gary and that caused him to fall and ultimately hemorrhage.  Price insists she didn't push Gary -- a weird statement, since no one had publicly accused her of that.

Gary fell in his Utah home May 26, hit his head on the floor and suffered an intracranial hemorrhage.  Shannon, who was divorced from Gary, apparently still had authority to terminate life support at the hospital, which she did on May 28 -- he died a short time later.

Police have said there was "nothing suspicious" involving Gary's fall.

Price fondly mentions that Gary did a lot for her -- like buy her a car.

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Heidi Montag
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1566 days ago


This ex-bimbo of Gary Coleman is an obvious money grubbing airhead. Just the type of woman I would have expected to marry an ill mannered dwarf with a nasty, egomaniacal disposition. Gary was always a loser, even at his death.

1566 days ago

Shawn Bushway    

I realize TMZ doesn't make money unless they sensationalize everything - create a conspiracy where none exists. In this case Ms. Price doesn't suffer from guilt over anything suspicious but rather suffers from a lack of intellect, average intelligence and common-sense. You're judging her using the average man's intelligence when in fact she is below average. In terms of her stating that she didn't push Gary - this was all over the internet minutes after he died. You can have the intelligence of a 10 year old and still use a computer. And so although no one publicly accused her of pushing Gary that doesn't mean it was impossible for her to see through other medias that some were accusing her. TMZ isn’t concerned about the truth – they’re hoping she did push him simply to get more members.

1566 days ago


Terri Schiavo's last words were "What choo' talkin 'bout, Willis?".

1566 days ago


Shannon Price should have put on Coleman's tombstone--
"When we were nose to nose his toes were in it,
When we were toes to toes his nose was in it".

1566 days ago


I thought pulling the plug was pretty quick myself. I guess she didn't want any chance of him recovering and telling his side of what she done.

1566 days ago


Is there anything that doesn't offend you liberal *******s? Maybe being honest and having the guts say it, is what is so offensive to you.

1566 days ago


Rest in peace Gary. Only God/Goddess knows what truly happened.

1566 days ago

Mr. Bill    

Um, I don't get the comment from a previous post claiming this chick married Gary for his money. What money? He didn't have any! HIs parents pissed through his $24 million dollar fortune. Didn't he have to work as a security guard?

I also didn't get why Gary's wife is all happy because Gary bought her a car. Big frickin' deal. Spouses do that all the time. Right now, somewhere in America, someone is buying a car for their partner. Big Whoop! But if that made her happy then she must be pretty easy to please.

1566 days ago


Its obvious that this girl has a very low IQ....and its obvious that there is some desire by her or other to collect Gary's stuff, and tha is the reason they didnt even wait 3-5 days for the brain swelling to subside to see if he would recover......There is no certainty that someone with a brain hemmorage will be a "veggie", that is all smoke and mirrors and balony....So, there is something tragic and evil at work here, and unfortunatley, Gary was the victim and the truth will never be known sept to this exceedingly stupid ex-wife and of course to the Almighty who saw the whole thing play out in "real time".

1566 days ago


i agree is odd to decide that so quickly.unless he stated it in will or something .let the doc work on him a bit then deside.i know i would want a be sure there was no recovery

1566 days ago


Pretty sad life 4 gary,,,,,,,parents takin his money, ill health, and havin this bitch putt da plug...

1566 days ago


Well, I'm not crazy about what the ex-wife said, but where does TMZ get off saying it was weird for her to declare she didn't push Gary? This writer had no way of knowing who said what to her, or what she'd heard in closer circles. That was a cheap shot.

1566 days ago


Gary Coleman was a sad little fellow who was in debt up to his eye balls. He had no friends except for a few write in freaks on the innernet. No one was hiring him,, even to bag groceries. He probley killed himself. He had no insurance, life, house, car any,, he had no money. He was was nasty, small, and stupid. Don't make this story any more than a man was dead, machines made his body work,, they stopped the machines,, his body parts stopped.. he had been dead days before.

1566 days ago


I don't think a plug would be pulled unless doctors thought there was no hope and supported that option. I think that most doctors would not be party to ending a life unless it was a hopeless situation. Her statements were in poor taste towards the other families who struggled over the decision to end their family members life, but I thoroughly understand how someone could express that they did not want to see someone lay on a bed on life support for the rest of their life. As far as conspiracy goes? Is anyone in Hollywood or the spotlight allowed to die of natural causes or accidents like the rest of us? RIP Gary.

1566 days ago
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