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Larry King Wife's: What Triggered Suicide Attempt

6/10/2010 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_shawn_king_EX_TMZ_02Sources tell TMZ Shawn King's depression may have led to a recent suicide attempt started, continued and never stopped over Larry King's alleged affair with Shawn's sister.

Shawn overdosed on prescription meds last month and left two handwritten notes, including one in which she wrote that she wanted to be buried in Provo, Utah.

EMTs --  who responded to Shawn's home after her dad called 911 on May 28th and said he was unable to wake Shawn -- say they found 8 scripts -- Ambien (sleep aid), Klonopin (anti-anxiety), Compro (for schizophrenia), Prometrium (regulates ovulation), Clonazepam (anti-anxiety), Cymbalta (anti-depressant), Lyrica (anti-seizure) and Subutex.

Subutex is commonly used to treat narcotic addiction.  Shawn went to rehab in 2008.

Authorities say many of the bottles were empty.

As for what may have triggered a suicide attempt ... we're told Shawn has been "extremely depressed" for more than 5 years ... and the trigger was Larry King's alleged long-term involvement with her sister, Shannon Engemann.

Although Shawn's father reportedly says the incident was an accident -- we're told Shawn has struggled for years, believing her husband remained involved with Shannon.  One source says, "She fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids."

Shawn and Larry both filed for divorce in April -- we're told the trigger was the alleged affair with Shannon.

Shannon has denied an affair.  Larry has not spoken publicly about it.

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No Avatar


Celebrity or not, I just think it's poor taste to report on a suicide attempt when it wasn't publicly announced by the family.

1565 days ago


There is NOT enough money in this world to entice me to sleep with that ungodly excuse of a man much less wake up next to him every day. There is ugly and then there is UGLY and he is just that.

1565 days ago


What Knowledge is this to any one, but thoses that are involved, I care less. Let people settle their own disgreement with out the influnce of those, who know nothing of the affairs.HOw ever, think they have to add their own two cents, in some thing, that have no knowledge of.becasue they have not enough activities of their own, Wise up and get smart., and prove what you can do in this world, Just hope you do not make this list,

1565 days ago

andy v    

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF her she marries an old jew

1565 days ago


She not a young and beautiful. The thought of losing all that money drive her crazy. A poor move bow her husband will think she is crazy and loose.

1565 days ago


I would try to kill myself too if the world knew that I slept with the crypt keeper!

1565 days ago


Maybe She married larry for his money lol,
and what about her kids ball couch saying he had an affair with her in larrys bed ;)wow its all larry kings fault?
and thats enough scrips 2 make anyone depressed!

1565 days ago


Actually she truly loves Larry a lot. And the thought of losing him was just too much for her..I don't know what spell he has over women..But even when he was young and before he was filthy rich he always had a beautiful woman by his side or was married to one .

1565 days ago

omraee entertainment LLC.    

I rsently was given onformation on an musician aquaintance from
93'about his passing.

About the same time as this was going on found a old junk rock music song book that featured his music when he audishioned for
my live music group i did not remember he had wriiten a song
that disribed tenndencies such as the above.

Very frustrating he didn't call me if he was having problems the only other time I had talked to him resently was at a gathering
of another high school friend passing he appeared healthy less
pre occupied then in the passed so I made no attempt to re connect it terms of music and assumed he was pleased with his situation.

He died almost the same time as the ted cople report of the same type of thing but i was told he had HEP from years before I had meet him, from illicet drug use.

Althogh I can not say we were friends he did value my opinion enough to refrine from use when performing and praticing although the topic was a tense one because of his inner struggle.

I wish he would have called me.

Sometines a trusted aquantince is important during troubling for some.

Not something I need but somthing he appeared to value.

1565 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Shawn must have been BERY SICK to marry this Ugly OLD Piece of CRAP anyway??? Who, Except for his SHECKLES, would she marry him????How this Large piece of S__T stays on TV is the biggest joke in the entertainment business - He is a WORTHLESS A-- KISSER!!!!!He must read everything he says, stammers for thought, and without his suspenders holding him up, he would fall down on his "depends"!!!Now he is screwing Shawnas SISTER???? What has this world come to????At which SINNERGOGUE did Larry learn his "quaint" life-style????

1565 days ago


i have to say, what a low life larry king is if, he was infact... screwing shawn's sister. there is now doubt, if he was, shannon was getting money from him.... thereby, just making herself a whore and a prostitute. i am disappointed that a man his age, based on being so close to death would be commiting adultry. if it is true, the jew done jewed himself.

1565 days ago

brenda k greene    

man o man. this lady had to be out of her mind, trying to kill herself over a old dried up old man probly have to take vigra every ten min with nothing going for him. his voice sound like he have a frog in his mouth, lady you can do better than that, you are a pretty lady with lot's of his money. you will be glad you didn't kill yourself when you get the mean green meaning money.

1565 days ago


Re: Shawn King, Klonopin and Clonazepam is the SAME drug. One is the generic name, one the brand name. Stop over-sensationalizing, TMZ.

1565 days ago

Mr. Wells    

They Make a cute couple. "Her and his Money".

1565 days ago

anne jessen    

They're both bores.

1565 days ago
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