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Larry King Wife's: What Triggered Suicide Attempt

6/10/2010 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_shawn_king_EX_TMZ_02Sources tell TMZ Shawn King's depression may have led to a recent suicide attempt started, continued and never stopped over Larry King's alleged affair with Shawn's sister.

Shawn overdosed on prescription meds last month and left two handwritten notes, including one in which she wrote that she wanted to be buried in Provo, Utah.

EMTs --  who responded to Shawn's home after her dad called 911 on May 28th and said he was unable to wake Shawn -- say they found 8 scripts -- Ambien (sleep aid), Klonopin (anti-anxiety), Compro (for schizophrenia), Prometrium (regulates ovulation), Clonazepam (anti-anxiety), Cymbalta (anti-depressant), Lyrica (anti-seizure) and Subutex.

Subutex is commonly used to treat narcotic addiction.  Shawn went to rehab in 2008.

Authorities say many of the bottles were empty.

As for what may have triggered a suicide attempt ... we're told Shawn has been "extremely depressed" for more than 5 years ... and the trigger was Larry King's alleged long-term involvement with her sister, Shannon Engemann.

Although Shawn's father reportedly says the incident was an accident -- we're told Shawn has struggled for years, believing her husband remained involved with Shannon.  One source says, "She fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids."

Shawn and Larry both filed for divorce in April -- we're told the trigger was the alleged affair with Shannon.

Shannon has denied an affair.  Larry has not spoken publicly about it.

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No Avatar


being married to that suspender-crazed iverrated talk show dude, who can blame her?

1594 days ago


She should of taken off his suspenders and tied them around his neck and use him for fishing bait.

1594 days ago


I'd kill myself as well if I had to spend 1 hour with that immoral trash bag

1594 days ago


Isn't she close to 50? Why is she taking a drug to control ovulation?

1594 days ago


i would kill myself too if i had to sleep with that ugly old troll

1594 days ago


Get the girl a doctor, a divore with a nice jucy settlement... Then get lost.

1594 days ago


She woke up one morning and saw Larry in the flesh and in the sunlight...then realized she was married to a giant hairy raison with glasses.

Who can blame her?

I wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that after the last time they tried to have sex, she tried to have Larry charged with assault with a dead weapon.

1594 days ago


If I had to crawl in bed with that old Jew every night, I'd commit suicide too.

1594 days ago

earl taylor    

That is not the thing to, suicide, no way. Why do that and leave that old fossil to her sister. Get out and leave him, find you a new life. Whenyou dead, your dead. Think about those your two boys before youself. You know what the Bible says about taking your own life. Not heaven bound when you do it. You deserve better.

1594 days ago


And if she was successful I'd say ****** her corpse!

1594 days ago


Anybody who feels sorry for this woman is an IDIOT!
She looked at the calender and realized she was only days away from her prenup agreement to have sex with him! She payed her sister $1,000,000.00 to do it for her, but the old fart wanted her too.

I love Julie Boeheims story about how she spotted Jim across a room and just had to talk to him(in his plaid blaser, too short pants, and probably picking his nose) What really happened was she looked across the room, whispered to her girlfriend "who's the geekazoid?" and her girlfriend said "yeah, but his wallets hung!" Next thing you know ol Jims got himself a very, very pretty southern belle. One who has managed to dress him better, bt he still can't help coppin a bugger a few dozen times during every Nationally Televised game.

1594 days ago


Any suicide attempt is sad and obviously a cry for help.

Larry King has married several women and I sure he is used to them cutting on him and him sleeping around on them. He will get through this desperate attempt by Shawn. Shawn will realize it is better to live for the next sunrise. It may get better.

Shawn married King because women know wealthy old men look better in bed than they do in real life. Her sister thought so too. You know years ago in the British Isles brothers and groups of men held wives in common.

This is just modern day sisters having a man in common. Happens every so often too on Jerry Springer and among polygamous sects in Utah. Hhmmmm she wants to be buried in Utah

Why don't Larry and Shawn appear on Jerry Springer, with Shannon coming out from behind the stage. A good catfight will clear the air between the sisters and they can reconcile again. Maybe they can choreograph and errant punch that will take out Larry.

1594 days ago


I say tea bag both of them! Larry took advantage of a dumb ****. And the dumb **** is a worthless parasite.

1594 days ago


I'd like to spit in Larry's face after rubbing my balls on that blond tramp's tonsils!

1594 days ago


I will never understand why she would even look at Larry. He is so silly and not so cute for a young woman. I guess everyone likes different things. To me the ultimate sin though is to have your husband or wife sleep with your sibling. That is just to much. I would wipe my hands of the two.

1594 days ago
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