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Brian McKnight ... You're the Daddy!

6/12/2010 4:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_brian_mcknight_EX_gettyBrian McKnight is the proud new father of a 14-year-old boy ... so says a Florida judge.

Miriam Lee filed paternity and child support docs in Orange County, FL last year alleging McKnight is the father of her son. 

Brian never filed docs addressing her claim .. so the judge has ruled Brian's the daddy.

And now for the bad news -- the judge also decided Brian must fork over 14 years worth of child support ... which comes to a whopping $341,640.

We're told Brian's monthly support payment is $11,388 a month.

A rep for Brian McKnight tells us, "The judgment in Florida was a default judgment made without Brian present.  He's still looking to establish paternity, and is awaiting the results of a recent test."


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What is wrong with these Mcknights - they just can't seem to keep it in their pants. Like a pack of dirty wild dogs, his brother Claude Mcknight, (of Take6) who passes himself off as a religious God follower, but has never read the bible - is even worse. They apparently like to play, but not pay. They are pathetic!!

1593 days ago


I can not imagine the shame that the mother of this Brian and Claude Mcknight feels. How embarrassing for her to have such disrespectful sons as these. ick!

1593 days ago


Why can't you racists ever keep your f*cking comments relevant to the individual, you ignorant idiots always have to involve generalizations about an entire group of people

1593 days ago


I guess I'm the only one that has a problem with the fact that this woman waited 14 years to come forward and say McKnight is the dad? If he was, then she should have said something 14 years ago.

1593 days ago


Since when is having an opinion based on FACTS racist? If you ask me, it is IGNORANT to pull out that racist card for no apparent reason.. you sure use it a lot in the USA, don't you? WOW so sad- grab some brains will you and grow up! Facts are facts and forming and voicing an opinion based on pure facts is not racist, how immature of you.

1593 days ago


How the hell do you have a default judgment in a paternity case without DNA test results? Is McKnight allow to hold off on payment pending the results of the test?

A more important question: why did this woman wait FOURTEEN YEARS to suddenly decide that McKnight was her son's father? If she even SUSPECTED that was the case, she should have taken legal action, including DNA testing, when the child was a baby. Instead, she's deprived her son of his father for 14 years and now all of a sudden wants McKnight to pay up. Doesn't quite seem fair to me.

1593 days ago


They must have a very fluid statute of limitations in Florida for filing paternity claims.

1593 days ago


there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but racist statements were made "another black man with illegitimate children" "what a surprise seems that's all they live for" grabsomevalue is a racist based on the statements that were made so i wasn't "pulling the race card for no apparent reason" sickofsickmen

1593 days ago


It is not a racist statement at all.. It is common knowledge and is an opinion based on this very fact and behavior reputation by majority. I would suggest you not go around telling others what they can and can not say or have an opinion about.

1593 days ago


sorry, but the sums you have listed must be wrong, because at $11,388 a mth, thats only 30 mths worth of support!
i think he would owe her more than $341,640 if he owes 14 years worth!....

1593 days ago


There are plenty of men and women, white, black, blue and green refuse to take financial, physical and emotional responsibility for their children.

Some of them even kill them for the sake of not paying child support!!!!

But the real story above is how in the hell can anyone receive a child support judgment without establishing paternity, FIRST!!!!

1593 days ago


Im surprised the proud Fiance hasnt attacked this woman yet. She is probably playing catch-up considering how many baby-mamas there are. They are probably waiting on the arrival of his next baby in Oklahoma. By the way dont forget about his 2yr old daughter in TN. Not to be confused with his 8yr old in Arizona.

1592 days ago


Everyone wants to be the judge & the jury. Can't speak on anyone else's relationship with God but your own. Guess everyone needs to go back to health class because too many have forgotten unprotected sex can result in offspring. It's not only the man's fault & responsibilty but the woman's too.

1592 days ago

Proud American    

Condoms are the answer, their are cheaper to bring on those one night stands and flings. Be responsible it not only effect you, but other people are effected also. For one the children have to adjust to the change in their life.

1592 days ago


Bottom Line:
This doesn't make any damn sense!

1592 days ago
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