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Oprah: Good Genes or Good Docs?

6/13/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey never gets old.


Here's the 32-year-old talk show diva back in 1986 (left) -- and 24 years later, the 56-year-old version at an event in NYC last month (right).

O, my God!


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I like Oprah, but she wears move makeup than a Drag Queen. Have you seen her without it? It takes a long time to put that face on and you would not know it was her without it.

1556 days ago


More like perfect lighting:)

1556 days ago

Al R.    

Just as ugly as ever.

1556 days ago


If you've ever seen her without makeup, you wouldn't ask the question -- you wouldn't recognize her ;)

1556 days ago


14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Think Heidi. 11. If you don't care, why comment. & 8. She's not 2 different colors, it's just the photo, like watching the same movie on 5 different TV displays in the store, where the color ranges. Last but not least - black people don't lay under the hot sun or in a tanning bed for an increased risk of melanoma (skin cancer, that is) Black people age gracefully & white people age so bad, they become hard to look without shying away, staring or praying that God will have mercy.

1556 days ago


Oprah, Your looking better with age baby,, MmMm Good. TMG

1556 days ago

yadda yadda    

She is the prime example why I wish I had darker skin. Black women are absolutely beautiful and almost get/look better as they age. Us white girls are cursed by the hand of time and very few age gracefully. I can only hope i can afford to keep up my face when the time comes.

1556 days ago


I think it's mostly good genes. But I do think she's had her skin lightened and her forehead pulled. Everything else looks pretty natural though. I think she's had a minimal amount of "work," but work nonetheless.

1556 days ago


Can we please drug test those that think she isn't pumped up with botox and had work done?

Are you that naive and worship this lady that much? pathetic

1556 days ago


Great makeup artists is the correct answer. Oprah's shown herself w/out makeup....HUGE difference!

1556 days ago


@ number 2, Oprah's hair is REAL. You should have watched her show where she did the segment on Chris Rock's movie "Good Hair". Chris Rock thought her hair was fake and she let him touch it and it was no weave or wig.

1556 days ago


@27 She IS A Lezzie

Yeah, I feel the same way about you white trash who want to be black. Ask Eminem among others.

1)Your people obviously love something about the black culture because you've turned on your own and started dating black men knowing that they dog you out, cheat on you, beat on you and all of the above, ask Tiger and OJ.

2)White women are the ones who are insecure with all the plastic surgery like botox, breast implants etc, etc... looking like inflated clowns.

3) It's obvious that white women want black features. You white
women want what black women have NATURALLY. You practically kill yourselves for the dark tans, lip injections and not to mention the butt implants (which was very much needed by you all though.)

Harsh - yes - but look close at the culture. It's true.

I don't think many white people are comfortable in their bodies.

You said "having diamonds portray a sort of body language that says ' I ain't no poor, black, ghetto person.''
So you're basically saying that only rich white people have diamonds and if a black person has diamonds they don't want to be black...LOL. You're parents must be brother and sister! That has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but then again being that you're from the trailerpark I can see how you would think that to be true.

White people wear contacts to darken their eye color. Does that mean they don't want to be white? And contrary to your distorted trailerpark way of thinking, white people wear weaves too.
Just because a black woman has blond hair does not mean she wants to be white. I know plenty of black people who were BORN with honey blond hair. I guess white people who dye their hair black want to be Asian huhh? LOL...DUMMY!! I understand you're incompetence, ignorance, and confusion. You can't help it. You live in one of those trailerparks in the backwoods of Mississippi where your cousin is your husband. So that's understandable.
You're so dumb and ignorant it's laughable. But thats to be expected from inbred trailer trash like you who mates with their canines.

Just an observation, not a judgment call !

1556 days ago

Don LeBeau    

Fat and ugly!! Bad genes!

1556 days ago


Folks... she has said many times on the show that she has had nothing done that she is terrified of needles and cutting. She is just naturally young looking and of cours has tons of help. Anybody can stay beautiful without surgery if you have the money. I am white and I will sany that the black women stay beautiful naturally!
It seems all the beautiful black women stay that way and do not age!

1556 days ago


Oprah is NOT attractive at all.

1556 days ago
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