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Oprah: Good Genes or Good Docs?

6/13/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey never gets old.


Here's the 32-year-old talk show diva back in 1986 (left) -- and 24 years later, the 56-year-old version at an event in NYC last month (right).

O, my God!


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Definitely an eye lift. There is no sagging on her eyes.

1594 days ago


34. You are right. I have a coworker who looks like a 75 year old wrinkled piece of laundry, but she's in her early 50's. Of course all my African American 50's looks their age or younger if you compare the two. One white coworker is my age and was stunned because I thought she was over 60. I asked her about some sores/bruises on her arms & legs and she said it was because of skin cancer. I couldn't express any sympathy for her because - well, you know why. Stay from under the lamp & laying in the sun. Stop stealing from us. Or suffer the consequences. Do tell. Oh well.

1594 days ago


In the new picture she's much better lit as you can see the relection of the camera flash on her skin. Without makeup and lighting she still looks great but she's much darker. I don't think she's had any work done. Her nose is exactly the same & she's so terrified of being cut that she screamed like a baby when she finally got her ears pierced. But she does have excellent hair & makeup people which are able to get the most out of her expressive face.

1594 days ago


black don't crack tmz. Don't hate on our wonderful Genes. Halle Berry, Stacey Dash, Angela Bassett, the list goes on and on. We just don't wrinkle the same way y'all do:)

1594 days ago


Why don't people talk about how much lighter her skin has gotten? Just curious.

1594 days ago

Throwback kid    

Good genes? Oprah has never been considered pretty. She may be rich, but pretty and thin is something the Big O has never been

1594 days ago


"Good Make-up"....She's hideous without it.

1594 days ago


black women age beautifully, they always do, its not fair :-(

1594 days ago

debbie cato    

don't she knows that when you age your suppose to tone down the make-up, she looks like the over made up crazy lady thats always walking around the neighborhood

1594 days ago


I admit Oprah looks good for her age. However, there are many white women who look good as they get older too. The simple reason black women are more resilient against wrinkles is simply because their skin is a little thicker.( yes, it's a scientific fact ). That's it.

And the main reason many white women age prematurely is because they bake themselves in the stupid notion that to be tan is beautiful. It's not. Be proud of your skin- whatever color it is!

So please, all you white women out there, quit hating on being white. You are doing it to yourselves. I never hear people on this webpage saying 'I wish I wasn't black !!' For God's sake, have pride in your race- everyone else does. It's very embarrassing when white people do that. I hate it.

1594 days ago


I don't understand why it always comes down to race, it just shows that there are a lot of ignorant people who come to this site and that's why I rarely visit. Oprah is living her best life and I don't think she gives a damn what anyone thinks and thats why she continues to look good because self confidence makes all the difference.

1594 days ago


try good MONEY, good make up, and good stylist. but most of all GOOD MONEY, she has the best of everything that money can buy. Plus everyone knows Oprah looks TERRIBLE without her make up, she has huge bags under her eyes. Her make up artist is brillant. Just look at Oprah when she is doint her show in the studio and then on location you can tell the difference. SERIOUSLY

1594 days ago


Black dont crack! and shes two diff colors because of the camera flash and maybe diff times of year (tan). maybe some botox if anything but frankly with her show she cant afford to not be able to move her face for a day.

1594 days ago


No box for NEITHER? With those lasered-on eyebrows and stretchy skin. Just GO AWAY already!

1594 days ago

robert h    

Why don't you idiot TMZ staffers have a "She looks like crap in both pics but the second pic "looks like she had some crappy big nosed plastic surgery?"

1594 days ago
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