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Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM Gets the Boot ... Again

6/16/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided that her life desperately needs a reboot -- sadly, it's just LiLo's latest attempt to keep her SCRAM bracelet under wraps.

Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM
TMZ has learned Lindsay hit an L.A. boutique called "B by Aperire" to buy yet another pair of extremely tall boots -- that were wide enough to allow her device to fit inside -- in an effort to hide the SCRAM-ful truth.

Sources connected to Lohan tell TMZ LiLo wanted the $232 boots in gray, then in orange ... but the store didn't have her size in either -- so she eventually settled for black.

It's unclear why she's so desperately trying to cover the damn thing up -- especially because the last time she wore a SCRAM, she practically flaunted it.


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I love to party too! But, you messed up and need to follow directions from the court. Stay sober and positive! Lindsay forever...

1587 days ago


omg yall lindsay lohan got new boots.

1587 days ago


DAM.... Leave the poor gurl alone. She's young and intelligent, she'll bounce back. All this media(TMZ)attention might ruin her career, or maybe give it a boost, who the hell knows, but she'll learn from her mistakes. All she needs is a hug ;)

1587 days ago


It's unclear why low class gossip web TMZ's so desperately trying to report every little damn thing about lovely Lindsay

1587 days ago


Who nowadays carries this much cash around? The girl's like a drug dealer w/huge wads of dough. Everything's off the books.

1587 days ago

Lynn M    

Getting a bit warm in LA for boots, lol! She should be getting some great deals...

1587 days ago


Yawn....why is this a news item???? There are also mid calf boots wide enough to hide a SRAM, wide skirts could do the job very well too.
TMZ stop posting these stupid items on Lilo, basicly it doesn't deserve the attention. Who cares about her spending on clothes and what it hides? Anyone would do it, because it's an hideous thing. Since it's the second time around for he, she decided that it would be better to hide it instead of flaunt it. She wised up, so end of story!

1587 days ago


I think poster #1 is smoking the good stuff tonight. Lindsay forver? WTF? LMAO. Lindsay might as well show off the SCRAM. We've all seen in on her before. I have a hunch it will be on that leg off and on throughout her life.

1587 days ago

Tony B    

I agree, TMZ. I really like Lilo, and wish her all the best, but it DOES seem like she's trying awfully hard to hide this thing.

Why Linds?

Be smart baby. If you've got it, flaunt it! Ha! :-D

1587 days ago


"In an effort to hide the Scram-ful truth...." Where did you get that info from? You obviously didn't make it up....or did you? You didn't use "Sources tell us...." so it had to be Staff. Now, was it a dog from the pack or one of the brain-dead pudgy jelly-bellies? Was it the dwarf himself or one of his boy-toys? Don't tell me it was the head of FoxNews...The weird morning entertainment show minus the news where everyone cracks themselves up, but no one else.

1587 days ago


next news how many ml LIlo has pissed in the toilet

1587 days ago


Anyone notice the receipt says "cash"? Where did she get the cash?

1587 days ago


Looks like Lindsay's mother is here again using fake handles,trying to make her daughter out to be somebody important again.

I like reading news about Lindsay at TMZ.They are the only one with guts enough to prove to the world how stupid this woman really is.

They are right in one regard..She aint worth the paper she's talked about on.

Lindsay is a LOSER!!

1587 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is NOT INTELLIGENT!!

Lindsay Lohan is the biggest dip**** ever to come out of Hollywood.

I'm not sure what's worse..Lindsay herself,or these stupid posts above from her mom & sister trying to make her like she's some kind of superstar..Give me a

She was a child actress back in the late 90's..That's it!!

Those days are over!!..Move on people!!

The only thing she is now is Hollywood's biggest attention whore,and not a thing more.

Lindsay..Please move away to another country...America is sick of you!!!

1587 days ago


Okay, out of sight, out of mind.

1587 days ago
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