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'Oil' Covered Protestor Infiltrates BP Hearing

6/17/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaos erupted at this morning's BP hearing in D.C. -- where a woman, who covered herself in a black substance, somehow got into the room and began screaming at BP CEO Tony Hayward.


Almost immediately after Hayward opened his mouth to make his first statement concerning the disastrous Gulf oil spill, the female protestor began yelling that Hayward should be "charged with a crime."

It took multiple guards to subdue the woman and escort her out of the building. 

As usual, Hayward did a pretty good job pretending like it was no big deal.


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Just a publicity seeking loony.

1551 days ago


Good for her!
I'm so sad for earth.

1551 days ago


How interesting that she was able to get in the room? Seems like a plant! And sorry but there is more to it than just BP

1551 days ago


Its sad about the oil-but that woman? She is a nut case. I agree with #1

1551 days ago


Is that Alejandra Jackson?

1551 days ago


If the leftist environmental wackos hadn't forced oil companies to dangerously drill in mile deep water instead of closer to the coast where it is much safer we wouldn't be in this mess.

1551 days ago


What the hell is wrong with people? Get a constructive hobby lady. Maybe feeding the homeless or here's a novel idea, go to the Gulf and volunteer to help clean up instead of acting like a jackass.

1551 days ago


Typical Americans. On day one BP put their hands up, admitted liability and agreed to cover all costs. Once again your petty, narrow minded President starts bleating about it's not our fault somebody else is to blame, the fact that the blow out preventer which failed and caused this was built and run by an American firm seems to have eluded him. Remember Americans you were responsible for the Exon Valdez, the Piper Alpha and numerous other disasters around the world. Mr President, SHUT THE **** UP and let the people who know what they are doing deal with problem.

1551 days ago


That's right lady just keep spreading the pollution.

1551 days ago


I know I will get a lot of flack for this but here goes anyway.....................
I am so tired of everyone pointing at BP solely, and taking every word they say and making it as if they should be SHOT and JAILED!! I know this is bad, I know the oil is terrible for the environment, I am not minimizing that at all, I know people are out of work, I am not minimizing that either. BP is trying to make this right, they are trying to get the oil stopped. They have pledged to help everybody and everything and every cause and make it right, what more can they do? Instead we want to critisize something we ourselves cannot fix either and we want to only hold one person/company responsible. There is more responsibility with this whole deal, not JUST BP. There is plenty of blame and responsibility on other companies and people, but nobody else is stepping up BUT BP!!! The answer is NOT to bankrupt BP, if that happens none of the victims or causes will get any money out of this. As long as BP is trying to make this right, shouldn't we give them some room to do their work to stop this oil? Why must we criticize everything and think we know what they mean when they say something? Why do we need a noose or a head on a platter to feel whole?

1551 days ago


#7 and # 8,
Well said, some of it anyway. I agree with most of it! Someone else OWNED that RIG, someone else INSPECTED that RIG and someone ELSE KNEW of things that were being done WRONG according to reports!!!!! The way I look at it, all of the above are to blame as well, and isn't our government supposed to oversee ALL of this???? So, there is balme there too. BP is the only one so far to accept blame and promise to pay for EVERYTHING, how much more do you want??????? It is more than happened in other disasters.

1551 days ago


Has anybody realized how silent Al Gore is on the issue of the spill or how the liberal are giving Obama a pass.Sickening power hungry dems.

1551 days ago


Hayward should be arrested and charged with endangering the lives of billions! I am very scared for the outcome and aftermath.

1551 days ago


This is all a "SIDE SHOW".

Where's the real leadership to STOP the oil flow?

Almost 60 days and NOW people are getting worried??

1551 days ago


Take a pile of the dead birds, fish, turtles, and dolphins and drop them on his desk, maybe then he won't play it down like it isn't that bad...

1551 days ago
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