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It's Expensive to Be a Dodgers Owner's Wife

6/17/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was fired by her husband as the CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers claims he's a deadbeat in the support department ... and she has a big nut to crack every month -- $994,469.


Jamie McCourt claims Dodger owner Frank McCourt has not paid her the court-ordered support totaling $637,159 a month.

Frank is claiming Jamie owes him millions, so he's not forking over any money until they're even.

Jamie has told the court yet again, it costs her almost a million a month just to get by.  The Holmby Hills home costs $202,715 a month.  And then there's the Beverly Hills home that costs $9,007 a month.  And then there's the Malibu home -- $88,106 a month.  And then there's the other Malibu home -- $151,054 a month.

And then there's the Cape Cod ditty -- $93,279 a month.  And Willowbend -- a modest $5,048 a month.  And Vail -- $7,784.  And Cabo $2,530.

And there are personal expenses of $55,782.  And political and charitable contributions totaling $17,840 a month.  And professional fees -- $30,837 a month.

Short story -- Living expenses total $709,332.  And then there are Dodgers "perquisites" totaling $285,137.  Jamie's monthly tab -- $994,469.

Rich people's problems.

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Disgusting !!!!

1590 days ago

Sick of TMZ    

Now you know why a Dodger dog and a beer costs $35. Absolutely, positively disgusting. I hope you choke on your money.

1590 days ago


How about being rich stingy bastards and sell a few of those multi-million dollar houses and what is inside. Why anyone needs that much stuff is so beyond me. They can't take it with them when they die, so not really worth fighting for something that can easily be burned to the ground.

1590 days ago


In light of the economic state of our country and the State of CA., I am repulsed at the amount of money this woman needs per month to live. Cut back, sell a few of your homes or better yet, get a job.
I find it hard to be sympathetic with someone who has everything when working class people are losing their $250,000 castle and their jobs. Reading this story made me sick, she and her husband should be ashamed of themselves.

1590 days ago


I find this level of greed and self-absorption absolutely insulting. While not my take on the way the world should turn, situations such as this one certainly make you want to consider that people with this much money shouldn't be allowed to keep it - it should be spread amongst those that have little or none. Give me a freakin' break already --

1589 days ago


Now we know why a hot dog and coke set you back $20. Thanks.

1589 days ago


Y'know self absorbed women like this really piss me off!! If you can't afford to maintain all of these homes then DON'T!! The people I feel sorry for in these credit crunch times are the people who can't even afford to maintain one home - this woman even gets money to make charitable donations, uh well hell it's not you donating if hubby's paying!! It's easy to be charitable when you don't have to earn the money to do it!!
In 2010 we have more world hunger and poverty than ever, then you see stories about people who earn these sort of over inflated incomes who could give a rats ass about any of that! The time for complaining is when you can't afford your mortgage, you can't afford to feed yourself or your kids - just because you can't afford enough cleaners for all your residences or you can't afford to live as if you were still married to the man who divorced you tough!! Get a F***** job, if it won't affect your nail polish that is of course (NOT)!!
Y'know there was a singer many years ago called Harry Chapin, his money went to world hunger and HE was a true inspiration - he didn't have this much money yet he did free concerts with all the profits going to world hunger charities and if you ever want to read up on someone with a speck of humanity why don't you look him up!He was a refreshing change in the celeb world and he died sadly too young - he had a great voice too lol!!

1589 days ago

Eb Dawson    


7. Good point Observer. Even though it's less than 2% of the budget (and to think part of that goes to politics), the "contributions" line should be withdrawn from the marital settlement agreement.

15. I remind readers that law prevailing on point does not validate the moral/ethical element. Self serving megalomania fails to justify the claim. The termination might be legally binding but rightfully is moot.

22. I hope you win the lottery. God bless you susan.

34. Good question Weavie. Let's see his FDS (Financial Disclosure Statement). We've seen hers and it smells all the way through the web.

41. Well said brenda.

45. I wondered about that too Scarlett. If there truly is a supreme being (I believe there is), what would God's take be?

62. Nicely put dingydingy. Capitalisim and philanthropy should go hand and hand. Oh wait, thats called something else they do somewhere different. Opps.

1589 days ago


@Moorehead, As much as his wife deserves nothing; theyve been married since 1979, he didnt just meet an marry this chic 2yrs ago. Im sure she looked better 31years ago..theyre both old with grown kids. They purchased the dodgers in 2003. id like to know what their professions were when they purchased the team

1588 days ago


All these complaints about houses... has no one heard of real estate being an investment? If that is where they choose to put their money, it's their business, quit saying they have to live in every house that they own.

1586 days ago


Angel youre missing the point.If she wants the properties fine, if she needs 2 homes in malibu fine...BUT if she cant afford it why should HE have to pay the mortgage and why should he give her money for political contributions and charity. You really dont see whats sick about telling a judge she needs a million dollars a month to pay for homes she cant live in and NEEDS money so she can give away...sick

1586 days ago


I'd snuff her out for half of one month's "spousal support". LOL!



1580 days ago


Really isn't Jamie a divorce Lawyer ...She needs to stop playing dumb and realizes she's the dumb ass that got caught cheating. Why should he pay for her sleeping around with the help!!!! Fine keep the property you witch !!!and Let Mr.McCourt Keep the dodgers. Enough is enough.

1527 days ago
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