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Megan Fox


6/18/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A lot has changed for Megan Fox since first appearing in "Transformers" three years ago.

megan fox

Here's 21-year-old Meg back in 2007 (left) -- and just three years later, the stunning 24-year-old at her "Jonah Hex" premiere last night (right).

It's amazing what success can do for a gal.


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Alas, Megan Fox.
I'm 34 and look younger.

1553 days ago


yo wtf happened? she dont even look like that on jonah hex lmao

hollywood is crazzy

1553 days ago


she went from 21 to 49 in a matter of 3 years


1553 days ago


she looks horrible in right picture. like shes 46, and that attitude makes her look more ugly.

1553 days ago


I use to have a thing for her; but since she ****ed her face up that is gone... Do me a favor ask her for me.. Why did she **** her face up because she was fine as hell and now she looks like that nit wit Hedi.

1553 days ago


I wish they would put a side-by-side of this with a recent Heidi Montag (sp?) pic. They seem to have purchased the same package from their plastic surgeons...they also both have that stiff recent surgery look to them.

Even better are the folks who don't believe she had anything done. Yes, I'm sure it's the cameral angle.

1553 days ago


Megan was so pretty its really sad to see what happened to her .. she looks 40+, her face is super ugly now, nose cheeks lips chin eyes forehead .. sickening! looks like morticia addams .. what a waste of a gorgeous girl .. too bad she has such a low self esteem .. waste

1552 days ago


Sadly it's not the camera angle! Just look at the interview video of her at the premier!!

It's so so sad, that she, like Heidi Montag, that was once so pretty, has such a low self-esteem or just the wrong friends and family!

At least we know now, why Heidi Montag thought, she had a chance to get her role in Transformers! ;-P When they are going to get look-alikes!

1552 days ago


It looks like she aged twenty years within those three years. Wow!

1551 days ago

Danielle Center    

I do hope she got a discount getting all that done at once....Plus, I want to know who her plastic surgeon is...If not only to make sure I, nor any one I know, ever goes there...I also want to go try and help the poor girl get her old face back...Or make them give her her money back so she can afford to have it fixed!!!!!!!!!!!

1551 days ago

Danielle Center    

I didn't read through all the mail...That is your job! But I have to ask, am I the only one that noticed she has had some type of jaw bone reconstruction? Or some massively big cheek bones put in. Possible both! Look at the 2 pic side by side. A hello, I noticed that on the 30 sec spot they did on TV... Why are these actors and actresses so stupid as to think that doing **** to your face looks good? A word of advice from an uneducated hill billy...I am not even that stupid!!!! Stop at the tits and ass...Leave everything else alone!!!!

1551 days ago


Megan has been having work done for years and she is only 23! Whilst lighting, make up, shading, aging and weight loss will alter a persons appearance this recent transformation is clearly with the help of doctors. As people have correctly observed and commented upon, a lot of work has recently been done. She has had botox, fillers around the mouth and in it. Also in the cheeks and her jaw-line is now much more square. This look can be achieved with fillers or surgery. Her cheekbones, nose and mouth are done. Basically a completely different face shape. . A big change is her hairline. She has definitely had her hairline extended with electrolysis. Marilyn Monroe did this as did Rita Hayworth. Have a look at photographs of Rita Hayworth when she was young, before and after she had the hair removal. You'll see a big difference. The question is, when does one stop, where do you stop? It is one thing to want and get a "perfect" nose, mouth, jaw-line, it doesn't mean it's going to look good or work when you put them all together on a face. So you keep tweaking or changing something hoping you'll be happy with the results.

1551 days ago


Looks like she got the Heidi Pratt special!! yuk!!!

1551 days ago


What the heck has she done?!, EWWW Warning to all: dont ruin your face with plastic surgery! She was gorgeous, now a total FAKE. What a shame! lol Never will she get her natural beauty back!!

1551 days ago


Is that Angelina Jolie?

1551 days ago
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