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Jesse Plans Move

Close to Sandra

6/19/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James tells TMZ he's moving to Austin at the end of July ... partly so his children can continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock.

Jesse spoke with Harvey Levin this morning and said he already has a house in Austin, but needs to finish up a History Channel special with the network. Part of the special shows Jesse's time on a kibbutz in Israel.

Jesse says the "first and foremost" reason for moving is because his children love Sandra and want that relationship to continue.

Jesse says he will continue working at West Coast Choppers part-time in Long Beach, but he will work full-time in Austin at the Austin Speed Shop.

As for any future relationship with Sandra, Jesse says, "Whatever happens, happens."

And Jesse tells Harvey he plans on opening a Cisco Burger in Austin -- good news for Texas.


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Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Sandra run for your life!!!! Kick that dimwitted s***bag Jesse out of your life! How could you sleep with that tattoo riddled Idiot? A Doctor told me that in an Emergency Room the patients with tattoos are 100% more likely to have mental problems than those who don't. Austin doesn't want that dirtbag. Sandra, move to New Orleans and live happily ever after with your baby.

1551 days ago


Is the FIRST wife and 2nd wife both moving to Austin also??? Harvey, why didn't you ask him that?

1551 days ago


Yeah they re both moving thats why I said Bombshell should join too so the freak show could be complete.

1551 days ago


Translation: I'm going to Israel to show everyone I love Jews, and when I get back I'm going to Austin for some photo ops with Sandras black kid to show I love black people. So please buy my iron cross t shirts and hats.

1551 days ago


#61 srsly? you need to get a life because i don't buy this sh*t.

whatever they do, they'll do it, it's not up to us. i do have my opinion about the whole thing, but it's not our privilege to judge! now it seems like jesse has started controlling things and i'm not sure that's good. but like he said, whatever happens, happens, and i guess that means he'll keep trying.
i used to think "wow, she had a great plan to get away from him", but now i'm not sure at all.

but the most important thing is, they know their own truth, they have their own reasons, and these are things that we don't need to know.

1551 days ago


Sandra Bullock WANTS him there. i guess he is better than NO)T HAVING ANYBODY!!! if Jennifer Anniston CANNOT get a MAN, how can Sandra get a MAN? both women are middle-aged and PAST their prime. Jesse will continue to CHEAT with YOUNGER gals and Sandra will look past it...

1551 days ago


Does this seem a bit stalkerish to anyone else but me.

1551 days ago

Dis Gusted    

Something to consider. Texas (where SB has filed for divorce) has a 60 waiting period before the divorce can be finalized in court. (Its a better deal than California which requires six months.) She is still in that waiting period. If she wants an uncontested divorce, she can't afford to do or say anything which is going to cause him to mess that up and he seems to like to mess things up....

1551 days ago


Yikes, what a situation. As long as it is positive for the kids and for Sandra then I think it might be healthy. Might I recommend family counseling for Jesse and his kids.

But, please Sandra, do not let him act as a father figure to Louis. Why would that be a good thing....NOTHING positive would come from it. That would be a huge mistake and I know you are smarter than that.

Hope Jesse does not see this as a ploy to get back with sandra.

1551 days ago


On this one, let's just let them work it out whatever the outcome. Sandra has it under control.

1551 days ago


Good to know he at least has a small amount of integrity. Sandra loves his kids and had developed very close relationships with all of them. I just hope he's not using his kids in an attempt to get Sandra back.

1551 days ago


Plus he's a liar, take a dna test to prove you part of the infamous james family jesse.


I really wish he WOULD do that. My great-grandmother was a first cousin of Jesse and Frank James, and I really hate the thought that I could be related in any way to this douchebag.

1551 days ago


Some of you did not read this carefully. Jesse wants to take the kids out to Texas to have a relationship with Sandra. No where did it say, that Sandra requested it.
If she had wanted this, then she would have stayed in LA. No she got up, moved out, and got the heck away from James. He is now using the excuse of the kids to stalk her, and to keep them away from their biological mothers. He is a control freak, and using the children to try to regain control of what he lost. He just doesn't like to lose. If he really loved her, then he never would have cheated with every heavily tattoo'd porn/stripper he could find.

1551 days ago


61. My girlfriend's sister works in a pharmacy and confirms that several weeks ago Sandra Bullock was prescribed CIPRO (ciprofloxacin hydrochloride) which is prescribed for the treatment gonorrhea. This dovetails with reports that Jesse received similar treatment at the Sierra Tucson Treatment Centre.

First off, your girlfriend's sister could be in big trouble if it's discovered that she is releasing private medical information in any way. Second, Cipro is ALSO prescribed for: urinary tract infections, cystitis, lower respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, and several other conditions. And in fact, it's RARELY prescribed in the U.S. for gonorrhea anymore because the strains of gonorrhea here have become resistant to it. So your implication that Sandra has gonorrhea has no basis in fact.

1551 days ago



1551 days ago
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