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Anniversary of MJ's Death -- The Photos

6/25/2010 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was an emotional day as thousands of Michael Jackson fans gathered at Forest Lawn Cemetery to pay their respects to the King of Pop.



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1525 days ago


W0W great photo's. Thanks TMZ.

1525 days ago


Not quite the throngs that Forest Lawn was predicting....

1524 days ago


Thanks so much for posting, TMZ. Wish I could have been there.

1524 days ago


Seems like a pathetic attendance, especially since your cameraperson's only choice seems to have been to photograph this infantile Asian group of kids a hundred times. This is the best you can do for remembering this icon?!?

His "death" continues to be treated with the typical carnival-like display. Would it be too much to expect his "family" to hold a very private service on their own without the grand entrance they seem to crave?

I still do not buy the whole thing.

And what is the problem everyone seems to have in printing his correct middle name, both on his "death" certificate and now on this shoddy looking memorial stone in Gary, IN? Now it's just "J." I guess more fodder for the hoax skeptics ala The Jackson Family.

Their 15-minutes is long over. The whole thing - Murray, The Estate - has become very old news and very tiresome to coax any interest for at this point. RIP Michael Jackson ~ wherever you really are.

When he "reappears", instruct your cameraperson to take more pertinent photos or none at all.

1524 days ago


I remember the first time seeing "Michael Jackson" It was in the 80's.. I was just around 5 years old, and I was in an old video store with my mom. The back TV was playing "Thriller", and I remember just being mesmerized by it...Now, I'll always remember where I was when I heard he died. I still miss him.. I feel like part of my childhood has left with him. At least now he can finally find peace. RIP King Of Pop..and thanks for being such an amazing Humanitarian and artist!

1524 days ago


and the Republic still stands IMAGINE THAT.

1524 days ago


I love how people have so easily forgotten that "THE KING OF POP" was a child molester.
But hey, I guess having multiple albums & an almost comeback tour before ya die makes up for you molesting little boys.
yeah, Rip MJ, Rip..

1524 days ago

Adriana Williams    

MJ LOVED THE WORLD WITH ALL HIS HEART, it was an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and he really wanted to HEAL IT, STOP WARS and DESTRUCTION and have people find a common ground IN LOVE and GOODNESS and SHARING !

He was a great man.

People he cared for abused his trust & deceived him, his father abused him verbally and physically; and, worst of all the media/press raped and stripped him of his dignity publicly and hounded him mercilessly.

And through it all he SMILED!

I wonder how many of us would withstand the same introspection into our lives and how we would handle the pain. Before we cast stones at MJ, we should imagine ourselves in his life and ask ourselves how would we manage it?


Michael, you were too good for this world, for the people here, for the decadence of the community around us. You are finally up with the angels, where you belong, may you RIP ! We will do our best to CARRY ON YOUR LOVE and SELFLESSNESS and teach it to our little ones.

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” - Michael Jackson

1524 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Dead and forgotten. dang.

1524 days ago


8. I love how people have so easily forgotten that "THE KING OF POP" was a child molester.
But hey, I guess having multiple albums & an almost comeback tour before ya die makes up for you molesting little boys.
yeah, Rip MJ, Rip..

Posted at 7:54 AM on Jun 26, 2010 by Charmed1

10. Dead and forgotten. dang.

Posted at 11:01 AM on Jun 26, 2010 by Bill Leslie

BOTH OF YOU REALLY ARE STUPID, AREN'T YOU? @Charmed it's not that people have so easily forgotten, it's that most people are SMART- do you have any concept of that word, of what it means to be SMART?

@Leslie, I'm sure you will be. Michael will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

1524 days ago


What makes me laugh is that the MJ fans here still allow the trolls to get a rise.....Ignore them, don't spend your time defending MJ....just ignore them and they will, like children, get bored and go away. It's the truth with any forum. Listen and Learn

1523 days ago


Blackbutterfly< How does insulting my intelligence mean MJ wasn't a CHILD MOLESTER? Do you expect me to say "Oh my God you're right!!! I'm a dumb-ass, so Michael didn't molest those kids.." Grow up. The only reason he got away with it was cause' he payed off those boys quite nicely.

1507 days ago


If Michael was indeed guilty of molesting kids......those kids' parents seem even way more corrupted than Michael himself, accepting ANY money to repay for the damaged allegedly done.....

use your brains, you haters

1507 days ago


I don't like the thoughts of him there.

1507 days ago
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