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Joe Jackson Get 'Dat Money From the Estate Game

6/26/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is doing whatever he can to get money from the estate of Michael Jackson ... but can he defeat the ghosts of MJ to get his cash?



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This is a game Joe will never win!! It should be called NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE to that money.

1546 days ago


What an a-hole. Obviously MJ DID NOT want him to get ANYTHING! Hey got idea maybe he can get together with Priscilla plastif face Presley and she can teach him how it's done since Elvis didnt want her to get anything either but here she is 3plus decades later making money off her dead ex-husband. Oh wait Lisa Marie Presley can teach him too.

1546 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Even if Michael HAD left him money, I bet you this guy would have gone and done the same thing. Because he could always get a little bit MORE....!

1546 days ago


Dat is'a good'n ahha.....Well we now now know what the staff of TMZ thinks of the black population....Yes Joe is all Dat and more go to "Brian N. Everett PI" and look at the topless bar is Joe who sells His kids-out....but it is big money music that makes it happen.....

1546 days ago


This man is a monster! A real MJ fan would go for him!

1545 days ago


Absolutely tasteless TMZ.

Regardless of how people feel about Joe, Michael was still his son.

And similar to the OJ case, OJ was found not guilty (when he obviously was), but he was found liable in the wrongful death civil case. Does TMZ feel that the Goldman family was just out for money too??? Or did you feel simpathetic because they were just trying to get some kind of JUSTICE for thier son.
With the speed of our judicitial system, if Murray, his medical business, or even AEG finaly are found liable, Joe may not be around anymore (he is over 80 years old), meaning any money would go to Michael's children anyway. So why all the hate?

1545 days ago


TMZ you are a good way :) This was an awesome game, MJ Estate should buy the rights to it, LOL. The whole world can shout "JOe get off your paws off of MJ's estate", guess what, the guy is shameless, he will still try. I pray courts won't give him a dime. JOE, GET YOUR HAND OFF OF MJ'S ESTATE!!!!!

1545 days ago


What a RACIST title "Get dat?!!" There are millions of black people who actually say "that" and not "dat."

1545 days ago


he is as sleazy as they come, i can still remember this low life being interviewed a couple of days after MJ died, talking about producing a new singing group, what a loser; it is all about money with him, that is why he is staying by MJ's mom; don't give him a dime, MJ left him out of the will.

1545 days ago

Give Ben some prison "love"    

This guy is the lowest of s***!! He will stop at NOTHING to profit off of his dead son. Disgusting!

1545 days ago


I spoke with my cardiologist recently as I will have surg on my mytro valve in six months, and I ask his opinion of what happen to Michael Jackson ,talked about what happen to Michael Jackson he said that Murray should never be allowed to practice medicine ever again. He said that it appears like Jackson was killed, because why would a Dr. just start talking on the phone knowing that Michael must be watched. That California let Michael suffer in that trial for molestaion charges when they knew he did not hurt any child, but they just wanted to let americans know that actors and singer do not get special treatment, so they took Michael and tried him and subjected him to alot in prison first and the district Attorney knew they knew Michael was not guilty. Now they are doing it again. Justice must be served. Conrad Murray killed Michael in my opinion perhaps at the order of someone else. I am 54yrs old, I do not know anyone but I am upset my Michael Jackson is gone because of a Dr. who decided to chat on the phone, and not take his patient serious. I miss Michael so much, You know people will not ever forget him, he was not perfect but he was not a mean man, he was nice, kind person and you know it is funny but when I lived in nyc I saw him with Janet walking together and it was in October and it was Halloween, I see a young man and young woman walking out of a building as I came out of my part time job and he scared me half to death. They all laughed and kept on walking and then Janet said Are you ok and I said who was that was that was that Michael Jackson and she laughed and said yes, I said he is lucky or else I was about to call the police for scaring me like that. She said you are shaking and I said yes his eys look so scary, he had a very very scary custom. I had a sense of humor after that. During that time MIchael and Janet were always together and she was so sweet so see I was ok and he was too but he was young and funny and laughing. He was concerned if I was ok and I said not to worry but not to scare any old ladies in ny or they will get him. he laughed. He had these big green eys that would glow. God Bless him, I feel like crying again. I am so sad he did not finish This is it, and M am so sad, because his kids need him now. He did try so hard to protect them, Katherine is doing so well, I just think that Paris and Blanket especially will be singers and I see Prince making the big bucks in writing. HE looks like he would love to write movies and he would know who to ask for help to get started.. Lisa Marie, I wish you would have not been so afraid, he was a good man and he really loved you. I hope Lisa Marie Presley will always know that when a Man loves a woman they cannot get enough of her and they want to have her children. HE waited but she obeyed her mom instead she became afraid, They made such a cute couple It hurt him but oh he went on but he respect her, he did not want to exploit her body out their so people could see Elvis Presley Daughter and MIchael Jackson wife,that his how I know he loved lisa marie, some men show love in different ways. He did love her... Rest In Peace Michael I love you in Christ and I cry when I think of what that Dr. did to you. I hope your Dad fights for you again, not for money but for his son said trick or treat, trick or treak give me something good to eat. Yes Halloween He had huge green eyes I did not recognizehim he was MIchael Jackson did not see again, Nice man so sad he is gone too soon.

1545 days ago


Originally it said that Kathrine Jackson would fill the charge, why was Joe? I don't like Joe either, but SOMEBODY in the family should stand up to do this! Justice for Michael!

1545 days ago


We'll see who's laughing when Joe sues TMZ.

1545 days ago


This post is for Lorraine. a couple of post above this one.
Thank you so much for writing that about Michael and Janet Jackson. It was so nice to remember him in that a new way. I was able to see what you described in my mind...about when he scared you and Janet and him were concerned. And how he was laughing and having fun. It helped me remember for a second something nice about him that no one else has said. It helped me remember something besides how sad i am that he will never dance for us again. It helped me forget that he doesn't know that there were lots of people who loved him still. Even after all of those awful lies they put about him in the courts and the media.
I know he was a celeb but i can't explain this sadness i still feel to know he is gone. So sad. Why is that? MJ do you see us here? Can your spirit see the world? I pray so. You were so misunderstood and now they know. A lot of ppl know they believed a lie about you. RIP MJJ Love you more

1545 days ago
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