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Mel Gibson's Baby Mama: He Beat Me Bad

6/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva -- the mother of Mel Gibson's eighth child -- claims the actor "beat her up badly" in January ... this according to sources familiar with the case.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana went to court on Monday and got a domestic violence restraining order against Gibson, requiring him to stay clear of her.

The picture (above) shows Oksana leaving her lawyer's office yesterday. 

Sources connected with Gibson tell TMZ Oksana's claim is bogus, and they point to the fact that Oksana stayed with Mel after the alleged incident.

But sources connected with Oksana say after the alleged beating, Mel promised to get help and she still loved him ... but only stayed with him a short period of time before ending the relationship.

We're told Oksana fears for the safety of her daughter, and that is why she would not let Mel spend time with the baby on Father's Day. Sources say she thinks her baby is at risk if she spends time alone with Mel, although the sources would not elaborate on specifics.

As we first reported, sources tell us Oksana claims after January, Mel continued threatening her.  We're told Oksana believes Mel is so violent, her life is in danger.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ Oksana is making it up and money is at the root the allegations.


No Avatar

Mo Money !     

My Guess that Mel is putting her ass out and She wants MONEY, But Whores
and Sluts normally Do..

As someone else said that Mel and the Baby have been sighted alone all over Cali. and this girl stayed with Him after she claims he beat Her..
Sh*t .. it's all about the money and thats all..
Mel, Dude, a Hot piece of ass can be rented for a few hours for far less
than this tramp will cost you.. 500 bucks gets a nice evening.

1578 days ago


Mel is an anti-semetic s***. Of course he beat her. Quit blaming the victim you piss bags.

1578 days ago


I was glad to hear the Mel is a good outstanding Catholic man. He truly encompasses the values of Christianity - divorced, drunk, getting someone knocked up out of wed lock - yup a good catholic many is he/

1578 days ago


Surprised a Nazi is brutal?

1578 days ago


After getting drunk and telling the truth about Jews.... this happens. And now, he will see the Jews in action when they get him for exposing them. Since they control the media and all facets of law....bye bye, Mel.

1578 days ago


Poor little home wreacker.. well he never hit his first wife.. or was she just keeping that a secret.. shes just after his money. shes a nobody whos gone after yet another celeb and let her box do the work.. = (

1578 days ago


So predictable.

1578 days ago


I`d let mel Gibson beat the crap out of me for few million US dollars

She would got beaten anyway , the diffrence here is that this guy has money, imagine her beaten by a guy who has no money ! LOL

1578 days ago


Hi, I have changed my zip code identity.
Now that I am West Coast U.S. POSH. I want to say I SWEAR to God. (can I say that with all the other stuff going on?) Well, ayway, I gotta hand it to you TMZ. No lie, YOU are actually the most CREDITABLE News source around today despite the bias. Only thing that sets you apart. BUT the bias does not FAVOR, so is it just opinionated. Like any other News Paper with clout.
I do not mean to get off base about Mel Gibson and his cutie on publicity stunt, temper tantrum, thing though. Just a good one to give you "props" on. Poor Mel. Right? Who knows. Mel really does not need the bad publicity to help if in a slump. Shoot he has plenty of star power and money to make something happen in Hollywood without this garbage.
Anyway, I know this may sound a bit demeaning to you TMZ folks but you ARE SUPPOSED to be a "gossip" rag and such. People, politics and most of all THE average PUBLIC are so twisted and fake t is even MAKING you folks look smarter and super legit. I do not know HOW to congratulate you on this but congratulations.

1578 days ago


I don't believe a word of her story. She deliberately got pregnant for the cash.
To all those who wrote about the famous drunken incident. Think it's time to get over that. Have you never said anything stupid when drinking? Yeah, it's time, get over it. Unless of course, you're perfect.

1578 days ago


You know people, it's a difficult road to walk without all the attention on every move one makes. You try living under a microscope. Granted, I don't know much about this woman but I know mel has had a drinking problem. I myself have a drinking problem. The problem is I like to drink and right about the time I think I've had enough it's too late. I've scared the crap out of my own family and blacked out twice. Before you go and pass judgement just because you can why not take a closer look at yourself. What would you all say if someone took notes on that night you went too far? Oh, and back on subject, it's just wrong to withold the child on fathers day. That very fact alone makes me suspicious. But, then again, I'm not there and neither are any of you.

1578 days ago


We went to school together in Russia, she was always strange as her mother.

1578 days ago


While I'll admit to disliking Gibson as an egotistical lush and bigot, I truly doubt this woman's accusations of him as a violent, mate-beater. If he were,in fact,prone to domestic violence, it would have surfaced years ago, and he would never have managed to be married to his first wife for so many years. Believe she's out for revenge and/or money.

1578 days ago


she made max mad.

1578 days ago

Raul S    

As a Vegas guy, Russian women are tough to gauge, cold and ruthless, thank the lord she didn’t cut your manhood in twenty waysv

1578 days ago
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