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Carrie Prejean To Tie the Knot

6/29/2010 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dethroned "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean is about to do something that gays and lesbians can no longer do in California -- she's getting hitched.

TMZ has learned Prejean -- a woman -- is set to tie the knot with NFL quarterback Kyle Boller -- a man -- at The Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

The big day is Friday.


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re: susanne (gay name btw)
I'd rather be a gay wad then a Christian any day! can I get a whoot whoot! bahaha. xoxo.

1540 days ago

John Sharp    

I think Carrie is very attractive, sexy, and well spoken: doesn't she get credit for that?

1540 days ago


Here's my favorite video: http://bit.ly/bBRBld

1540 days ago


Typical thoughtless liberal crap. Think this through with me TMZ: Carrie can marry a man. A lesbian can legally marry a man. Same rights. I, as a heterosexual man cannot marry a man. Same rights. You following this? Am I typing too fast for you?

1540 days ago


And this matters to us because???????

1540 days ago


I'm thinking that sure is ALOTTTA STUFF left on that registry and the big day is Friday?! Have to wonder abt all the chopping devices? : ) What's wrong with a knife and cutting board??

1540 days ago


Okay, I know, last supper jokes right?! HA!!

1540 days ago


If there is any justice in the world he will turn out to be gay.

1540 days ago

John Sharp    

ALRIGHT. I'll admit it: I give credit for nice breasts.

1540 days ago


#16 Chill out:

Heres the problem, she didn't JUST say what she believed. She had a lot of help from the Jesus Freaks, she allowed herself to become their poster child. She told anyone who would listen how holy she was. Remember?


When the gates came crashing down on her hypocrite a$$ all the "Christians" ran for the hills on her. The pictures, the hooker clothes, her slutty ways came flying out. Lets not forget we have the photos to prove just how wholesome she is.

Please, another blond bimbo from CA who had stars in her eyes. So, she does the pagent thing hoping to be discovered...and oh, she was so dicovered.

Religion is for retards.

Wake up.
I find it strange how the same holy rollers would tell you they don't beileve in Santa, or the Easter bunny, or say, ghosts, or UFO's but.....they believe in a "god"? Ya, can't see it, or talk to it, just like the Great Pumnkin Charlie Brown....but....people are willing to make an a$$ of themselves believeving in God? Really?

1540 days ago

John Sharp    

I think people have the right to be uncertain about homosexuality... Some people havn't decided how they feel about it yet... Some people cannot accept all aspects, but some are OK... Keep working on people's attitudes... Things are changing... I for one still feel uncomfortable, but I'm workig on it.

1540 days ago


Just because she said she didn't believe in gay marriage does not mean she is a slut or a whore. BFD-get over it already. TMZ needs to grow the hell up.

1540 days ago


Oh, so thayut's whut them 'opposite marriage' pe-pul do.

1540 days ago


#17 Susanne:

CLEARLY you are have zero tolarence for people and their choices. I highly suspect that if one is NOT gay than they will be with someone of the opposite sex right?

Would you be gay if you weren't? I doubt it. One just doesn't go gay one day. Its WHO they are. Wake up.

Besides, it seesm to me the people who have the biggest problem with the gays.....and voice it like you with anger and put downs...are the ones who wish they had a tit in their hand.

Over and over you types are busted out bashin' the gays and secretly you want to join in.

Ted Haggard? ALL male Republicanknuckleheads who complain about gay people seem to get caught in some bathroom stall.

Gee, Susanne, why do think this happens? I suppose you think they can be cured? Its a choice. Maybe not yours, although I suspect you would like a bush in your face.

1540 days ago


I think I am glad I have no idea who this is, it's better to stay that way huh?

1540 days ago
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