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Britney Source: Bodyguard's Abuse Claim 'Absurd'

7/1/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a former, part-time security worker for Britney Spears contacted the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, claiming Britney abused her sons, but his timing raises suspicions.
Sources say Fernando Flores claimed Britney whipped one of her sons with a belt.  Flores made other claims that Britney abused both sons.  But sources tell us Flores did not utter a peep for more than a month after he was let go.

A source close to Britney and her family tells TMZ, "The allegations made by Fernando Flores are absurd."  The source adds, "Flores was never an employee of Britney.  He was never an employee of the Spears family.  He worked part-time for a security company."

And sources say Children Services investigated -- as they must -- and determined the claim had no merit.


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OMG I cant believe that on this world have a lot of people filled of animosity...Britney likes her kids,and in my eyes and in eyes of her fans she will always be the best...never mind what you say!!!Brit 4 ever!

1536 days ago


Every child can deserve a whooping depending on the situation. Just because she is a celebrity does not mean she is a bad parent. There are people that live in trailers that beat the **** out of their kids on daily basis. They don't even good looked at or bothered with DHR or child care services. But when it comes to someone with name or money it's a different story. This is the government for you.

1499 days ago


@ boner
So if in fact she was abusing her children, you think it's ok that he did not say anything for a month cause he needed a job? Well if thats the case, he's a real *******. It doesn't matter anyways, this is a bull**** lie, anyone who cant see that is a moron. He diddn't say anything for a month, cause it never happened, he needed that long to fabricate some BS story to make a quick buck!

in fact, in the photo I think I can see twinkling dollar signs $$$$$$

1472 days ago


If he truly saw her abuse that kid and said nothing til a month later, he would be as guilty as she is. An enabler. He's supposedly the bodyguard and his paycheck would not only be for protecting her but her kids as well. He didn't have the sense or the guts to put himself in harms way to protect the kid. After all that's what bodyguards do isn't it, protect? Not turn the other way and keep their mouths shut till the paycheck stops. Perhaps if he had anything worth going for someone should sue on behalf of the kids for the damages they suffered in his presence. Of course though you can't get blood from a stone.

1472 days ago


I would have just let her have it rough! She knows she is a naughty girl!!

1472 days ago

Mark s    

This clown wants it both ways! He was probably happier than a preachers son at a bikers rally.

1472 days ago


Britney should imediatly file a restraining order against this security gaurd and start proseedings for a liabill lawsuit Counter sue the security company for not informing her that the gaurd was not a normal male that liked females. Its obvious the gaurd would rather be stalking persons of a different sexual orientation than male female types

1471 days ago


Dude...Where do I go to apply for his job???? I sure would not complain about the booty duty.

1471 days ago


When are people going to leave Britney alone. People will stop at nothing to get a free ride. God will prevail!

1471 days ago

truth B told    

another false accusation He is just another jerk telling lies...he was rejected by Britney They are all using her to make money off of... such bull s...t what a shame. LEAVE Britney Alone!!!!! Shes too good for U jerks

1471 days ago
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