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Lindsay Lohan Birthdays on a Budget

7/2/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan turns 24 today and it's not gonna be the best birthday ever ... by a long shot.


Lindsay's friends tell TMZ ... so far, she's made no plans.  One of her best friends put it bluntly, "I mean there's not much you can do with a monitoring bracelet and no money."

Lindsay's friends say this weekend will be Lindsay's toughest test.  She's got her SCRAM on tight (though she's bitterly complaining it's ruining her life), so alcohol is off limits for her BD and for the July 4 weekend.

If Lindsay stays dry until Tuesday, it's possible Judge Marsha Revel will show her some mercy.  Since her last court appearance, Lindsay has brought herself up to date on her Alcohol Ed classes, and she's passed every drug test.

Lindsay may have a crappy weekend, but she had better hope Judge Revel has a good one.


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Dr. M    

HaPpy BirThdaY Lindsay !
and many more !
Dr. M

1552 days ago


only 24! the way she abuses her body i think she looks closer to a haggard 38-39 year old.

1552 days ago


It's Sad!! We know it, She knows it! Once the Scram Bracelett is Off!! She's going right back to partying, this is just a waiting game. She needs MAJOR help, not just a scram bracelett!! I understand it is helping for now but she needs help long term.
She needs to recognize she has a problem and then want help! However, she does not realize she has a major problem and thats why she keeps partying!!

1552 days ago


Since when was drinking required to have a good time? I used to drink, but realized what a waste of time and money it is and quit 10 years ago. Haven't missed it a bit.

It's really sad, because you *know* she hasn't learned her lesson - as soon as that SCRAM comes off, she's going to be back on the sauce. She sees this as just an inconvenience to get though, not an intervention.

1552 days ago


I bet WB is proud. They can now proclaim their relationship with TMZ. BTW is it true that Lindsay used to carry you around like Hilton carried Tinker Bell?(my sources tell me so). And the reason for these absurd "stories" is that she accidentally stepped on you a few years ago? I mean come on now, don't you think ruining a good pair of shoes is enough punishment? After all, you're easy to miss.

1552 days ago


My daughter turns 23 today. She is intelligent, kind and caring. She works for low wages as a CNA.
She plans on a fun night tonight without the alcohol and big drama. I am sick of the attention this whiny azz gets.

1552 days ago


She could get a Free Carvel Ice Cream Cake though. They always make birthdays special!

1552 days ago


"39. My daughter turns 23 today. She is intelligent, kind and caring. She works for low wages as a CNA.
She plans on a fun night tonight without the alcohol and big drama. I am sick of the attention this whiny azz gets.
Posted at 8:05 AM on Jul 2, 2010 by GypsyLaura"

Happy birthday to your daughter! Nice to hear it confirmed that Lindsay isn't representative of the 20-something generation.

1552 days ago


The SCRAM bracelet destroys her life? HOW? Why would she need alcohol or drugs anyway? Millions of people don't touch the stuff and live perfectly happy lives. Today is her 23rd birthday and she looks way closer to 40.

1552 days ago

Good riddance!    

Oh boo hoo, you can't go out and get blasted drunk like you've been doing from your tween years, just like mommy taught you to do. At least you can still abuse you script drugs and no one can say jack, so you'll still be high and that's all that really matters to trash like you! Be sure to do lots of those drugs too, because it's only going to get much worse from here, especially within the next couple of days! Yes, it certainly does suck to be a Lohan, but that's how it should be!

1552 days ago


well she is crazy

1552 days ago


most likely her first time being sober on her b-day in ages.

at least she will remember this party

1552 days ago


it is pretty sad that because you can not drink is the reason you think your life is ruined and she is only 24 i thought she was older then that her fast life is causeing her to age pretty dam quick she better figure out where to get some money from quick and stay off the drugs and booze so she can fix that hag of a face before it cost her more jobs cause lord knows she isnt getting anywhere with that additude of hers.

1552 days ago



1552 days ago


Geez. She's passed every test and is up to date on her classes. Can't TMZ step up and just wish her a happy birthday instead of pumping out BS that her "friends", who are never named, say? Typical TMZ "Exclusive". Another made-up tale. Happy Birthday, Lindsay.

1552 days ago
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