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Lindsay Lohan

Begging, Pleading, Crying

7/6/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

53 seconds -- that's exactly how long Lindsay Lohan was able to beg for mercy in open court before she started to break down and cry.

Judge Marsha Revel allowed Lohan to address the court just moments ago -- and in between teary-eyed breakdowns ... Lindsay apologized multiple times and tried to explain why she missed alcohol education classes. 

So we gotta ask ...


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I think you forget to add the poll

1567 days ago


Awww, her acting performance did not work.

1567 days ago


No, she did NOT apologize. Not even ONCE. That might have swayed the judge toward lienancy.

1567 days ago


Shes a 24 year old girl. I work with a gorgeous 25 year old girl and when I talk with her or listen to her talk to others I can't believe I was once that age heh. I am 45 but this girl seems to come from another planet. Lindsay will benefit from all of this in the future even though for now it really is going to suck. 4-6 months of jail and then inhouse probation sucks. Then she will be on probation for a few years I would imagine. That sucks but it may save her life.

1567 days ago


Of course her tears were real, she knew she was about to go to jail!

1567 days ago


I think her tears were real, but they were not shed because she felt repentant for her actions, but because she really did not want to go to jail.

1567 days ago

Dick Whippler    

Justice served, that bit@h thought she was gonna walk. I love it!!!! Cry bit@h cry. God I love watching other peoples misfortune. See you in a couple months scag!!!!

1567 days ago


An academy award performance??? I think not...

1567 days ago


she has to take responsibility but i think the program is at fault too- they should not have let her take off like that and tell her what the deal was.. and her lawyer should have done that too

1567 days ago


Boo Frickin Hoo! That bleach must have really got down deeper than the roots if she thought that crying and trying to blame someone else for her mistake was going to get her off the hook. Her tears were as believable as the twin sister in The Parent Trap! HAHAHAHA

1567 days ago


how pathetic!!!

1567 days ago


They were real, because she doesn't want to face the consequences, not because she's sorry.

1567 days ago


Real tears crying because she isn't gonna get her way. Welcome to reality, blohan. LOL

1567 days ago


WOW.......I didn't know what a great actress she is!!!!!!! She can turn on the waterworks immediately.......She is so self-absorbed and such a LIAR!!!!! She thought everything she did was in compliance!!!!! That must be why she LIED ABOUT LOSING HER PASSPORT IN FRANCE, HUH????? She seems to think she can do anything she wants and everyone, including the judicial system, will bow to her desires!!!!! This SPOILED BRAT needs to go to jail and then NEVER WORK AGAIN IN HOLLYWOOD.....let's see how she "works to support herself" at Burger King!!!!!!!

1567 days ago


Of course she's not sorry! If she was sorry, she would have straightened up and flown right. I mean COME ON! Since 2007?! Seriously?! If it was any ordinary person, they would have already been in jail. None of this slap on the wrist crap. She's lucky the judge is being hard on her. If not, she'd just end up dying in a gutter or ending up like her role model, Marilyn Monroe.

1567 days ago
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