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Lindsay Lohan

Time is Not on Her Side

7/7/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Friends of Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ ... they fear for her safety -- even her survival -- during her two weeks of freedom before going to jail.

The judge could have sent Lindsay to the slammer immediately, but instead gave her until July 20 to turn herself in.  Friends worry that Lindsay is now fully off the hinges and may not be able to resist the drugs and alcohol.

The catch-22 -- if Lindsay falls off the wagon she could end up getting even more jail time.  Even worse, her friends worry Lindsay could become so irrational she could harm herself.

As if there weren't enough temptation ... there's a big belated birthday bash for Lindsay set for tonight at an L.A. club -- not the best place for a future inmate with a SCRAM accessory



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YAY!!!!!!!!!! good she needs it!!!! she thinks everyone can keep her out of jail time but not this time!! i hope she serves all of her time maybe then shell be a changed healthy young women!

1571 days ago


Where did Lindsay find this lawyer. From her fan base? I mean what a wimp. Was she actually weeping at the sentence? Are there no actual grown ups around Lindsay? This defense lawyer had no control of her client. What a joke. As far as her going to ail well of course she should go to jail. And I was also surprised that the judge gave her 2 wks.

1571 days ago


Everyone is sick of hearing about this little spoiled brat bitch!!! Her family are white trash leeches. Judge should just send her to the Gulf Coast and let her clean up tar balls for 90 days. Then they won't have to worry about prison overcrowding. That will straighten her little ass up! Then she needs to take whatever money she has left, get some sort of education and find a career she can handle!!! Her movies are crap anyway and she's bound to end up in the porn industry.

1571 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks her lips look bad! She needs to find a new doctor to do them! they did not look right!!!lol!!

1571 days ago


She'll do something to get herself put in the hospital portion of the prison system, just like Paris did. BTW what in the hell did she do to her lips?

1571 days ago


@173 Mark Your a "S***." Maybe you should take your infected a** to the Doctor. Weirdo.

1571 days ago


restylane is what she did to her lips! not a good job

1571 days ago


I actually worry for her safety, too. She should have been sent to jail immediately. She does not seem to grasp how large her addiction problems are. She does not seem to have the emotional maturity to deal with what is now happening to her. I think she may OD or hurt herself deliberately. To her, I think she thinks her life is "over". She seems to have to have no ability to see the larger picture and see this is only temporary.

1571 days ago

John Stone    

Let her. Nobody will miss the idiot.

1571 days ago


She should've thought of that when she was like yada yada yada
I AM LINDSEY LOHAN I can do ANYTHING I WANT and GET AWAY WITH IT...BOO HOO HOO!!! Heck she probably will do 20 minutes in jail because of the processing then will be released like all of the celebrity's are because of the what is it oh yeah "overcrowding". If it were you and I we would already be in the pokey!!!

1571 days ago


Hopefully, this reality reject reads some of these posts. Wake up you no-talent drop-out and...get a life!

1571 days ago


LiLo is getting special treatment. especially unfair treatment that is. If she were just rich and not famous, this DUI would be over and done with long ago

1571 days ago


some of you people are so pathetic. Ever been on hold with some bureaucratic agency? A maze of morons. Lindsay went to her classes two, sometimes three times a week in an effort to make up for those times when she would be out of town and NO ONE told her that was unacceptable. You'd lose your mind clearing something with one person in the agency only to have a different person in the same agency tell you a different story! It'd be a whole lot easier to follow the rules if THEY knew WTF they are.

Posted at 8:19 AM on Jul 7, 2010 by ellen

Read more:

Okay.....say she is 'not guilty' of THIS part of what the court mandated. What about the SCRAM bracelet going off? A false alarm? Don't think she was drinking alcohol? Okay. What about the mandatory drug test that she missed? An excuse for that? I'm NOT mocking 'you' but rather trying to emphasize a point here: This girl was clearly NOT in compliance with the court. The court doesn't 'give a damn' whether it's a 'bureaucratic maze' or NOT-lol! The court MANDATES IT and it's up to LINDSAY TO COMPLY-PERIOD. There is no 'flexibility' r/e a court mandate & they don't want to hear a bunch of feable-ass excuses which is all Lindsay had to offer yesterday.

The bigger picture here is that this girl is extremely ILL & in serious DENIAL. If she continues on her little 'merry way' she is going to hurt herself or God forbid, SOMEONE ELSE-POSSIBLY SOMEONES 'CHILD'?? I can't think of anything worse. This judge had absolutely NO choice here. Lindsay violated her probation-plain & simple. There is no doing court mandates in a 'half-ass' fashion. Judges kinda 'don't like that'. It's a 'MANDATE'. You don't 'do it...mostly' or 'do it....a little bit' or 'do it....when you wannna'. It is what it is.

She SHOULD get jail because she clearly believes herself to be 'entitled' to act in a manner consistent with criminal activity & hasn't the least bit of regard for the consequences of her actions & the potential for DISASTER these actions have for others...not 'you' & not 'I'. Imagine you have a child who lives in the vacinity where she went on her bender & went 'balls to the wall' careening down PCH all wasted out of her mind, she crosses the center line, & one of OUR KIDS happens to be coming from the opposite direction? Puts Lindsays situation in a totally NEW PERSPECTIVE for 'me' I know that.

Simply looking at her reaction yesterday when the judge ordered jail said EVERYTHING. This girl thinks she should be allowed to carry on in the reckless, drug/alcohol fueled manner in which she has(consequently without a care for anyone elses regard or safety) & not have to pay the consequences that anyone else would. She clearly believes this to be somehow what is DUE HER. The judge sent her to jail to teach her that 'Miss Lindsay' is expected to abide by the law, if she cannot then the court will provide her with the 'help' she needs(etoh ed classes, mand.drug testing, etc to ensure her/society safety), she GOT her 'help' but she didn't 'FOLLOW THE COURTS RULES'. You break the rules, you BLOW YOUR CHANCE, YOU GO TO....JAIL!!! Don't want our 'help' well then you get the 'ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT'.

Jail is an excellent way to detox btw.

The judge is using confinement in an effort to teach Lindsay that she is NOT entitled to break the law & if she does, it has consequences. She is 'part of a larger society' & thereby expected to live by that society's LAWS as are 'WE'. PERIOD.


Then she ordered 90 day inpatient rehab. Excellent ruling IMO.This is a no-brainer:

Jail-'society has rules & your expected to follow them too Lindsay'

Rehab-'you won't help YOURSELF then we'll make sure we do everything we can as a society to make it more difficult for you to KILL EITHER YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE. (preferably NOT 'my child' IMO)

1571 days ago



1571 days ago


This i why i hate spoiled Hollywood rich kids. They get everything they want, do what ever they want and think they are immune to the law. This pathetic little bitch needs to be put away for a long time and get the serious psychological help she desperately needs.

1571 days ago
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