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Lindsay Lohan

Time is Not on Her Side

7/7/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Friends of Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ ... they fear for her safety -- even her survival -- during her two weeks of freedom before going to jail.

The judge could have sent Lindsay to the slammer immediately, but instead gave her until July 20 to turn herself in.  Friends worry that Lindsay is now fully off the hinges and may not be able to resist the drugs and alcohol.

The catch-22 -- if Lindsay falls off the wagon she could end up getting even more jail time.  Even worse, her friends worry Lindsay could become so irrational she could harm herself.

As if there weren't enough temptation ... there's a big belated birthday bash for Lindsay set for tonight at an L.A. club -- not the best place for a future inmate with a SCRAM accessory



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I **** DO **** NOT **** CARE

There are people & events in this world far more important and even exciting to cover than these selfish, ignorant brats who may eventually kill others in a drunken, drugged stupor behind the wheel of a car.

1548 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Just let her take her Dilaudid and she won't feel a thing if someone wants to do her harm in jail.
Just tell her to think of jail as a governmental intervention for her drug and alcohol use.
If OUR children were in this mess the Judge would not have messed around with 'second chances' they would be in the slammer in a New York Minute..and it wouldn't be some wussy celeb reality jail either!

1548 days ago


well- what I say is 'Lindsay- do the smart thing and go to that birthday party without that scram bracelet-party hard,drink all you want to -we the people deserve to see you falling down drunk one last time before you go to jail-where you belong-right next to Bernie Maddoff!"

Party on-bee-otch! Hope you enjoy the jailer's porridige!

1548 days ago


Jail is the best thing for her - maybe it will straighten her up! The only mistake the judge made is not putting her in jail right away, rather than give her 2 weeks to screw up.....

1548 days ago



Posted at 9:40 AM on Jul 7, 2010 by Laura

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LMAO! No, actually I think the 'FU' on her finger is basically directed at ANYONE who tells Lindsay "NO". Anyone with half a brain knows you don't go walking into court with something like THAT on your fingernail for heavens SAKE:) Just a dumbass thing to do which displays a total lack of respect for a court of law, period. I wouldn't have even worn that tacky-ass nail polish to court but hey, thats just me. Speaking of which, just how OLD is Lilo anyway? My 16 yr old daughter even thought that polish looked like something that belongs on a middle-schooler.

This girl is ridiculous & her perception of 'right & wrong' or what is appropriate/not is seriously SCREWED.

1548 days ago


Keith I have two words to say to you-**** you!!! You are obviously jealous of her so quit trippingand get a life of your own. Linsey is gorgeous and you are so stupid because many redheads have blond body hair and pubes. IF your going to say that go tell Lady gaga. Spears and all them to also quit hiding as blonds. Did you know that Marilyn Menroe wasn't even a blond but had auborn hair. They all hide as blonds. redheads can be very attractive if people like you wouldn't be so jealous and putting them down all the thime mabye she wouldn't be in this place in the first place.She is gorgeous but because people like you keep herassing her she will end up like Marilyn Menroe. Stop already!!! You should be in prison for herassment!!!! Seriously. You jealous creep!!!

1548 days ago



1548 days ago


Yeah her "friends" that sell her down the river to TMZ every chance they get! She is so drugged out to realize it she will keep on being friends with them and letting them use her!!

1548 days ago


Maybe the duck mouth/trout pout will have shrunk by the time she finishes her jail time and forced rehab.

1548 days ago


I hope you better soon, feel the tribunal mistakes.

1548 days ago


I hope you better soon,the tribunal mistakes.

1548 days ago


I hope you returns better, down the tribunal,mistakes.

1548 days ago


No more ****tail weenie lips for her. Guess they'll deflate in jail?

1548 days ago


After the message on her fingernails (how immature!), I have come to the conclusion that Lindsay Lohan really is a very pathetic, very stupid and very nasty little girl. I would want her to spend 90 years in jail with no hope of parole as someone this stupid, this pathetic and this childish really shouldn't be in any kind of society at all. She is a waste of space, she is a detriment to the entire human race and she does not deserve one jot or iota of sympathy.

1548 days ago


to the comment left by #9.... she has a desease (you retard) she is an alcoholic, she has to get sober first and that my take some rehab but most of all she has to WANT to be sober of it will never work. she won't get sober if she is only doing it to satisfy the judge. She has to do it for herself.

1548 days ago
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