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The Eye Has It

7/11/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF




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This is terrible - Lou is a great kid/turned young-adult who isn't messed-up as so many child aged actors turn-out. Lou is also a superb actor who is also gifted in so many otherways, even as a slight-of-hand magician. I knew him and his dad when working on an early film of his and feel for this kid - that pic is disgusting and I hope the predatory attacker is caught and has his life ruined.

B.S. Jersey Shore mentality is behind it I bet - those kids are brutal down there. F*** the TV Jersey Shore idiocy as well btw..!

1564 days ago


I know of him only from his movies but I'm so sorry that this happened to Pucci. And the fact that it was completely random is infuriating. It's so good to hear that he's doing well, I hope he heals soon.

1564 days ago


Thanks a lot, mystery ass hole, for destroying the face of the love of my life. He'll never look the same! ..Who am I kidding, I'll still hit it.

1522 days ago


These kind of random crimes happen more and more these days, ppl walked by and got beaten up by strangers to the point of near death, or even death. It's just saddening that the world has turned into this. I hope justice will be served on these criminals. Best wish to Lou and hopefully he recovers soon. I've only seen one of his movie, The Answer Man, but I'm already quite impressed with him. He's a good looking guy but more importantly, a good actor, so I hope the damage to the face won't affect his career in the future.

1521 days ago


I always going to love you Lou. I´m so happy that you doing well and recovering. Contact me if you visit Chile!. Take care.

1502 days ago

J. DeMuria    

Pucci is a great Guy and a high school friend of mine. So humble that when i ran into him a year or two ago he didn't brag or even mention his success, instead he gave me his number to keep in touch. I had to bring up his success and tell him how proud we all are, only for him to graciously downplay it.

Many posters on here are missing the point of why this story is so sad and shocking. If you read Lou Pucci SR.'s post above you will see that the photos weren't posted for profit or as an ploy to raise Lou's exposure, or create sympathy with casting agents and the industry in general. They also weren't posted as a "gross out" peice or for comparison with other people's fight damage. No they were posted in order to use Lou's fame to show that anyone can be accosted for no reason. The Pucci family obviously has suffered in many ways from this pointless act and people should be aware that it could happen to them as well. Ideally some quasi juice head / Jersey shore wannabe clone, or any other person worldwide, who enjoys sucker punching or beating random people when drunk, will see the ramifications of these kinds of actions. Maybe just one Guy sees this and decides its not funny, cool, or a dispaly of strength and ability.

Too many people and groups ranging from drunk wannabee tough guys, too gangs and other groups, condone attacks on random people as a display of manhood. A real man doesn't do things like this, a real man acts exactly like Lou did. TMZ didn't get these pics and story from a 3rd party, they got them from Lou. I personally know how hard it would be for me to share this story and pics if I was in Lou's role, and I am just a regular guy. Lou has to deal with the same bruised male ego, as well as worrying about how going public with the story can effect his budding stardome. Remember a major element of acting success is based on how the public and the industry, perceive his personality, marketability, and physical appearance, he possibly could loose roles because of being labeled a wimp (actors get labeled and loose roles.) Even with all these potential issues, he passed the info to TMZ, and maybe he will protect someone, or stop an attacker from doing it again. Lou placing the wellbeing of others over his ego, human vanity, and lifelong career and passion, is the true theme to this story.

If you read this Pucci, I know i am late in posting, but I am sincerely sorry that you had to deal with this animal. I hope everything is ok now, your a tough dude so I bet your right back on track. Thanks for sharing the experience, and I am just as proud of you for turning your attack into a way to help and inspire others as we are for your sucess as an actor. Your a true CBA man. Btw i lost your # after we talked at party fair and about bro Andrew dying a few weeks later (phone was stolen & didn't back up contacts like an idiot!) If you read this or if someone forwards it to you, drop me an email at, so i can get it from you. Hope we talk later, and again wish you all the best bro.

-Jon DeMuria

1496 days ago


Im so sorry Lou, i know that has to be diffcult to deal with, but hey we're always going to remember what a cute and great actor you are <3 :) mucho love-o

793 days ago
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