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John Mayer --

How to Fake a Sportsgasm ...

7/13/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer doesn't like sports -- but he follows 'em anyway -- and according to the rocker, his anti-athletic demeanor may stem from violent run-ins with jocks way back in the day.

Mayer was out in NYC yesterday -- and when we asked about LeBron James, dude BS'd for a little while before finally admitting, "I play music ... we don't like sports ... we got beat up by guys like LeBron James."

He also told us he's sick of "faking" interest just to fit in with other "alpha males."

And even though he talks a big game, John also told us, "Whatever the next sport is, I'll pretend like I know that too."

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passin thru    

He is f***ing hilarious! I love his comments and his amazing talent, just too bad he plays "mainly" a Fender instead of exclusively Gibson!

seriously??? this guy is one big STROKE ! everytime he opens his mouth sh*t spews out.

1571 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Strange guy this John Mayer, but really like his music and love the honestly in his answer...ULTRA RARE for Hollywood!

1571 days ago


I see this douche bag's contract is back on with TMZ. must be the only way this famewhore can get attention. I will never buy this racist *******'s music again. Jerk is not funny at all.

1571 days ago


I've really liked John Mayer ever since I saw him on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. He really is a funny guy. He definitely has his share of issues but then, who doesn't?

1571 days ago


Ewwww,don't like him at all so didn't even watch the vid.....but really, whatta nutjob to always be referring to himself as 'we'.....

1571 days ago


Use to like before but not any more. Now he is a narcissistic jerk.

1571 days ago


The statement that JM r/e "hood pass" and that it wouldn't apply because he's white, and he'd need a "n* pass" instead (or however he worded, can't remember completely) was not meant to be a racist statement. Nor was the quote about his woo woo being white supremist. Damn, the guy just TALKS TO MUCH, doesn't know when to stop. Once he gets wound up his filter seems to just shut down. I seriously don't think he is a racist person, more so I think he felt more like that since he has (had, I guess now) so many BA fans and friends that maybe he felt everyone knew that he meant no harm with what he said. ??? Do I know ANY of this for truth, no....I don't know JM. I can't tell you what I said is true or not, but....I base my thoughts on prior interviews of his and the fact that he had said nothing to this effect in the past. Nor had there been any rumors of such. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my opinion. And as for not being attracted to BA women, that certainly isn't racist. Lots of BA men/women aren't attracted to caucasians-thats everyones individual prerogative.
He has been A LOT quieter since the backlash from that interview, everyone has to admit to that. Maybe, just maybe he's realized that he needs to let the filter from brain to mouth do what its supposed to do.

As for your "runaway slaves" comment- Jessee Jackson is one of the BIGGEST reasons that racial division exists. He continues to feed the fire, every time something happens to a black man/women and it also involves a white---ah, hell no---thats RACIST!!!
There will never be no racism until JJ and the big AL leave this earth.
Go to that post on JJ about Lebron James. There are NUMEROUS comments from BA that do not agree with JJ's statement r/e this situation and many more. There are a great number of blacks who choose to no longer follow JJ anymore. And more and more are joining them. Not all whites are racist, nor all blacks racist. If everyone would quit listening to JJ and AS I think our chances of changing the US would be better. Without someone to spread the hate, then there's no one left to follow.
Gilbert's open letter to the city was assinine, but in no way did it even *remotely* resemble a "plantation owner talking to/about a runaway slave"!!! I mean, COME ON- that's seriously REACHING!!! just anything to stir the pot. Thus, meaning he'll always have a reason to be in front of the camera.

1571 days ago


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1568 days ago


@ Twilightmom, Gilbert's open letter to the city was offensive to me. I agree with JJ, It did resemble a "plantation owner acting like LeBron was a runaway slave. Gilbert showed no class at all.
Thanks to racist people like John Mayer, Mel Gibson and you we need JJ and Al Sharpton. If we don't have people like Martin Luther King, JJ and Al Sharpton we will still have separate water fountains and restrooms marked for colors and whites. African Americans will still be sitting at the back of the bus.
People like you forget. When you forget the problem will come back to bit you in the a s s.
Yes today in 2010 we still need JJ's and AS's rather you like it or not. There is no need to fear African America women never wanted to take your man. African America women just don't want to be unfairly bashed.
Funny you don't think we need to get rid of racist organizations like the KKK or racist people who rant and rave like Mel Gibson. Funny you see an African American as a problem.
What John Mayer said was very offensive.
Who are you to dictate what African Americans should not find offensive? That in it self is racist.
Be honestly you take comfort in knowing John Mayer only sex white women like your self. Bet that made you feel real good.
You would go ballistic if you knew Mayer liked a little brown sugar.
Since Mayer made that statement African American women get bashed more on the Internet but of course that wouldn't bother you would it.

1567 days ago


Sounds like John Mayer read my blog Faking a Sportsgasm (www.fakingasportsgasm.com). I hope he listened to my song parody - set to the tune of Y.M.C.A. Perhaps, there's a Grammy in my future.

1563 days ago


He is absolutely hilarious! You people are looking too close. He is
amazingly honest. Or at least brave. He says what he wants. He can't help himself. Looks like he was yapping when they took the mug shot if that is real. hey, John..if you read this please do your version of "JUST ANOTHER" by pete Yorn. I know you would KILL
it. And I want to meet you in San Diego 3rd week in August. Get my
email from these guys. A girl can try. What you did for Josh Blue is so cool. My daughter is disabled, and they really have so much
to offer. She has taught me alot. I also love what you said about
Bullies, so true. Don't give them what they want and they will go
away. And I love that you love yourself. Look at the results! My
daughter and I love you and your music.
your mu

1554 days ago

Young Woman    

John Mayer is very talented and hardworking. Professional musicians and simply intelligent people (that have no idea this website even exists) understand that and admire his amazing technique, musicality, vulnerability and honesty.
He just makes millions people happy when playing live – he gives himself away and that’s, dear all, a lot…
Has any of haters made anyone happy in their life?
Have you created smth beautiful and close to so many people?
Have you ever been in the limelight? Do you know how it feels when someone puts a camera into your face?
Could you at least try to imagine how stressful this might be? Maybe you will sweat like someone poured a gallon of water on you or become red as a shrimp… or say smth stupid.
EVERYBODY has thoughts that some people wouldn’t like or find offensive. Everybody. The difference is he’s a public figure and wants to be closer to his fans and isn’t controlled by his publicist that much.
John, you are amazing. And your blog is amazing and very inspiring.
Have a nice day, everybody.

1551 days ago
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