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TMZ's 'Beachin' Baby' Contest -- Final 5!

7/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We are down to five finalists in our "Beachin' Baby" Contest -- and now it's up to you to decide who wins!

Which of these adorable baby photos should score the $250 prize and some super secret mystery gifts from TMZ!
**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!** 


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Way to go with the kiddie pr0n, TMZ - that "smooch" pic is just nasty.

1557 days ago


i dont think the counter thing is working... the only ones moving up are the number of people votting not the % of the votes... I think the real winner is Matt and issy they re at the beach... the baby is at the pool.. and it is not kiddie porn..

1557 days ago


hey douche bag you spelled "porn" wrong. Next time try to spell your insults correctly.D*pSh**.

1557 days ago

love dove    

So true! That baby is at the pool!!! shouldn't be in top 5!

1557 days ago

Dani Rae    

Pool or Beach, what does it matter, that baby is a beach babe in the making, look at the attidude and the style!!!! I love her!!!!

1557 days ago

love 4 kissing at the beach    

@ number 6 comment... what does it Matter you ask the name of the contest is BEACH BABY not beach baby in the making or hanging out by the pool... Matt and Issiana all the way... they should be at 40 % and she shouldbe at 24%... TMZ needs to rethink thep photo they picked and be far to thoes who did the beach like said not POOL if it was cute baby at the pool contest my child would of been in it... but we dont live any where near the BEACH so i did not put him in... BEACH BEACH BEACh
Matthew and Issiana
allll the way...

love that name by the way Issiana

1557 days ago


I totally agree! I have tons of cute POOL shots I could have used! So unfair. I'm voting only for the BEACH babies.

1556 days ago

Dani Rae    

@ #7 If you read the name of the contest correctly, it's "Beachin' Baby", and if you read the rules of the contest, it says nowhere that the baby has to be at the beach. For that matter, since we are talking symmantics, it also says "Beachin' Baby", not "Beachin' Toddlers" or "Beachin' 4 year Olds Kissing", so give me a break. This is a rediculous argument. That picture of Allison is totally beachin' and she fits the theme of this contest perfectly. Originality and personality!! I hope Allison wins, so quit hating on a BABY

1556 days ago

D. L.    

All the children are super cute and more than worthy of the title of Beachin' Baby. Seriously though, arguing that a child is in a pool versus at a beach is just absurd! SOME of us don't have beaches right now because of the massive BP oil spill.... so, for those of you that DO have beaches to take your children to, be happy of that fact and lay off those who don't. It's a sore subject for a lot of us right now.

1556 days ago


Can you vote more than once because Sandy Surfer went from 4% of the votes to 25%? What the hell. It seems like someone's refresh button is coming in handy. Not fair.

1556 days ago

Jake Crocker    

Is this a joke? Why is Sandy Surfer about to take the lead? Allison is the obvious winner by far, despite the pool thing. I mean come on people, the only thing that would have been different about that picture would be some sand that takes up like 10% of the picture(silly argument).

1556 days ago

Does it matter    

Obviously Sandy Surfer is adorable on boogie board. He looks like he is ready for beachin time at the beach. Sorry for others who aren't able to go to beaches due to oil spill.

1556 days ago


seriously people....... they are babies, what does it really matter how many times people vote or where the pic is taken. It's a fun cute little contest and to get all involved and feelings hurt is dumb. Grow up people. Let the family, friends and public vote. Leave it at that.

1556 days ago

Dani Rae    

Way to go Brattitude Baby!!! Congratulations on the win, you were my top choice, too cute! TMZ posted the winner with a date stamp of yesterday morning. . . Why are the polls still open? People, you can all stop voting now, TMZ and it's veiwers have picked their winner!!! Here's the link showing the winner

1555 days ago

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