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Michael Jackson -- Nazi Flick Fan?

7/25/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's ideal double feature -- an Adolf Hitler documentary with a Judy Garland chaser ... that's according to a video distributor who claims to have provided Jackson plenty of both.

Norman Scherer tells the NY Post that MJ had a penchant for collecting Nazi documentaries. Scherer, who owns a videotape distribution company, says Jackson had a "really good collection" -- which included, "Nazis -- Of Pure Blood," "Oasis of the Zombies" and "Hitler's Children."

Scherer also claims Jackson enjoyed Judy Garland's TV specials and dramas depicting troubled boys in dysfunctional families.


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AAAAANNND what's your point my kids are studying Hitler in their history classes right now..Did you forget we learn from our past?

1554 days ago


If Michael Jackson was obsessed with Adolf Hitler he was not the only one. How many movies, how many books, do***entaries, are there with Mr. Hitler himself as the subject ? People try to understand why he was the way he was, we will never understand. That's why the filmakers and the writers are still obsessed with him, to say nothing of the public, on the whole planet. And all the money that's being made because of AH. He will never be forgotten. Don't try to tarnish MJ's reputation, R.I.P.

1554 days ago


YOu just can not leave it alone, can you tmz? you put up a great story for the weekend about the tribute and than you come up with this? Anything, and I mean anything to try and tarnish this man's reputation. Anything for a buck, right?

rip mj - you are truly missed and will never be forgotten

1554 days ago


thanks to the first 3 comments for adding to the one sided story that was written to make Michael look bad.
Michael was interested in Hitler cuz he was a genius at showmanship.
Just because he was interested in the guy doesnt mean he approves of what he did. and Michael would never think of it. It's obvious thru contributions hes made

1554 days ago


I have studied alot on the Nazi party and Hitler. That don't make me a bad person. Judy Garland is great. I don't understand how some people got to make such a big deal about what a celeb. reads or studies. They are just as human as me and you. They do have intrest just like us.
R.I.P. MJ Peace and Love

1554 days ago


Same holds true for Pete Townsend when he studied child porn as tongues wagged and an investigation ensued. He wrote the genius "Tommy" which told the story of child abuse.

2, 3, 5, & 8: perhaps we should all leave this dreadful Harvey.

1554 days ago


that is just wrong to imply mj was a nazi sympathizer.shame on tmz
lots of people study nazi do***entaries
did you ever hear of the holocaust museum. it is a very important part of history how hitler came to power and had the ability to sway so many people
mj refers to it in the rabbi tapes
some of these stories the tmz writers put out show their own ignorance more then anything else
have a good day all :)

1554 days ago


So, we have all these other movie stars, etc, etc, who also collect Nazi stuff, uh let me throw a name out there, Jesse James?

Guess this makes Michael Jackson a friggen Nazi now too. Hmmm. It will be interesting to see how many people come to his defense. Funny this only has 10 comments, and if this were a post on Jesse James, or anyother entertainer, it would have gotten 200 hits by now, with everyone blasting the f*** out of him / her. But since it's Michael Jackson, no one wants to comment. Interesting

1554 days ago


I love MJ updates, I do. But seriously...? This isn't news. Certainly not for a fan anyway. But still in general, saying what movies someone watches is kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel isn't it?

1554 days ago


RIP MICHAEL,You are truly missed but will never be forgotten.
Love You Forever Michael.

1554 days ago


No story here, Michaels fans know he read all kinds of books and he was showered with them all the time so what are you implying TMZ? Still trying to label this man as strange or weird.... What a travesty...MJ4EVER...

1554 days ago


Adolf Hitler,
Would Have Loved To Send MJ To The Death Camp.
{Not A Bad Idea}
{Oh Think Of The Toxic Smoke That Would Have Come Out Of That Furnace}

Posted at 9:02 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by OhWell

This is the sickest comment you have made. Yukk, UnWell, lower than low. Shame on you.

1554 days ago


Seems Michael Jackson, Jesse James, and Mel Gibson have a lot in common...hmmmmmmmm......
the holy trinity of free enterprise. love it

1554 days ago


#13 Geez I never saw a picture of Michael posing as a Nazi..UNLIKE JESSE!

1554 days ago


# 12 - How do you know MJ was not a nazi, racist ? I mean look at Jesse James he's a collector, and as far as all the posters TMZ think/feel, He was most definately a racist, nazi, right ?

So this could only mean that MJ was a nazi / racist too !

Wow, who would have thought of Michael Jackson as a racist

1554 days ago
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