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Angelina Jolie's Brood -- Konnichiwa, Bitches!

7/26/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Angelina Jolie and her adorable offspring fan club made their way to Japan on Monday morning.


While Brad Pitt and the twins were nowhere in sight, the "Salt" star arrived to Tokyo's Narita Airport with Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in tow.

Angie's got the cutest entourage ever.



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Adorable, except that little Shilo is most definately becoming a little boy.

1513 days ago


I'm guessing she lets them pick out their own clothes, considering Pax has a suit and hat on, and Maddox is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt. I read somewhere that Shiloh picks out her own clothes and she's a tomboy who prefers dressing like that.

1513 days ago


I think that they are not letting Shiloh choose girl's clothes and there are so many adorable ones today. What with having her always dressed like a boy?

1513 days ago


I think that they are not letting Shiloh choose girl's clothes and there are so many adorable ones today. What with having her always dressed like a boy?

1513 days ago


OMG!!! Angie, wear long dresses, slacks anything to cover those painfully thin legs. She looks like she just stepped out of a concentration camp. Leave Shiloh alone. So what if she turns out gay. Big deal. I think its admirable Angie and Brad are allowing her to be herself.

1513 days ago


@ #7- I thought I was the only one who even REMEMBERED that she was a home wrecker, how quickly the media forgets... LOL
Personally, I liked her better back in the day. She was crazy weird, but she was GENUINE about it... LOL

1513 days ago

jealous of kate    

A four year old, will pick out his/her own clothes if allowed to, and it is normally strange clothes. A four year old will put on what their parent tells them, if THE PARENT HAS CONTROL OF THEIR CHILD. Parents buy the clothes and they are buying boys clothes. There are soo many different clothes for girls nowadays. So many different colors. It does not matter if she is a 'tomboy', a lot of little girls are like that- a lot do not 'play' Barbie or house like decades before, but now hang out and play with boys, BUT DO NOT DRESS IN THEIR CLOTHES AND HAVE THEIR HAIRCUTS. THAT IS THE PARENTS DECISION. When there are stories about Kate Gosselin, I notice that posters yell there is 'no way she pays enough attention' to all of her kids. Knows them. Well Kate has her kids personalities down, without dressing them that way. Brangelina, they dress the kids to their personality. I wonder, with them filming, going off to the red carpet, not taking certain kids to certain things, (why aren't the twins with them? they don't get to see their parents for a few days?) How well do they really KNOW their kids? Is Shiloh just wearing this crap because she is supposed to? (I do not believe she is 'insisting on wearing it" She is 4, if she is, she is spoiled.

1513 days ago


There's a video of Maddox slapping Pax on Radar.

1513 days ago


It's nice to have money. You do not have to work and you can travel anyplace you want. Don't have to worry about the airfare, no stress at all. Some people have it very nice. We the less fortunate have to work for a living.

1513 days ago


Angie hates Shiloh. Perhaps she reminds her too much of Jon Voight, her father, but whatever as a BABY she called Shiloh
"the blob," and "different" from the rest of the family.

All her so-called charity work is a sham. She makes promises to orphanages, refugees, etc., and reneges as soon as she gets back to the States.

Brad wanted a family and away from the vacuous Hollywood scence when he fell in love with her. He thought he found that because she seemed to be a woman of independence with a purpose beyond Hollywood.

I assure you now he hates having this level of responsibility. He didn't realize what a nut case she really is. Imagine growing up with a mother who always wears black - for starters.

1513 days ago


Looking like a girl is grossly over-rated. Actually, it's much more comfortable to dress like a boy.
The hours at a hair salon and [$$$], the heavy burden and expectations of being sexy, the [high heels] painfully ruining our feet with bunions, corns, back-aches, but, in order to have sexy [girly] legs we look like a girl.
OOch-Ouch!!! feet are hurting right now trying to look like a girrrl.

1513 days ago


Angie wears black most of the time but those are some wonderful looking BLACKS! Di you see her in the red lately? Gorgeous!!!
She wears only blacks b/c when she wears others colors...she's ourageously stunning!!!
She's great...Stop Hatin'.

1513 days ago


Who actually cares about Angelina? Cause I do not know anybody who actually likes her. Boring

1513 days ago


Why is the author of this nonsense listed as Johnny Lopez instead of the usual TMZ Staff? It would make more sense if one of the TMZ bitches wrote it.

1513 days ago


yeah, why is Shiloh always dressed like a boy? this is disturbing...

1513 days ago
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