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Brangelina's New $40 Million Italian Crib

7/28/2010 9:44 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Finding enough space to house Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their six kids just got easier ... the Hollywood royal family just plunked down a reported $40 million on this humongous vacation home in Northern Italy.

The ridiculous 18,000 square foot luxury estate in the town of Valpolicella includes two swimming pools, gym, home theater and 15 bedrooms for Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox to fight over.

Luckily, there's still plenty of room should Brad & Angie decide to adopt a small nation.


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OMG! why not just buy a Motel 8 and gut it into one big pig-crib?

I bet Clooney's crib, on a spectacular lake - cost 1/2 what this industrial shack did.

1514 days ago


They can't take it with them when they die, so who even cares. Just more money wasted and more money in the pockets of a foreign nation.

1514 days ago


It's their money; they can do with it what they want. They give plenty to charity: money and time. God bless them.

1514 days ago


Why make a purchase like that unless everything in the media has been false.

Forget the cost of utilities and endless repairs.
I guess it has a charm that might appeal to some and is far away from Jennifer but it also looks like a for sale sign could sit in front of it for 10 years.

1514 days ago


Wonder what they are gonna do with all those bedrooms. They just recently shared that they all sleep together in the same bedroom as part of their family tradition.

1514 days ago


Love 'em but it kinda looks like a jail.

1514 days ago


You idiots saying they need to give it to charity, what the hell do you do for charity??? They do far more than is required for charities around the world... Get off your warped "soapboxes" and STFU....

You morons should try giving to charity first before you criticize others, or is it jealousy because they are so wealthy???

1514 days ago


We live in America. It is no ones business what they spend their money on---they made it. These 2 donate alot to foreign, and US Charities. Do you donate to charities, if not I believe your the hypocrite. Wish Pitt/Jolie and family the best! If you don't like them, why read about them. Go comment about Paris Hilton, or Lohan....there in the news constantly for their charitiable contributions.LOL

1514 days ago


Seriously, I think these two are pulling all your legs, trying to make everyone think there one big happy family!! I think they need a huge house so Brad can stay on one side and Skankie on the other side and still both have the kids!! What a bunch of fake people!!!!!

1514 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Totally stupid! People with money have absolutely no sense! I have absolutely no respect for Brad and Angelina; they're living in sin and those children are you-know-whats! I think it's a shame they dress that little girl like a boy!

1514 days ago


That looks like a hospital or an institution ....

1514 days ago


More. Money. Than. Sense.

Surely 40 million could have been spent on more worthwhile it really necessary to overindulge to such a massive degree on such opulent frivilous things as a home they might only visit once a year? Looks more like a prison to me anway.

At least it will keep local people employed if they have to maintain the upkeep of that fortress year-round.

1514 days ago

Justin Ott    

Yeah it truely is an amazing amount of money spent on the house, but honestly people she earned that. She is an actor and acting isnt as easy of a job as people think. Her and Brad have hundreds of millions of dollars saved up and spending that amount probably was only a small portion of the money.

1514 days ago


$40MM fixer upper, it appears...good luck with that and my regards to Clooney next time you visit Lake Como.

1514 days ago


Jolie is just a big fat homewrecker, she couldn't stand jen and pitt together. Now that she has pitt, she'll suck him dry and leave for another hotshot. Anyways, she did look good the new movie, she has changed a lot over the years. I cam across her detailed biography, she had a much more rounder face and a bigger looking eyes. Her hair were also more curly, she looked really innocent in a picture with her mom as a teenager. The pictures are quite old, probably before she started modelling, I think also quite rare.

1514 days ago
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