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Mel Gibson's Alleged Mistress -- It's Bombshell Time!

8/6/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was a meeting of the mistresses (one alleged, one confirmed) in L.A. last night -- as one of Jesse James' women on the side and Mel Gibson's alleged fling had dinner together in Hollywood.

The tatted-up Bombshell McGee (left) and Polish fitness model Violet Kowal (right)-- the self-described "Homewrecker 1 & 2" -- dined together at Katsuya.

We knew something smelled fishy ...


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hey look at me    

Whores on parade.

1537 days ago


If I had Mel's money I would bang every woman with in 10 feet of me. Dude is single who cares who he chooses bang. Give me half of his money and I will do these 2 in a heartbeat!

1537 days ago


What do you call them? A duo of douchey bitches? A pair of posturing p*ssysellers?

1537 days ago


Yea something smelled fishy alright, it was both their tacos! Nasty tramps.

1537 days ago

Just sayn    

So.......the slim gathers on the pond.
Now we wait to see Tigers group to jump in......can they swim..ha ha
but they all stink equally

1537 days ago


How befitting...Gibson belongs w/ this crowd!!!LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

1537 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

why the heck do they call her "bombshell"? She is ugly as sin! and that other one is no better, looks like a dude in drag! sick, sick, sick..they looking like they have every disease in the book..what's the saying? rode hard and put away wet? that about sums it up, skank tour 2010 needs to end and these no talent, brainless s***bags need to go away, they are not famous for anything good..oh laying on their backs or spending time on their knees with married famous men..what a way to become famous..filthy s*** is all they are and the one has a kid??? Jesus H. Re visit these two about 5-10 yrs. from now and no one will remember who they are, if they are even still alive (aids, anyone?) They will probably look about 50 and will be so loose and used up, it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway...disgusting filth. I hope somebody wrecks their lives someday and breaks their hearts, they deserve all the misery they can stand and then some. Go away snail trails. The back alley of the strip club is about as good as it gets for the likes of your type.

1537 days ago


hey.where r all those slimy,sleazy mel supporters-the TEAM MEL douchebags? Must be out scoring their meds...

1537 days ago


Must be a very slow news day for TMZ be forced to report on trash like these idiots.

1537 days ago


He's just curious of the "CREATURE"
May want to put her in a mystery or murder film

1537 days ago


The tattoos on Michelle's neck make her
look like a Padaung African woman, the
ones that stretch their neck with
rings added one by one through time.
I still can't ever imagine Sandra being
with him ever again after sleeping with her.
What's funny is that Michelle thinks she's all

1537 days ago


This bitch was NOT Mel's mistress. In every single interview, she said that back when Oksana was pg they wre dating - and Mel had a fit when the media found out and scared her. Uhhh---- I read EVERYTHING about Mel Gibson, and until she "came forward" there was NO MENTION of her. Zero. Zip. So wtf is she talking about? How come none of these so-called journalists have called her on that? WHO supposedly found out? Lying bitch.

1537 days ago


Why does Gibson keep going for whores (this one and Oskanka) who look suspiciously like they are/used to be guys?

1537 days ago


Ugh, why men ruin relationships for pathetic, lowly creatures like these I will never know...

1536 days ago


They're BOTH ugly and have mouths as big as the GRAND CANYON! I hope their 15 minutes is up!

1536 days ago
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