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Katherine Jackson -- MJ's Kids 'Are Doing Fabulous'

8/9/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says Prince, Paris, and Blanket couldn't be doing any better -- and according to her, they're all destined for greatness ... just like their father.

Katherine Jackson - Michael Jackson Kids

Katherine claims the "kids are doing fabulous" -- Paris wants to be an actress, Prince wants to make movies, and Blanket's got serious dancing chops.

Check it out -- thanks again to the Michael Jackson Secret Vault for the clip.


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they are not real jackson's i wish mj had at least one bio kid to carry on his legacy smh what a waste.

that oldest boy look just like klein and both ugly
only blanket's the cutest one out the bunch.

1535 days ago


It is strange to hear them refered to as his kids. The guy was a wealthy eccentric who had babies created for his own pleasure.
These kids are not part of his blood and probably won't be part of his greatness...thank god.

The guy was a good singer and dancer a long long time ago. He ended up 50 years old, single, 110 lbs, bald with tattoed hair and eyebrows, addicted to every drug imaginable, (20 Oxys per day at one point?!) He was attracted to young boys, not young girls, but boys.

Let's hope his kids go away to a boarding School and get a chance to grow up away from Michaels twisted misfit family of unemployed mooching brothers with children by the same slut. Brothers and sisters all messed up with no jobs, broken marriages, bad business deals, all like a nest of birds with their mouths open waiting for momma bird to return, but that bird ain't coming back....

1535 days ago


Grammar Katherine please.... the kids are doing fabulousLY not fabulous. As for Michael's children, I just hope they grow up to be happy, as their father wished for them to be. RIP MJ

1535 days ago


My children will have to go to college, hope for a good job and WORK! To those who feel sorry for these kids and think the world owes them something, give me a break! Michael was abused financially and did some bad spending and thus ended up in financial distress. Sell the catalogue and move on! It is always about money! And these kids will be the same. Let them get jobs and fend for themselves. If they were raised right that will be a possibility but look at how they live. They are being raised in Michael's world and look where his world got him.

1535 days ago


Yes,they are his biokids,get over that fact. TMZ why do you keep posting OLD reports? This was from Katherine's interview afew months ago!

1535 days ago


Those are not Michael jacksons kids.

1535 days ago


billiejeanRIP also Sue from Tampa, you are very brave posting comments like that on this site.
Hope you are prepared for the backlash from Michael's fans that claim to know every little thing about him to be true.
I personally think that every person is entitled to their opinion, good or bad.
I loved the music of the Jackson5, also Michael's music too.But, he should have got the help he needed regarding his mental state of health. Once he started having plastic surgery,one proceedure after another,that's when he started going downhill. So sad that not one member of that large family could get through to him, and get him to seek help.They will now regret that forever.

1535 days ago


MIDNIGHT TOKER-sorry to burst you little bubble but,yes they are.

1535 days ago


I could care less about these kids, first they aren't his they are whiter than white and Wacko Jacko as Black as tar before he bleached his skin. Secondly, he is Dead, thankfully. let him exist as a memory. America wants to forget about this embarassing effeminate, child molesting machine. Dr. Murray inadvertently did the world a favor.

Posted at 4:39 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Sue from Tampa

You couldn't care less? Fine, so why don't you keep your mouth shut? And why don't you use at least one of your two degenerated brain cells to create a nic of your own? Nothing is more cowardly than spying hate while hiding behind another person's name.

When will you and your equals finally get it: It doesn't matter a d***ed thing whether PPB are Michael's bio kids or not. Even IF they aren't: Vilifying them as children of second or third class is such a slam in the face of all adopted or in some different way accepted kids and their loving, caring parents. I bet there are millions of mistreated, suffering "bio kids" out there in the world who would do MUCH better under the care and attention of parents who are not their flesh and blood. "Bio" is not a seal of quality when it comes to raising children – the character is, and the love you give.

Reading some of the comments here makes me once again wish TMZ would regret from publishing any stories mentioning MJ3. And lance, #21: It clearly answers why they have to go out in public in company of bodyguards.

I'm so tired of all that crap.

1535 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

What it appears to be now, is Howard Mann has offered an exclusive series of clips to TMZ from Mrs. Jackson's taped interview, which were released in June on ABC. (I still have them on TiVo). Perhaps a ploy to wet the appetites of MJ fans, since TMZ is the site many fans come to for information since it is common knowledge the entire interview will be for sale on DVD.

Mrs. Jackson going into business with Mann... not such a great move. There's something fishy about how Mann has wedged himself into being a copyright holder of pictures used on the Casino site, and owner of 273 songs. I hope this newly formed "relationship" between TMZ & Mann will not affect the existing relationship TMZ has with MJ's Estate.

I still will not purchase anything not coming directly from the Estate & Team Branca. Sorry Mrs. Jackson. As much as I'd love to read the book and have the copy sitting next to my beautiful MJ Opus, I think you're being taken advantage of. And honestly, it all smells too fishy.

1535 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

This is "VERY" important news why?

Larry D. Crumbley

1535 days ago


Posted at 5:37 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Becky
Posted at 5:43 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by moni

That was not the real Sue from Tampa. It's just a copy cat.

1535 days ago


Latoya will say anything for a price. You can't believe a word she say's.

1535 days ago


Barb A., I know, thank you. That's why I told her to be man/woman enough to create a nic of her own instead of cowardly hiding behind another person's name.

1535 days ago


moni, ooops I miss that part. So sorry.

1535 days ago
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