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Steven Slater -- Released From Jail

8/11/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater walked out of a jail tonight in the South Bronx after his $2,500 bail was posted.

WNBC in NY got the exit shot of the JetBlue flight attendant. Slater didn't answer any questions and then sprinted away with a friend.

Far as we know, Steven did not grab a couple of beers on his way out of the jail.


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Why is this guy a hero?
Anyone in the customer service business will tell you working with the public is hard.Doesnt mean we freak out,when we have a bad day.What if he had pulled out a gun and started shooting people,would he still be a hero?
Lots of other people have worse jobs than him.

1473 days ago


Steven Slater Should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
Interfering with a flight crew endangering other passengers, If I was on the flight I would have a lawsuit against Jet Blue!! simple as this he acted totally wrong, and anyone that supports him needs to have their head examined as he does, hes a nut case and should never have been flying in the first place.

1473 days ago


I wonder what would have happened if this person vaporlocked when the plane was at 38,000 feet or if a service person was below on the ground when he released the chute and that person were hurt or killed? This idiot could have killed someone yet people are praising him as a hero? This guy's a fool who failed at his job--nothing heroic about him at all.

1473 days ago


I keep reading about all the abuse flight attendants say they take...but I'm thinking that they already know when they go into it that people are *******s. Flight Attendant isn't a job you take when you really need a job and have no other choice but to put up with stupid people as a result--you have to choose that job and train for it.

1473 days ago


The guy has a few screws loose. There is nothing awesome over what he did. Only idiots would approve of his antics.

1473 days ago


The charges seem to be over kill.
Charge him with reckless endangerment or something over the emergency slide deployment, but drop the BS charges that they nailed him with. I hope he sues Jet Blue and gets a crap load of $$$$.

1472 days ago


Steve Slater & Captain Sully! Two aviation Hero's in my book!

1472 days ago

Mav Da Pilot    

Must be a typo, not a hero, but rather a "ZERO"! This pufta has a hissy fit...two, three, four, and fosse, fosse, fosse, twinkle toes out of the jet. Don't worry about his lack of employment, I am sure he will make plenty of money in the bus station bathroom stalls!

1472 days ago


OK so I agree with him being upset that the passenger never apologized, but why in the world make this idiot an instant sensation? As a former airline employee I know what goes on behind the scenes and this guy is just a nut case. NUFF SAID

1472 days ago


I don't see anything.

1472 days ago


From what I have read I believe he is going through alot of emotional stress (as are MANY) and this incident set him over the edge. I do not believe he is a "Hero", that should only be for those that put their lives on the line for others or do truly unselfish acts of charity and kindness in their lives. It does not surprise me though that SO many are in awe of him. So many people get sh#t on day after day after day in their jobs by either the public or higher ups in their companys, making sh#T pay. I definitely see ALOT of uprising lately with certain things. Hopefully it will change things for the BETTER. But Like every other interesting human story the media will beat this to death!

1472 days ago


Steve is a looser..... Harvey why is it okay with you that Steve an employee could not control his anger....Again Steve is a looser and I will not fly with that airline.

1472 days ago


When did it become okay to act an ass at work? I can not believe people who are acting like this over the top/drama type of attitude is okay. Where are we in a zoo. This is not okay and he should lose his job. It is never okay to behave this way - at work or elsewhere. He is a looser......

1472 days ago


Everyone is making him out to be a hero. He was working and he should have controlled his attitude/behavior. So now every public worker can GO OFF the handle when someone rubes them wrong?? We should be one big old violent society.

1472 days ago


This guy is a loser...

1472 days ago
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