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Dina Lohan to Break Silence on Lindsay's Jail Stint

8/12/2010 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is finally going to spill the beans about her daughter's trouble with the law -- and it's all going down tomorrow morning in New York City.

Dina Lohan On Today Show With Matt Lauer
Dina is heading to the "Today Show" to give an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer -- and she's expected to dish on everything from Lindsay's jail time to the young actress' current rehab treatment.


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Isn't it about time for this Media Whore Mother (Dina) to let another one of her no talent/underage kids get hooked on booze or drugs so she can stretch her 15 minutes of fame a little bit longer. Poor LiLo is out the door. I hope Matt has the balls to smack this B*tch (Dina) down hard during the interview.

1533 days ago

Alan Carver    

It is interesting that with Lohan in treatment, Dina doesn't have a steady paycheck coming in. And lets face it, if what the assistant said was credible that Dina just rambles on about nothing for Lohan why she is away, this really just really fuels the co-dependent thing altogether. No matter what they pay Dina, she needs to let Lohan speak for herself so she can get the paycheck. Living vicariously through your addicted daughter is as messed up as Lohan is - clearly this entire family needs help and not the financial kind. They need some serious family counseling and fast. What will be interesting is what happens when Lohan does get out of treatment, where she will end up and what she will say, because that payout is going to be huge and in her favor. She won't do Oprah since she doesn't pay for interviews, so no go there, and so all that is left is either some tabloid show or GMA/Today/CBS or CNN with Larry King. And I am sure she will make the rounds to get her monies worth. What is going to be interesting is to see if any 4 of these places gets into a bidding war for a Lohan exclusive interview and what publication will nap her story. Because once the tv interviews are over with there will be no need for a cover story on Lohan after she graces our tv sets with her ugliness! God she is a mess. Let's just hope she learns skills and tools to get rid of her co-dependent family especially DINA! This mother is the worst of all mothers to her children, using them as her personal meal ticket! She is STAGE MOTHER of the CENTURY! Take that Brooke Sheilds, and you thought your mother was bad! She ain't got nothing on good OLD Dina Lohan! What a trainwreck of a family!

1533 days ago


WHO CARES??????????

1533 days ago


I feel sorry for Lindsey. Her "mother" is s***!

1533 days ago


Zzzzzzz. . .

1533 days ago


Whooo.....what a crowd that Lohan bunch is......she is not a mother, she is a media whore. Totally mouthy and in it for the money. This is not in Lindsays' best interest. Real mothers work for the benefit of their child, not "spilling the beans" on them.

1533 days ago


pimpin' out the girls again.

1533 days ago


Dina, maybe you could get that fried blonde haircolor of yours fixed before tomorrow. Not likely? Oh, too bad.

1533 days ago


This interview will consist mainly, of pointing the finger at everyone else except Lindsay and the family around her.
And I wouldn't expect the truth and nothing but the truth from her. Spin City is all we'll get from Ms. Lohan. Why does she keep the same last name as her ex ? The man she can't stand, but keeps the last name because no one who know who she is other wise, except for her daughter being famous. What does Lindsay do again ???

Blahhh Blahhhh

1533 days ago


Somebody should pass a law that will prohibit parents of child actors to represent them as agents and managers. Kids need parents to be parents and not manipulators for money. Isn't anyone in the legislature willing to stand up for and protect the child actors? Shouldn't the SAG be pushing for their protection too? Wonder for how long and how many times Lindsay's been told how dependent her entire family is on her? That's just not right....

1533 days ago


Is it just me or does she look like Paul Stanley with blonde hair.

1533 days ago


i thought this picture was kate gosselin at first!! do a "we're just sayin" with them!

1533 days ago

South Beach    

Bills to pay. I'm telling you LL, run. Leave the country for 6 mos after you get out, cut them all off. Not a red peso.
Now you want entertainment, THAT would be fun to watch. hose leeches would lose tehir frigging minds...

1533 days ago


#89 - I second the motion.

1533 days ago


Mikey, WASSUP!!!!???? U got all your little whores on here posting for you? Way to go OLD MAN, way to go.

Gonna bet Mikey Blowhan can't keep his disgusting mouth shut for 72 hours. Anybody wanna take the bet on Loser Mikey Lohan? Sr. Mikey Lohan of course.

1533 days ago
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