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George Clooney -- Did He Put a Ring On It?

8/16/2010 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney might finally be ready to take the plunge with hottie girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis -- cause she was spotted flaunting what looks to be a giant engagement ring ... emphasis on "looks like."

The notoriously single star was dining in Italy this weekend with his model girlfriend and several friends.

Either Elisabetta is ordering five of something ... or she's bragging to a friend about the boulder on her finger. 

UPDATE: Hell, apparently, is not freezing over. George's publicist says Elisabetta's "jewelry" is simply a napkin ring. TMZ voters got it right. 


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Its funny....Clooney made all his $ from us, the Americans
who went to all his movies, and paid too much money to
see them. But he goes to Italy, and spends his millions
over there, and invites his "rat pack" buddies, who
also spend their millions over in Italy. Thanks George,
that is why I would not got see another one of your
crappy movies, EVER. And dont worry George, your being
gay as hell will be your little secret, I mean you live
SOOOOOOOOO far away in Italy, how could anyone in
American know about it? Right?

1532 days ago


Oh please....Him and Brad Pitt have something real going on. Angie just covers for them

1532 days ago


@ Clonney-is-gay, no 5:
"Well since he is as GAY AS A PICNIC BASKET, its all for the sake of the "BEARD". VERY SAD!!!"
Wow!! I have ALWAYS suspected that about him! He never ever has real or deep relationships with women, he has a diff one for every event and is all bait too much. Then, one day I read an article by a male writer who went on and on and on about how awesome, sexy, brilliant, the best actor ever and some very obvious boy on boy infatuation and yes, I suspect the "ladies man" facade is just to keep him at the top of the Hollywood movie business as a "leading man". While he would be accepted as a gay actor, he has a built an entire career of being. "ladies man". If he is gay, he is a hypocrite of the worst type because he could do great deal to help the gay cause in America. But, he also seems to be very egotistical.

1532 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

@koko, no 21;
I know that his boyfriend is Rande Gerber the "Husband" of that big DYKE, Cindy Crawford. I also believe that that is Rande smiling/sitting next to him!
I also agree that he would do a lot of good if he came out of the closet, but as you said, it may be too late for him.

1532 days ago


Third option: "Who cares"

1532 days ago


Why is everyone saying that he's gay? Is there actually any evidence of this other than male friendships?

1532 days ago


I agree with # 18. This guy made all his money here and goes to Italy so he doesn't have to pay US taxes. Who cares if he's engaged or not. He was married to Talia Balsum at one time.

These actors have so much money they could care less what people think. They laugh all the way to the bank.

1532 days ago


Its a Napkin Ring - Gossip Cop has confirmed no engagement

1532 days ago


TMZ why don't you ever put a "who cares!" option in your little polls??? Because really....who cares if they are engaged or married...or just happily shacked up together, gay...straight, or somewhere in between??!!!

1532 days ago

you know it    

Why does he get so many beauties? They just seem to run off when he doesn't commit. He is cute and seems nice, but a guy that doesn't show commitment would be a big turn off even if he has a lot of money. It would be as if he is just using you physically till he finds the one or finds none.

1532 days ago


I have always loved George, but have been annoyed at the way he goes through women like a flavor of the month ice cream. Why treat women like that? Why can't he stay in a relationship? It's not the women leaving him is it? That kind of thing makes me curious. What is he hiding? I'll reserve judgment, but it does make sense if he just didn't want to be with a woman. And why hide out in Italy so much? Hmmmm......

1532 days ago


Whataa Hell!!It’s a ring of King Arthur!

1532 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

@orangista, no 23. Its OK to be GAY, REALLY!!!
Take a deep breath, BREATHE!!! GAY IS OK!!!

1532 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

@orangista no. 23, its OK to be GAY, REALLY!!!
Take a deep breath, BREATHE!!!

1532 days ago


I wish he was gay, because thinking about him and Brad together would be hot (and I'm a woman, not a gay man), but I think he's just not into the idea of marriage. Some people aren't.

1532 days ago
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