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Dr. Ryan's Famous Friends -- Shock, Emotion

8/17/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Frank Ryan's celebrity friends have already begun issuing statements on the tragedy -- from the people who went under his knife ... and the people who loved him.

of Dr. Frank Ryan

Gene Simmons

"Dr. Ryan was a good man. Soft spoken, caring and professional. Our deep felt condolences to his family."

Vince Neil

"I'm deeply saddened and devastated at the news of the loss of my long time dear friend. He was a kind and generous man who touched many lives with his Bony Pony Ranch Foundation. He will be missed by many... especially me, his friend."

David Weintraub (Manager)

"I am shocked, saddened and numb in finding out about Dr. Ryan's passing. He was a truly one of a kind man who was so highly respected as a leader & innovator in his business. Frank was a GENIUS doctor and a giver to everyone around him. He was a man who lived life to the fullest and always had a smile on his face. There was not a thing that this man would not do to help someone in need. I cannot express what a loss this is to medical field and to the world this is. Frank was a beloved dear friend and client of mine for the last 8 years and I am going to miss him very much."

Sammy Phillips

"Dr. Frank and I co-hosted a radio show together for almost a year at 97.1, we were co-workers and good friends. He was one of the most respected surgeons in the celebrity community and was known widely for his philanthropic endeavors, namely his charity organization Bony Pony Ranch Foundation for kids. I am SOOOOO tragic and awful and sad!!! I am beside myself. I feel so bad for him, his dog, his mom. I can't even imagine what she's going through."

Charmaine Blake

"My first love is gone.Dr. Frank Ryan and I lived together on and off for 3 years from 2003-2006. We were in a serious relationship.He took care of me and everything. I don't know what to do, I am in shock.I have never loved anyone else. I am so sad, I can't stop crying."

Heidi Montag

"I am devastated to hear the news of Dr. Frank Ryan's death. He was the most amazing person I have ever known. He was an angel and changed my life and the lives of everyone he met. He was the most brilliant talented surgeon who will ever exist. Dr. Frank Ryan changed the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to his mother, family, friends, and anyone who was ever blessed enough to meet him. He is in a better place."

Brittny & Lisa Gastineau

"We are devastated. One of our best friends and surgeons that we trusted. We are blessed to have known him. An amazing human being. We are going to need some time to wrap our heads around this."

Janice Dickinson

"Janice is deeply deeply anguished!She is stunned and wants the world to know to know what a genius Dr Ryan was. He was a friend and my love goes out to his mother and the rest of the family."

Traci Bingham

“I’m completely sick over this as Dr. Frank Ryan was an incredible man and he touched the lives of so many people. We’ve been friends for many years, since the day I stepped foot in LA.The world will miss him. I love you Frank. “

Shayne Dahl Lamas-Richie

"My heart is in a million pieces as I learn the devastating news of my dear friend Frank Ryan’s death. I am confused on why a man of great stature and true genuine intentions for his work and charity work has been taken away from the people that appreciated it the most. The Bony Poney Ranch will live on and Hollywood will remember their #1 surgeon as my thoughts go out to his Mother at this time. My family and I will be mourning his shocking death. God you have Hollywood’s hometown hero and he will be missed."


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Unlike many of you commenters, I knew Frank a long time, since he was a resident in fact. About 10 years ago I did a lot of anesthesia for his cases and I knew him to be hard working, kind and a driven perfectionist. A bit of a hard ass some days yet he was always fair, paid his bills and took good care of his patients. He had good days and tough days, but he was always very professional. I have not worked with him for a while but my memories are fond ones. I have seen him recently at charity events where he was always most generous. His handshake and greeting was always warm and genuine even though we had not worked with each other in years.

Another anesthetist friend of mine had a son who died of cancer some years back. Although Frank was a busy guy and was not at all close to the family, he took the time to come to the service of this colleague, a guy he rarely worked with. I'll never forget his empathy that day. He was amazing and very supportive.

Take care Frank. You were a good guy. Dave F. West Side Anesthesia.

1495 days ago

Kalamity Kendra    

Someone died, have a little respect. Before you post hateful comments, just think about how you'd feel if someone spoke that way about someone you love. These comments say way more about your character than they do about the people you post about.
RIP and condolences to those who loved him.

1495 days ago

Debra Andreadis    

@ La Wonna. very well said, and really good for you that you put some facts out on the situation. so very sorry for your loss.

1495 days ago


Dear Dr Ryan

Despite what has been written about you in the press lately please know that a select few who you never met are truly devastated about your passing. I have been a fan of your blogs and will truly miss your incredible stories. Although I never knew you in person I will keep these special stories and read them when I feel down and alone. You accomplished so much in such short time and you are truly inspiring to me. I trust you still look after your nearest and dearest from heaven and hope you care to be my angel too, protecting me and keeping me safe. If heaven is like the last scene from Titanic where Rose goes back in time to her happiest memories, I hope to see you at your Bony Pony Ranch doing what you always did. Well Dr Ryan, like I said, I never knew you but now you know a little about me so we’re even. R.I.P sweetheart, sleep well- shame our paths never crossed in this life. Maria

1463 days ago
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