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Movie Theater Playing 'Last Exorcism' Burns Down

9/4/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A drive-in movie theater in Oklahoma burned down yesterday -- was it arson, a freak accident or the work of ... the devil?

See, this Tulsa landmark -- The Admiral Twin, which opened in 1951 -- was playing "The Last Exorcism." It was also playing "Predators," but those aren't real -- so we can rule them out as a suspect.

Bill French, Tulsa Fire Department public information officer, told the Tulsa World on Friday night that investigators were still not sure how the blaze started.

TMZ contacted the Tulsa Fire Department to see if they suspected a demon, someone possessed by a demon or even Satan himself had something to do with the blaze.

So far, no response.


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i want to see this film bad !! looks like a good film !!!

1475 days ago


well lets see if your going to mess with the devil then he is going to burn things down. or did he ?? just joking . i think it just happened. things did happen in the exorcist. and if your doing a movie about the devil or people being possessed then stuff will happen kind of a taboo thing you know ?

1475 days ago


My husband was coming home from work and was running late. he walked in the door and said man, something must be on fire because there is black smoke pouring in the air near the highway. We later found out it was the drive in. Kinda sad because we were wanting to go there and see that movie!

1475 days ago

Shannon Bryden    

I am sorry to hear of the bad news! I hope they can find the cause and hopefully the people of Tulsa can show the support to rebuild another Drive Inn...I luv the Outsiders book and Film...and remember the scene of them at the Drive Inn.
I seen the Last Exorcism a couple weeks back...I highly doubt this is any work of the devil...probably selfish humans who care nothing for anyone else...

1475 days ago


wow tmz you are dumb as a brick with poop on it

1475 days ago


Thank you #6 tgt, #7 Jon, and #11 Brandy....Tulsa is my home town and I have lived here most of my life. Losing the Admiral Twin to Tulsans has been like losing a part of ourselves, most of us have a memory of our parents taking us there or hanging out there as teenagers. First dates, marriage proposals, etc. It is so weird driving by there and not seeing that tower. I hate to admit it but I took advantage of the fact it has always been there and have been putting off taking my own kids and now I may never get the chance to do that and that to me is heartbreaking.

For those of you that want to make fun of our loss, get a life! To you it may just be an old broken down outdoor theater but to us its history and a place families can get together and have fun and until you have experienced it for yourself you will never understand what Tulsa is going through. For those of you that would like to help us out, there are many fundraisers going on around town and online, please help us bring part of our history back to life!

1474 days ago


lol the excorsist probably burned it down

1474 days ago


hold the phone. . . i don't know if you guys know this or not, but the outsiders was filmed there!!

1474 days ago


Are you guys that bored in LA? What's the matter? No celebrities to stalk this weekend? Sad. This story is beyond stupid. Making a mockery of a fallen landmark in Tulsa is about as lame as all your stupid comments about celebrities. Come on, maybe Lindsay has another shoe exploding with white powder - or perhaps you want to ask Heidi Montag about her "divorce". Get a real job people.

1474 days ago


HAHAHA i live in Tulsa as well but didn't know that was the movie that was playing. HAHAHA yea i never heard of people ever actually going to that theatre... no huge loss in my opinion. people who are freaking out over it need to chill out.

1474 days ago


I doubt that the movie had anything to do with the blaze. I used to watch faces of death there as a girl in high school. Sad to see it burn down, but the place could use a face lift. Instead of being sad about it, just rebuild. That is if Tulsa will let go of some of that stadium money, but they turned out the lights on the highway to save money, so that probably won't happen. For those that are sad, come on, it's a drive-in movie theatre sitting on plenty of land with the capacity to rebuild. I used to go there, I live in Hollywood now, everything is fixable. The Outsiders was filmed inside Woodland Hills Mall also and they revamped that place. Tex was filmed in Tulsa as well and most of the landscape has changed. Come on guys, I left that city because you were all so afraid of rebuilding and change.

1474 days ago


it was the predators... LOL

1474 days ago

Stephanie Turley    

I am from Tulsa too and I think you guys are a bunch of crybabies. I love the Admiral Twin and I'll be the first to admit I cried when I saw that screen burning. So many drunken memories and movies I don't remember. LOL. TMZ rags on everyone. You don't see Lindsay Lohan crying because they did a bit on her. Suck it up, they're gonna rebuild. It won't be the same, but better.

1474 days ago


S.E. Hinton lives in Tulsa

1474 days ago


Yeah why not try an show the good stuff of the Admiral Twin Drive In!? Thanks for making this horrible thing a joke.

1473 days ago
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