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Susan Boyle Walks Off 'America's Got Talent'

9/9/2010 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Susan Boyle has left Los Angeles in tears after being snubbed by a songwriter who refused to let her sing one of his hits on "America's Got Talent."


Susan arrived to L.A. earlier today to perform the song "Perfect Day" on the show.

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... producers needed permission from the songwriter, Lou Reed -- the former lead singer for The Velvet Underground and famous for "Walk on the Wild Side" --  but at the last minute they were informed that Reed refused permission because he isn't a Boyle fan.

When Boyle found out, she dissolved into tears -- unprepared to change her tune for the show.

We're told Boyle went to LAX this afternoon -- still in tears -- and is catching a flight back to London.

"America's Got Talent" refused to comment.


Gisele & Benjamin's SoHo Stroll!

The day after strutting some killer couture on the catwalk , Gisele Bundchen popped up on the streets of NYC with the one person who can steal her spotlight: Her adorable son, Benjamin.

While the supermodel mom did some serious window shopping in SoHo, her cute baby with Tom Brady caught some Zzzzzz's.

Shhhhhh ... he's sleeping.

New Spa & Hotel Caters to Celebs on Four Legs

A new 32,000-square-foot hotel with private luxury suites, a salon, spa and even limousine transportation is set to open in an exclusive part of Los Angeles next month and they have just one rule: no humans allowed.

The Barkley
(get it?) is getting ready to open its doors in Westlake VIllage on October 25 and they are planning a giant grand opening with an A-list celebrity pet guest list. They are planning on doing their own version of Grauman's Chinese Theater and having famous pets put their paw prints in the cement outside the hotel. 

We're told so far invitations have been extended to the pets of celebs like: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Nicole Richie and more.

No word yet on who will actually show.

Guess Whose Silly Son!

Can you guess which awesome mom took a break on set to play with her little beach boy?!


"NJ Housewife" Kim G -- From 2-Faced to 2-Pieces

While at the Jersey Shore this weekend, wannabe "Real Housewives of New Jersey" villain Kim G had no one to double-cross ... so she showed off her mature lady parts in a hot pink bikini instead.

Classy Kim, age unknown, really is a Shore thing.


No Avatar


LETS BOYCOTT LOU REED so he does not get any more royalty checks.... What a sawed off jerk......I am an artist myself and can not believe the attitude of this guy. Who in the hec does he think he is----he certainly is no GOD of the music writing industry.....My thoughts are completely different about him now and will boycott anything that he has dubbed in his name.

1470 days ago


You are too good for this jerk o@# Susan. Tell him to put it where the sun don't shine. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1470 days ago


Susan Boyle has a God given talent that comes along once in a lifetime. You go Lady pay no mind to self-centered souls like Lou whats his name again? He couldn't be that good if I can not remember his name.

1470 days ago


Well Lou certainly has the right to do this, its his material and as long as he owns the rights he can Although I do not agree with him. remember Fleetword Mac refussing to let Bush senior use thier songs.

1470 days ago

Bill Roth    

Wow...Lou Reed refuses to allow another artist cover his song....what a joke...thankfully she was able to cover the Stones'
Wild Horses....which she did beautifully. I think Lou Reed may still think of himself as the coolest thing around. Sorry Lou, you have not been cool in decades.

1470 days ago



1470 days ago


The only thing Susan Boyle could do for Lou Reed by singing his song is to make him famous again. He is truly so wrong, she is great!

1470 days ago


I just listened to Lou Reed singing 'Perfect Day' on youtube and I think I have it figured out. He sounded no better than the average Joe Shmoe, so my guess is he was AFRAID of Susan Boyle making him sound even worse than he already does. Poor Lou, that's not going to help you.

1470 days ago


# 59, for your information, Susan Boyle was not in AMERICAN GOT TALENT. she was in Englan in BRITAIN GOT TALEN. Get information
before you talk, because you put yourself in ridiculous.

1470 days ago


Lou you never had me for a fan and won't ever. Susan Boyle out does you a million to one.

1470 days ago


God forbid should someone do an upbeat version of a depressing song! I guess it's just "not cool" and says much about Lou Reed. Whether you are a fan of Susan Boyle or not, she has a beautiful voice. I thought music was to be shared because it's a "gift"....oh well.

1470 days ago


He probably said no because AGT didn't want to pay him enough $ for the license. I can't believe an artist won't let another artist sing his song.

1470 days ago


It's 2010... who the hell is Lou Reed anyhow? Never heard of it. Looks like a 99 yr old has-been to me. And from what I read in the other comments... apparently... I'm right. Drop dead, Lou Reed... whoever you are...

1470 days ago


I agree with most of you that it was a nasty thing to do, but HEY! it's HIS song. If he owns the rights to it, he can do what he wants to.

1470 days ago


With a face like Lou Reed, he should be the one crying!

1470 days ago
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